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Estherville City Directory, 1904
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1904

1904 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Cain, J A & wife Grace jeweler 109 South 6th, store
621 S 9th, residence
Cain, P & wife C veterinary surgeon 311 South 6th
Cain, R B & wife M Z manager Higely Co 709 North 10th, residence
Camp, F H & wife printer 703 South 10th
Campbell, A C brakeman 603 North 8th
Campbell, Anna student 414 North 6th
Campbell, James & wife Emma 603 North 8th
Campbell, Paul 603 North 8th
Campbell, R & wife Josie carpenter 1121 East Roberts
Camplin, T B & wife Minnie brakeman 403 East Lincoln
Cannon, T V & wife Harriet dairy West side South
Capstick, Geo A & wife Bertha Standard Oil agent 621 South 8th
Carey, Christiana waiter Orleans Hotel
Carey, Lizzie waiter Orleans Hotel
Carl, Charles & wife Jennie laborer West Side
Carpenter, C (Mrs) widow 400 North 6th
Carpenter, Frank editor Democrat 503 East Lincoln, office
400 North 6th, residence
Carpenter, L B stenographer C R I & P 921 East Main
Carroll, James H baker 214 East Main
Carroll, James J & wife Ella cook Orleans Hotel
Carson, N B & wife painter 904 North 7th
Case, A and wife Catherine laborer South 15th
Case, Garfield South 15th
Case, Geo A & wife Mary shipping clerk 416 North 6th
Case, W A & wife Mary car inspector 420 North 3rd
Case, Winfield call boy South 15th
Cavin, A L clerk 215 West Lincoln
Cavin, Dora (Mrs) 215 West Lincoln
Chamberlain, Cecil domestic West side
Chamberlain, Henry & wife Augusta West side
Chamberlain, Stella clerk West side
Chilcote, Robt brakeman Emmet House
Christensen, P L & wife Hannah merchant 506 East Lincoln
1027 East Main, residence
Church, A C & wife M B pastor Free Baptist Church 206 North 7th
Church, Agnes 609 North 4th
Church, Harvey 609 North 4th
Church, Kate (Mrs) laundry 609 N 4th
Church, Catholic corner 9th and Goodell
Church, Christian Science room 520½ East Lincoln
Church, Free Baptist corner 8th and Main
Church, Free Methodist corner 5th and Washington
Church, Free Will Baptist corner 7th and Des Moines
Church, German Methodist corner 4th and Emery
Church, Grace Episcopal corner 7th and Main
Church, Lutheran South 10th
Church, Methodist Episcopal corner 8th and Howard
Church, Presbyterian corner 7th and Howard
Church of Christ corner 7th and Des Moines
Ciper, Frank tailor 421 East Madison
Clancy, Belle clerk 403 North 8th
Clancy, Grace milliner 403 North 8th
Clark, B L bank clerk 802 North 6th
Clark, F W Emmet House
Clark, Geo H cement works 934 North 6th
Clark, George & wife Sylvia car inspector West Lincoln
Clayton, Aggie (Miss) 603 South 7th
Clayton, Ella (Miss) 603 South 7th
Clayton, H C (Mrs) 603 South 7th
Clayton, James 603 South 7th
Clayton, Sylvia (Miss) 603 South 7th
Clinite, Dr. J I dentist 516½ East Lincoln
Coats, A R & wife Lena fireman Coon Block West Barnhart
Coats, Percy West Barnhart
Coffee, John & wife Francis hostler C R I & P west side
Cole, C & wife Emma laborer 808 North 4th
Cole, E A (Miss) domestic 921 East Des Moines
Cole, H D (Mrs) 1021 East Walnut
Cole, E J laborer 1021 East Walnut
Cole, Lotta domestic 1021 East Walnut
Cole, Margaret domestic 1021 East Walnut
Cole, R J laborer 1021 East Walnut
Collins, C A & wife Lizzie traveling salesman 714 South 9th
Collins, Gail & wife B brakeman 220 North 6th
Collins, J C student 508 North 7th
Collins, Samuel & wife Martha county recorder 508 North 7th
Callwell, Anna 416 North 7th
Callwell, R B county surveyor 416 North 7th
Collins, C S Ladies Drug Co. 610 East Lincoln
Conklin, Melaide washerwoman 608 North 5th
Conklin, Willie clerk 608 North 7th
Connelly, G R & wife Jessie bookkeeper 921 East Lincoln
Conner, A J laborer 733 South 9th
Conner, Alice C (Mrs) 733 South 9th
Conner, Richard West Emery
Conners, James
1125 East Henry
Converse, Clarissa 905 East Lincoln
Converse, E D & wife E E farmer 1005 North 6th
Converse, F W asst cashier Iowa Savings Bank 905 East Lincoln, residence
Converse, P S & wife Martha retired 905 East Lincoln
Conway, M J (Mrs) widow 710 East Des Moines
Conway, T D & wife M E fireman 105 East Lincoln
Coon, B M attorney Coon Block
405 East Av North, residence
Coon, C H & wife S M butcher shop 618 East Lincoln
520 South 9th, residence
Coon, E (Mrs) 921 East Des Moines
Coon, H C & wife Elmira retired 521 South 9th
Cook, H H & wife LC traveling salesman 708 East Howard
Cook, M N & wife N bridge foreman 1315 East Barnhart
Cooper, Edith 810 South 6th
Cory, E engineer European Hotel
Cotant, Dudley & wife Kate house mover West Lincoln
Cotant, H P & wife house mover 102 East main
Cox, Chauncey 1215 East Roberts
Cox, H W & wife Nellie drug clerk 821 East Des Moines
Cox, J S & wife Ada architect and editor office 104 South 5th
Cox, Jessie & wife Mabel scenic painter 1215 East Roberts
Cox, S J & wife Julia carpenter 1215 East Roberts
Cox, Spencer bill poster 1215 East Roberts
Crawford & Coon butcher shop 618 East Lincoln
Crawford, James A & wife Agnes butcher shop 618 East Lincoln, res West side
Crim, C W & wife Sarah attorney 122 South 7th
122½ S 7th, residence
Crippen, W A 508 East Howard
Croan, B F & wife Della supt. Elec Light Co 103 North 2nd
Cronholm, J A & wife mngr Estherville Manufacturing Co 1015 East Main, residence
Cronk, C H & wife S retired 1023 North 6th
Cropley, A (Miss) 700 South 8th
Crowe, George F & wife Clara switchman 726 South 8th
Crowell, Walter & wife Maggie Northern Iowa Grocers corner 8th and Lincoln
Crowther, Mary E 323 South 3rd
Crumb, M B & wife Mary retired 321 East main
Crumb, Will laborer 523 North 5th
Culigan, Charles & wife A N 1014 North 9th
Cummings, C A timekeeper C R I & P 403 North 8th
Curtis, M L & wife Kaite
612 North 11th
Cutting, George & wife Nellie engineer 721 North 8th