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Estherville City Directory, 1904
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1904

1904 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Babcock, Horace & wife Elizabeth laborer 504 North 3rd
Bachman, Dr. F W & wife Jennie physician 509 North 7th
Bachman, Ruth student 509 North 7th
Bachman, Zanah student 509 North 7th
Baily, O J (Mrs) 1309 East Barnhart
Baily, William, colored hostler 509 East Main
Baker, Albia laborer 503 North 6th
Baker, Bertha A domestic 503 North 6th
Baker, Chas laborer 314 South 13th
Baker, David & wife Mary retired 503 N 6th
Baker, Thomas E. laborer 503 North 6th
Baker, William & wife Addie M restaurant res 606½ E. Lincoln
Baker, William & wife Nellie, round house CRI&P 115 East Des Moines
Bale, George W & wife Lucy E. pharmacist 1004 East Howard
Ball, Jessie domestic 927 East Maple
Bangs, Alonzo farmer 826 North 7th
Bank, First National cor 6th and Lincoln
Bank, of Estherville, State cor 6th and Main
Bank, of Estherville cor 6th and Lincoln
Bank, Provident Savings cor 6th and Lincoln
Bank, Iowa Savings 502 East Lincoln
Bank, Peoples 105 North 6th
Barber, A & wife furniture dealer 112 South 7th res 215 N 7th
Barber, Chas F. real estate 702 North 6th
Barber, Pearl J. student 926 Walnut
Barber, Roy J student 926 East Walnut
Barker, Edna deputy county recorder 903 North 6th
Barker, John M & wife L R retired 903 North 6th
Barnes, L H & wife Jennie brakeman 608 East Pleasant
Barnes, Mattie teacher 608 East Pleasant
Barnhart, J H & wife M E country supervisor 1405 East Barnhart
Barnum, James clerk 120 North 8th
Barnum, Mary student 120 North 8th
Barnum, O D & wife Agnes lumber dealer yard 423 East Main, res 120 North 8th
Barrett J A & wife Catherine 421 E Walnut
Bartlett, William & wife Sarah retired 1103 North 6th
Bartlett, Carrie (Miss) 1103 North 6th
Bartlett, Chas L & wife North 6th
Bartlett, W W & wife Gertrude clerk 1103 North 6th
Barton, W A & wife gardener North 6th
Barton, W E & wife Sophia conductor 110 E Lincoln
Bauers, E W & wife Mary machinist 211 Archer
Baxter, Arthur bookkeeper 1st national Bank 220 North 8th
Bemis Bakery 606 East Lincoln
Bemis Bros plumbers and electricians 210 South 6th
Bemis, C F plumber 210 South 6th, res 114 North 7th
Bemis, C F (Mrs) hairdresser 114 North 7th
Bemis, Eliza (Mrs) widow 1304 East Des Moines
Bemis, Hazel student 1304 East Des Moines
Bemis, Henry J electrician 108 North 7th
Bemis, Jennie student 114 North 7th
Bemis, L D (Mrs) widow 105 8 North 7th
Bemis, Pearl teacher 1304 East Des Moines
Bemis, T E & wife Dora plumber 210 South 6th res 722 South 14th
Bemis, Valina student 114 North 7th
Benton, L R & wife conductor 709 South 8th
Benton, Mae agent Northern Lbr Co Orleans Hotel
Benson, Bertha (Mrs) 820 North 9th
Benson, J F & wife Mary real estate 820 North 9th
Benson, Julia 839 South 9th
Benson, Peter & wife Anna carpenter 839 South 9th
Benz, J F laborer 400 South 4th
Berg, Peter jeweler 1125 East Howard
Berg, Samantha student 628 South 10th
Berg, Serena student 628 South 10th
Berg, T O & wife T retired 628 South 10th
Bergnott, Charles 508 East Howard
Bergstrom, Ole laborer 221 North Howard
Best, A J buttermaker 111 North 8th
Bigelow, A E & wife J E mngr Brick and Tile Factory res West Side
Bigelow, Bessie M West Barnhart
Bigelow, Ira E West Barnhart
Binford, J B & wife Amanda O office in Coon Block res 401 N 7th
Binford, Loubie student 401 North 7th
Bingham, L L & wife Ella C Cement Product Company East Lincoln res 620 North 7th
Bingham, L R & wife Martha E retired 501 North 7th
Birney, C E & wife Bessie physician Office over Shadle's Drug store, Res 203 South 7th
Birney & Wilson, hospital over Shadle Drug Store
Bishop, Minnie teacher McKinley Building
Bixby, Adelbert 1015 East Des Moines
Bixby, Archie student 1015 East Des Moines
Bixby, C M & wife C 210 Pleasant Av North
Bixby, Chas farmer 1015 East Des Moines
Bixby, Harry 210 Pleasant Av North
Bixby, John 210 Pleasant Av North
Bixby, L J & wife Board of trade, Coon Blk res 1011 East Des Moines
Bixby, L L & wife E M retired 1015 East Des Moines
Blank, Amelia dressmaker 217 South 6th
Blakey, Chas & wife stockbroker 608 South 10th
Blakey, Mabel student 608 South 10th
Blakey, Roy mail carrier 608 South 10th
Blom, J B (Miss) domestic 502 South 9th
Bloomquist, M J & wife G M Napoleon Hotel 1125 East Howard
Bloomquist, Mabel M 1125 East Howard
Blythe, H A agent C R I & P Orleans Hotel
Bodell, R W & wife Ethel express messenger 314 North 6th
Boild,  J D (Mrs) 1108 East main
Boker, Fred & wife Elizabeth mason 321 East Walnut
Bond, Leona student 108 North 7th
Bordwell, E S & wife M J laborer South 15th
Bork, John M & wife Catherine Central Hotel 217 South 6th
Borreson, P T surveyor C R I & P South 15th
Borreson, J C machinist 209 North 6th
Bowman, Geo W & wife Lydia painter 722 North 10th
Bowser, J B & wife Hannah real estate 1014 East maple
Brackett, H B clerk, Northern Lbr Co Postoffice Block
Bradley, Don & wife merchant 604 East Lincoln, res 903 East Howard
Bradley, Dr. W E & wife Eva R physician office Oransky Block, res 914 East Main
Bradley & Robinson grocers 604 East Lincoln
Bradwell, A 112 East Howard
Brand, Thos & wife Mary E engineer 808 North 7th
Brees, H C & wife furniture dealer 500 East Lincoln, res 815 East Howard
Brewer, Joe 918 South 10th
Brewer, Maggie (Mrs) 918 South 10th
Brewer, Walter 918 South 10th
Briggs, E L & wife Mary T elevator 102 South 13th
Briggs, J M & wife P O stationary engineer
Brinkerhoff, A J & wife C M clerk 402 North 6th
Brisbin, (no first name given) wife Kate brakeman 1321 East Barnhart
Brisbin, Pearl domestic 403 North 8th
Brockway, J G & wife Susue fireman 833 South 9th
Brooks, J H fireman European Hotel
Brown, A C & wife L A implement dealer 1425 East Howard
Brown, C M & wife Ella C miller 316 Archer
Brown, F J & wife engineer 914 East Howard
Brown, Jessie student 914 East Howard
Brown, Lucy (Mrs) widow 914 East Howard
Brown, Mervile   316 Archer
Brown, O J (Mrs) widow 914 East Howard
Brown, Otto & wife blacksmith C R I & P 302 North 6th
Buck, F O & wife Cora laborer 216½ South 6th
Buck, Henry & wife C laborer 602 North 4th
Buckley, J J & wife Lillie B 420 South 6th
Buckman, E D & wife Carrie 803 North 7th
Buckman, Ida student 803 North 7th
Buckman's Billiard Hall 508 East Lincoln
Bucy, A & wife E J retired 1222 East Lincoln
Bucy, C M & wife Cora laborer 222 South 13th
Bucy, Olive (Miss) dressmaker 1222 East Lincoln
Bullis, M E (Mrs) widow 1009 East Barnhart
Burgerson, B O & wife Lena fireman 814 South 9th
Burk, Kate (Miss) dressmaker 509 North 9th
Burkhow, Olus & wife Anna carpenter 614 South 7th
Burnell, J D switchman European Hotel
Burnell, James C R I & P Round house 703 East Hayes
Burrell, Geo G & wife Carrie brakeman 703 East Hayes
Butcher, John retired 308 South 13th
Butcher, W C & wife Marguerite conductor 308 South 13th
Byfield, C S (Mrs) west side
Byfield, W A & wife M E restaurant 507 East Lincoln res 2nd Av South