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Estherville City Directory, 1904
Estherville, Iowa

Compliments of The Estherville Democrat
October 1904

1904 Estherville City Directory Index: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,  I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Name Occupation Address
Aananson, Anna servant Orleans Hotel
Abernathy, Edward & wife L P laborer 715 East Lincoln
Adams, Jane (Mrs) widow 621 North 7th
Adam, Ira C jeweler 113 North 6th, res 621 North 8th
Adams, D H & wife conductor C R I & P 921 East Des Moines
Adams, H A & wife Grace paperhanger 507 North 6th
Aitchson, J H & wife J N farmer west side
Aitchison, W H laborer west side
Aitchison, D H student west side
Aitchison, Grace student west side
Albert, Myrtle stenographer 511 West Lincoln
Albert, N & wife   511 West Lincoln
Albert, Mike   511 West Lincoln
Alder, Bertha Teacher McKinley Building
Allen, G C & wife real estate 522 ½ E Lincoln, res 109 2nd Av N
Allen, Frank H clerk 1st National Bank
Allen, F E (Mrs) widow 815 East Lincoln
Allen, F E   815 East Lincoln
Allen, Donald   815 East Lincoln
Alexander D R & wife attorney office over 1st National Bank, Res 815 North 7th
Almos, E O fireman C R I & P European Hotel
Alt, C & wife Mary water supply C R I & P 1009 East Howard
Amdal, Sigwald & wife Augusta carpenter 620 North 4th
Amdal S & wife M O section man 208 East Howard
Amdal, John & wife Julia car repairer 108 East Howard
Amdal, Selma waiter European Hotel
Ammon, A F & wife Mary engineer C R I & P 415 East Howard
Ammon, C R & wife Ada A retired 211 West Main
Ammon, John & wife M J retired 205 East main
Ammon, Miss M E   205 East main
Ammundson, Lars & wife Anna 725 South 10th
Ammundson, Ida teacher 725 South 10th
Amundson, John Jr. & wife county clerk 614 South 8th
Anstutz, Robt & wife Nellie brakeman 321 South 6th
Anderson Dr. A & wife Effie physician cor Des Moines and North 7th
Anderson, A carpenter C R I & P 1026 North 10th
Anderson, John A. retired 120 West Howard
Anderson, Martin & wife Bertiva retired 602 South 8th
Anderson, Anton section man 410 South 3rd
Anderson, J P & wife Marie Carpenter 315 Archer
Anderson, J P & wife fireman M & St. L 1213 East Howard
Anderson, Geo B & wife retired 1127 East Howard
Anderson, A S & wife Lizzy bridge carpenter C R I & P 1226 East Howard
Anderson, C S clerk for A. Barber 215 North 7th
Anderson, Lloyd L student cor Des Moines and 7th
Anderson, W G & wife Clara drayman 910 North 7th
Anderson, A B & wife Nellie laborer East Lawn
Anderson, Oscar student East Lawn
Anderson, S (Miss) clerk 602 North 6th
Anderson Hospital   cor Des Moines & 7th
Anthony, L H blacksmith 914 N 4th
Arwood, Chas & wife   321 East 11th
Archer, M L, & wife Grace abstractor over Estherville State Bank, Res 303 North 7th
Archer, Miss Lizzie clerk 303 North 7th
Arnett, M V & wife ditcher 521 North 5th
Ashford, W R & wife Maude editor West side
Askaland, Lena domestic European Hotel
Atwood, H E & wife Mary real estate, Coon Block 703 S 9th
Atwood, Homer S. student 703 South 9th
Atwood, Naomi student 703 South 9th
Austin, D B & wife professor of music 214 North 6th
Ayers, Addie (Mrs) widow 934 North 6th