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Early Norwegian Pioneers To Iowa
(Written in 1907)

Norwegian-American Historical Association

Translated From Martin Ulvestand's Book, 'Nordmændene i Amerika', 1907
by Olaf Kringhaug, 2004

Dickinson County
† = Deceased In 1907
Gunder Matieson from Avaldsnes was the first Norwegian in this county. He settled at Milford in the southern part of the county in 1859. And the first in the area of Spirit Lake were Ole Bjørnsen and Berge Aga, both from Hallingdal as well as J. M. and A. M. Johnson, whose birthplace in Norway is unknown to the author.
In the northeast part of the county, the first were Oscar Norby from Fredrikshald, P. O. Ricold† and Ole Christophersen from Hadeland, John N. Olsen from Modum, Tollef Herbrandsen, Bernhard Bringle, Anton Bringle† and Samuel Brusvold, the last four from Hallingdal, as well as Mathias and John† Tollefsen, Even Pedersen, Siver Olsen, Henry Hansen, Charles Olsen and Lewis Hoovel.
The years 1873-77 were troubled times for the settlers in this area. The grasshoppers destroyed the crops and there was a lack of the necessities of life.
Little Sioux Congregation, that was established at Milford in 1873 by Pastor H. Hande, belonging to The Norwegian Synod, was the first Norwegian congregation in the county. The first Norwegian church was built by a congregation belonging to The Augustana Synod. There are no other churches than it. One of the two existing congregations belongs to The United Church while the other belongs to The Norwegian Synod.

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