It is with great pleasure that IAGenWeb can present this project to the public. It is a work of many long hours and much research by Patrick Sullivan who contributed the project to us. Thank you Patrick for a job well done !!


i. "Campaigning Against the Sioux" by A.N. Judd [from his notes].
ii. "Soldiering in Dakota Among the Indians" by Pvt. Frank Meyer.
iii. "Whitestone Battlefield" 1976, Booklet, Sioux City Museum Research Dept.
iv. "Three Years Among the Indians" by Sgt. J. H. Dripps
v. "Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion" Vol. IV
vi. "Whitestone Hill Battlefield" ND State Historical Society
vii. Alfred Sully Papers, Yale University, New Haven, CT.
viii. "History of Northwestern Iowa" Vol. 1 pg 282-291
ix. "Iowa & the Rebellion" by L.D. Ingersall Chapter XLV
x. "Iowa in War Times" by S.H.M. Byers pg 595-597
xi. "Forts of the Upper Missouri" by Robert G. Athearn
xii. Roster and Record of IOWA SOLDIERS in the War of the Rebellion together with historical sketches of Volunteer Organizations 1861-1866. VOL. IV
xiii. Listing of 7th Iowa Cavalry Veteran Death and Burial Sites from Pension File Microfilms and Other Sources
xiv. Roster and Record of Iowa Troops In the Rebellion, Vol. 4, Historical Sketch, Sioux City Volunteer Cavalry Company, by Guy E. Logan
xv. Dean Knudsen - Researcher on the 7th Iowa Cavalry


IAGenWeb Civil War Project, 7th Iowa Cavalry - Historical Sketch
Iowa History Project - Roster Of Iowa Soldiers
History of Iowa Project - Battle of White Stone Hill and Seventh Cavalry
History Of Iowa Project- Chapter 5
Annals of Iowa, Volume X, April 1872, Recollections of the Early Settlement of North-Western Iowa, by N. Levering, Greenwood, Mo.

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