from History of Des Moines County, Iowa, Chicago: Western Historical Co., 1879
transcribed by Cay Merryman






AndersonChas. A.farmer29Burlington 
AndersonChas. J.farmer15Burlington 
AveryHenryfruit-grower & nursery-man21BurlingtonBorn in Greene Co., Ill., in November 1821; removed to this county in 1836. Has been twice married; first wife was Miss Mary M. Ogle; present wife was Miss Sophia Staff. Mr. Avery is a Republican. On his home farm Mr. Avery has 125 acres of nursery and orchard; he owns 2,209 acres of land 609 in this county, 340 in Henry Co., 200 in Washington Co., 40 in Louisa Co., 280 in Pottawattamie Co., 320 in Fremont Co., 80 in Decatur Co., 360 in Ringgold Co. and 80 in Dallas.
AveryJ. J.Laborer   
AveryRobert  BurlingtonBorn in Massachusetts Feb. 20, 1796; his ancestors were from Bristol, England, and came to America before the Revolutionary period; his parents died in New York, and he moved to Illinois; from thence to Missouri. While in Missouri, he married Nancy Brown, a native of North Carolina; born Sept. 1, 1798; they had ten children, three now living Henry, the only son, resides in this township, and two daughters, Clarissa, wife of Calvin Gage, and Sarah Ann, wife of A. W. Comstock, reside in Mt. Pleasant; soon after his marriage, Mr. Avery returned to Illinois, where he lived until 1836 ; then came to this State and located in Union Tp., where, with the exception of five years spent in Mt. Pleasant, he has since resided. In early life, Mr. and Mrs. Avery joined the Methodist Church, he in 1821, she in 1820; she remained a faithful and consistent member of the same until her death in this township Jan. 18, 1879. In politics, Mr. Avery's attention was early called to the Anti-slavery question, and he remained a faithful supporter of the cause until he saw his fond hopes realized in the issuing of the emancipation proclamation. In 1837, Mr. Avery was appointed County Surveyor, and occupied that position until 1840. While farming, both in Illinois and this State, Mr. Avery gave his attention to fruit growing, and in that line he was among the most successful; he now lives with his only son, Henry, where he can spend the remainder of his days in the ease becoming his advanced years.
BarnesT. A.farmer8Burlington 
BennettGeo. W.farmer16Burlington 
BietschJohn P.farmer18Burlington 
BlakewayJohn C.farmer6Burlington 
BonarW. R.farmer1Burlington 
CalkinsC. M.farmer22Burlington 
CalkinsE. H.farmer20Burlington 
CameronE. W.farmer3 & 10BurlingtonBorn in Union Tp., this county, March 19, 1845, Married Miss D. H. Leffler in this county; they have one child Clarence Edward. Mr. Cameron is Republican. Owns 1,838 acres of land.
CameronHenry D.farmer9BurlingtonBorn in Burlington in 1837, and has been a resident of this county since. Married Miss Emma L., daughter of John and Nancy Sunderland, who came to this county from Indiana in 1836. Mr. C. is a Republican; himself and wife are members of the Spring Creek Baptist Church, of which Mr. C. is Elder. Mr. Cameron owns 168 acres of land, finely improved, also considerable city property in Burlington, and is one of the enterprising men of Des Moines County.
CartwrightH. W.farmer5Burlington 
CartwrightS.farmer Burlington 
ComstockJ. C.farmer17BurlingtonLiving in this township in 1843. Married in 1866, Nancy A., daughter of Henry and Mary M. Avery; have five children Henry L. L., Ella L. B., Milton E., Flora A. J. and Fremont. Mr. C. enlisted in Co. G, 45th Reg. I.V.I.; was honorably discharged. Is a Republican. Owns 143 acres of land. Mr. Comstock's father, Joab Comstock, was born near Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1804. He married Miss Jane Lemon; they moved to this county in 1839.
DavisonJ. G.farmer9BurlingtonBorn in Washington Co., Penn., in 1836; emigrated with his parents to Iowa in 1840. Married Miss Mary Bumgardner, in this county, in 1861; she was born in Pennsylvania; have four children Hattie A., Fannie, Henry B. and Edith. During the war, Mr. Davison enlisted in Co. E, 25th I.V.I.; was enrolled in 1862; served until the close of the war; was in a number of severe engagements, and was honorably discharged. Always acted with the Republican party. Owns 210 acres of land.
DelashmuttE. N.retired farmer2BurlingtonNative of Tyler Co., Va.; was born in 1800. In 1823, he married Miss Susan Gorrell, who was born in Virginia in 1803; they removed to this county in 1834; their children are Narcissa ( now Mrs. S. F. Stephens), T. L., Mathias J., W. W. (deceased), Elizabeth (now Mrs. J. Storer), Thos. R., Priscilla (deceased), Henry H., Ann (now Mrs. Chas. H. Hathaway). During the war, Mr. Delashmutt, though over 60 years of age, enlisted in Co. G, 37th I.V.I., in 1862, and served until deprived of his eyesight by a singular accident. During a march, a severe storm of wind occurred, and the air was filled with fine particles of sand. The dust produced serious inflammation, and finally resulted in the total destruction of his eye-sight; at the time of his enlistment, Mr. D. was well provided for in property, and the service he rendered his country was purely from sentiments of patriotism. In politics, he was an Antislavery Whig, although a native of a Slave State; his is now a strong Republican.
DelashmuttT. L.farmer5Burlington 
EarnestM. B.farmer Burlington 
EarnestMrs. Catharine 1Burlington(Nee Garman) Born in Lebanon Co., Penn., in 1825; came to this county with her parents in 1846. Married David Earnest in this county in 1853; he was a native of Pennsylvania, born in 1815; came to this county in 1846. In 1862 enlisted in 25th I.V.I.; died in the service at Memphis, Tenn., in 1863. Their children are M. B., born Dec. 10, 1853; David A., Sept. 17, 1855; Charles G., Feb. 24, 1858; Christopher, Sept 5, 1859.
ErvinN. M.farmer   
EwingJeromefarmer BurlingtonBorn in Logan Co., Ohio, in 1844; came to this county in 1857. Married Miss Caroline Kook, of Burlington, in September, 1876; she was born in St. Louis, Mo.; they have one child; Harris, born in this county June 6, 1877. Mr. Ewing has been a Republican since he attained his majority; is a gentleman of culture and refinement.
EwingJosephfarmer Burlington 
EwingLemuel 4BurlingtonSuperintendent of County House and Farm. Born in East Liberty, Logan Co., Ohio, Jan. 30, 1821. In Jan. 25, 1844, married Miss Jane Porter; she was born in Ohio, May 21, 1824; they came to this county in 1857; have three children: Jerome, born in Ohio Nov. 16, 1845; Martha Ann, born in Ohio May 8, 1847; Romanzo, now Mrs. J. Q. Beck, born in Ohio Aug. 12, 1849. Jerome Ewing married Caroline Kook Sept, 28, 1876. Mr. Ewing was appointed Superintendent of County House and Farm in September 1868; Republican.
FlandersS. A.farmer2Burlington 
GarmanC. M.farmer1BurlingtonBorn in Palmyra, Lebanon Co., Penn., August, 1831; removed with his parents to this county in 1846. In 1870 he married Miss Mary David, a native of this county; they have one child: Katie, born Sept. 4, 1876. Mr. G. is connected with the Des Moines Agricultural Society, and since 1860, has held the offices of Director and Secretary; is also Secretary of the Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company of this county, which was organized in 1875; he was member of the County Board of Supervisors two years. Is Republican; himself and wife members of the Baptist Church; owns a well-improved farm.
GarmanW. F.farmer1Burlington 
GearheartM. A. Burlington 
GearheartWm.farmer Burlington 
GreggB. S.farmer Burlington 
HansonC. L.farmer18Burlington 
HarrisEd. R.farmer16Burlington 
HarrisW. Dodgefarmer25Burlington 
HassencleverF. A.farmer16Burlington 
HathawayC. O.farmer3Burlington 
HillearyWm. C.farmer28Burlington 
HillgartnerWm.farmer6BurlingtonMr. Hillgartner is a native of Germany; born in 1835; emigrated to the United States in 1855; settled in this county the same year. Married Miss Elizabeth Magel, of this township; she was born in 1840; were married in 1862; have seven children: Mary A., Lizzie M., Henry Edward, Charley Sibert, Katie Augusta, Clara Louisa and William Julius; Mr. H. is Republican; members of the Evangelical Church; he owns 175 acres of land, well stocked and improved.
HuntC. Wesleyfarmer12Burlington 
HuntSamuelfarmer13BurlingtonBorn in Madison Co., Ill., in 1813; removed with his parents to Bond Co. in 1820; thence to McDonough Co. in 1832; and to Des Moines Co., Iowa, in 1834. Married Miss Martha McGee in McDonough Co., Ill.; she was born in Orange Co., Ind.; they have eight children living: Chas. W., married Miss Mary Burge; Sarah, married C. L. McCash; S.B.P., married Miss Katie Bonn; Mary, married D. W. Harris; John M., Jesse B., Lilly M. and Lucy B. Mr. Hunt owns 425 acres of land; is a Democrat; has held various local offices, and has always been identified with everything tending to advance the public interests.
HuntWm. C.farmer13Burlington 
JuenglingF. G.farmer10Burlington 
KietzerH. J. & Johnfarmers Burlington 
KietzerJohnfarmer10BurlingtonBorn in 1834; came to this county with his parents in 1836. Married Miss Mary Helchior in this county; they have five children: Maggie, Eliza, Katie, Johnnie and Christiana. Mr. Kietzer is a Democrat; owns eighty acres of land; members of the Evangelical Church. Mr. Keitzer' father, Henry Keitzer, was a native of Germany; came to this country in 1834; settled in Pennsylvania; from which State he came to this county in 1836. Mrs. J. Kietzer's father, Henry Helchior, came to this county in 1837; now resides in Burlington Twp.
KleinmanF. W.farmer20Burlington 
KoontzC. J.farmer24Burlington 
LammeNathan B.farmer6Burlington 
LaytonWm. E.farmer19Burlington 
LeeWm. M.farmer1Burlingon 
LefflerE. T.farmer23Burlingon 
LefflerJacobfarmer2BurlingtonMr. L. is a native of Virginia; born near Wheeling May 10, 1827; came to this county in 1836. Married Miss Sarah J. Cameron in this county, November, 1851; they have two children: Edward Leroy, born 27th of April, 1866; Hattie Augusta, born December, 1868. In 1849 Mr. L. went to Sacramento, Cal., and was there during the great inundation in that city in January 1850; in 1852 he removed to Stockton; remained until 1856; then returned to this county. Mr. L. acted with the Republican party since its organization; owns eighty one acres of land, well located and well improved.
MagelHenryfarmer17AugustaBorn in this county in 1843. Married Miss Catharine, daughter of J. L. and Louisa Walker, of this township; they have two children: Maria and Charles H; members of the M. E. Church. Mr. M. is a Republican. Owns 112 acres of land.
MagelS.farmer11BurlingtonAn old resident of this county; native of Germany; born in 1812; emigrated to this country in 1835; same fall came to this county; the settlements at tht time were few and far between; Burlington but a small village. Mr. M. married Miss Mary Lee; she was born in Germany; came to Burlington in 1834, where they were married; have ten children living: William, Elizabeth, Henry, Charles, Conrad, Peter, Mary, Margaret, Theodore and Benjamin. Members of the Lutheran Church; Mr. M. is a Democrat. Owns 165 acres of land and several thousand dollars' worth of city and other property; he has worked diligently and planned wisely for what he has gained, and in the success which has crowned his efforts he feels amply compensated for all his labors; he is social in nature and highly esteemed as a neighbor and citizen.
MillerWilliam S.farmer17Burlington 
MurphyB. F.farmer20Burlington 
MurphyD. J.farmer Burlington 
MurphyMarionfarmer Burlington 
MurphyWm. P.farmer21Burlington 
NelsonS. farmer19Burlington 
NybergA. G.farmer15Burlington 
PerryW. P.farmer11Burlington 
PerryW. W.farmer8BurlingtonBorn in Allegheny Co., Penn., in 1832; came to this county in 1853. Married Miss Rebecca Perry, in Louisa Co.; they have four children: Ida M., Frank F. Charles C., Alice F. Mr. Perry is Republican. Has held the office of Township Clerk since 1876; owns 55 acres of land; Members of the Baptist Church.
PetersonC. J.farmer29Burlington 
PierceNelsonhorticul-turalist10BurlingtonBorn in the Province of Quebec, Canada, in 1848. Married Miss Mary Owens, in Marshall Co., Ill., in 1874; they removed from Marshall Co. to Lagrange, Cook Co., Ill., where they remained until the spring of 1878, when they removed to this county. Mr. P. is a Republican. Member of the I.O.O.F.
PorterJames T.farmer14Burlington 
RenzA. G.farmer3BurlingtonBorn in Germany, in May, 1820; came to the United States in 1830. Married Miss Sarah Meeker, of Butler Co., Penn., in 1840. They removed to Indiana in 1846, thence to this county the same year; have six children living: Charles L., who married Addie Smith; Edwin, who married Miss R. Murphy, Caroline, Harriet, who married M. Murphy, Mary and William. Mr. Renz is a Republican; members of the Baptist Church. He is Assessor of Union Tp.; owns fifty acres of land; is a public spirited citizen, active and enterprising.
ScheighingJ. G.farmer13Burlington 
SchooleyA. J. farmer3Burlington 
SmithBenedictfarmer11BurlingtonBorn in 1835; came to Burlington with his parents, Peter and Maria Smith, who were born and married in Germany; came to this country in 1834, and to this county in 1842. Mr. B. Smith married Miss Eliza Barton in this county; she was born in England; came to this county with her parents, Henry and Mary Barton, in 1844; their children are Nancy Jane, Edith M., Joseph Z. (died 12th of August, 1874, aged 7 years and 3 months, M. May, Benedict, Henry E., Laura E. and Abbie C. Mr. S. is a Republican; owns 226 acres of land. Himself and family are members of the M. E. Church.
SmithC. J.farmer24Burlington 
SmithC. W.farmer22Burlington 
StaffE. A.farmer30Burlington 
StephensSam. F.farmer2Burlington 
ThomsonW. H.farmer Burlington 
UtzB. D.farmer10Burlington 
VandykeBenjaminfarmer BurlingtonBorn in Newcastle Co., Del., Nov. 10, 1814; remained until 1827; then removed with his parents to Muskingum Co., Ohio; thence to Fayette Co., Ohio, in 1830, where he married Miss Frances Walker, Oct. 22d, 1835; she was born the same county June 8, 1817; they remained in Fayette Co. until 1836; then removed to Marion Co., Ind.; remained there until 1838; thence to Vigo Co. in 1839; came to this state and settled in Union tp.; their children are: John, born in Fayette Co., Ohio, July 10, 1836, married Miss C. Bumgardner in 1858, owns 168 acres of land; Susan, born in Aug. 1838, married Aron Lootz, they reside in Henry Co., Iowa; Mary A., born in Jan. 1841, married Albert Hankins; Martha J., born in 1845, married Franklin Boyer, who died 30th April, 1874; William F., born in 1848, married Miss Annie Jones; Horatio W., born Jan., 1855; Benjamin F., born March 1858. Members of the Asbury M. E. Church; he is a Republican; was formerly a Whig. Has held various offices; was member of County Board of Supervisors two years; owns finely improved farm of 168 acres of land. Is Class Leader and Trustee in Asbury M. E. Church.
VandykeWalkerfarmer Burlington 
WalkerChas. S.farmer Burlington 
WalkerJ. Q.farmer17AugustaMr. Walker was born in Fayette Co., Ohio., in 1815; in 1838, went to Indiana, where he maried Miss Louisa Short, a native of Ross Co., Ohio; born in 1816; removed to Crawford Co., Ill., with her parents in 1837, thence to Vigo Co., Indiana, in 1838; they were married in 1839; removed to this county the same year and settled in Union Tp.; their children are: Sarah, who married A. Boyer; Catherine, married Henry Magel; Charles married Miss Clara Storer. Mr. Walker is a firm and consistent supporter of the Republican pary; was "An Old Line Whit," Mr. W. and family are members of the M. E. Church; he has been trustee of the Asbury M. E. Church since its erection in 1868. He owns 217 acres of land, finely improved; has held various school and township offices; has taken an active prt in the advancement of Educational and various interests of the township.
WarthChas. F.farmer1Burlington 
WilsonSamuelfarmer Burlington 
WoodwardD.farmer Burlington 
WorthingtonJ. W.farmer34BurlingtonBorn in Hampshire Co.., Va., July 8, 1822; in 1823, with his parents, removed to Montgomery Co., Md., where he attended school until 1831, when they removed to Fairfield Co., Ohio; there he married Miss Susan A. Crook, and removed to this county in 1851; have two children: Mary A., now Mrs. G. Hilleary; Amelia V., now Mrs. C. W. Hull. Mr. W. has always taken an active part in the advancement of the educational and religious interests of the county; he is a Republican; acted with the party since its organization; previously was a Whig; owns 500 acres of land in this county, and 600 in Wright Co.; is one of the prosperous farmers of Iowa.


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