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Robert Robinson b: 1740 in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania m: 1765 to Rebecca Wallace (No birthdate, but family said to be from Scotland)
   They had the following children: James Robinson b: 1769 Moses Wallace Robinson b: 1771 Henry Robinson b: 1773 in Washington Co. Pennsylvania William Robinson b: 1775 Robert Robinson b: 1777 Nancy Gillespie Robinson b: 1779 Mary Templeton Robinson b: 1781 Rebecca Wilson Robinson b: 1783 Margaret Lindsay Robinson b: 1785 Sarah Lindsay Robinson b: 1789

Next Generation:

Henry Robinson b: 1773 in Washington Co. Pennsylvania. d: 1850 in Burlington, Iowa M: 1804 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to Rhoda Haddasah Holly b: in Dover, Delaware d: in Burlington, Iowa.
  They had the following children: Robert Robinson b: March 03, 1806 in Washington Co. Pennsylvania. Sarah Robinson (Robert's Twin sister) b: 1806 in Washington Co. Pennsylvania. Moses Wallace Robinson b: 1808 Allan Scott Robinson b: 1810 James Robinson b: 1812 Wilson Robinson B: 1817
  According to Clara Belle Robinson's Journal as told to her by her father: In 1809 Henry Robinson and his family migrated from Washington County, Pennsylvania and settled near the Scioto River, a short distance from Old Chillocothe, Ohio.
  About the 15th of August 1813 a messenger in military garb rode to Henry Robinson's house, the rider left little Robert and his twin sister Sarah a piece of paper for Henry. When Henry and Rhoda came home they gave him the note which read:

 Henry Robinson
You are hereby notified to be and appear at the home of James Scranton on Deer Road, Ross County, Ohio on tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock fully equipped for a six month campaign on the northern frontier of Ohio to drive the invading British and Indians from the border and fail not at your peril.
Alexander  Minneure, Capt. by order of Duncan McArthur Brigadier General  

At the time, little Robert was in his 6th year. In 1815 Rhoda and the children suffered many hardships during the cold winter. By that time little Robert and Sarah were 9, Henry had been made Commissary Sergeant and had charge of supplies.
  In about 1838, Henry Robinson left Ross County, Ohio and migrated to the "Black Hawk Purchase" in southern Iowa and settled in Des Moines near Burlington, Iowa where he located on a farm. Two of his sons Preceded him, Moses and Scott. He lived there on the farm until his death in 1850. His good wife soon followed him and both were buried on the old farm at their request.
  Henry Robinson was a democrat and was an ardent supporter of Thomas Jefferson in his election in the years 1800 and 1804.
  In stature he was over six feet two inches tall and a perfect model in proportion.

Next Generation:

Robert Robinson b: March 03, 1806 in Washington Co. Pennsylvania. d: May 31, 1877 in Des Moines, Iowa. M: July 01, 1844 in Platte Co. Missouri to Frances Brown b: January 11, 1819 in Kentucky d: April 09, 1891 in Middleton, Des Moines Co. Iowa.
  They had the following children: An Infant An Infant An Infant (all three died) Henry Allan Robinson b: 1842 Sarah Emily Robinson b: 1844 Phoebe Holly Robinson b: 1846 James Scott Robinson b: 1849 Henry Roland Robinson b: 1851 Moses Wallace Robinson b: 1853 Clara Belle Robinson b: February 02, 1856 in Middleton, Des Moines Co. Iowa. Robert Wilson Robinson b: 1858 Frances Brown Robinson b: 1860 Georgia Emily Robinson b: 1864
  Clara Belle Robinson's father Robert Robinson according to her journal: Was appointed United States Mail Detective by Horatio Ring then Postmaster General in 1846. His territory covered all of Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Michigan, all territorial governments at that time.
  After living in Platte County, Missouri for 10 years, he and his family moved to Middletown, Des Moines, Iowa where he purchased a home and lived there until the year 1873. Then he went with his family to Burlington in the same county.
  Robert Robinson was a democrat of old Jeffersonian school in which he took a lively interest. Loved historical books and of all the poets. He was particularly fond of Shakespeare and Robert Burns.
  During his long residence in Des Moines, Iowa he held many offices of trust both under the Federal Government and the State.
  I would also like to mention that my great-great grandmother wrote a book about Iowa called "Iowa Leaves" under her married name Clara Rouse. It has a large description of Iowa Counties and businesses. The book was published around 1891 in Chicago, Illinois. It is a very interesting read. My father has an original copy of the book.


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