Jacob Robert Nordstrom, for many years connected with industrial interests in Mediapolis, and also a factor in financial circles, being a director in the Mediapolis State Bank, is one of the most influential Swedish-American citizens of this place, and has done much to assist his fellowcountrymen in founding homes in this part of the State. He has likewise contributed to the general welfare along many progressive lines, and justly deserves representation in the BIOGRAPICAL REVIEW OF DES MOINES COUNTY. He was born in Sweden, Feb. 19, 1845, his parents being Calos Peter and Helen Sophia (Hulmgren) Nordstrom. His education was acquired in the public schools of his native country, and later he learned the paper-making trade, which he followed for four and a half years, when he began learning the blacksmith’s trade under the direction of his father. He followed that pursuit in Sweden until 1868, when, becoming convinced that the New World offered better business opportunities, he crossed the Atlantic to New York city, whence he made his way direct to Burlington. After a short time there, he went to St. Joseph, Mo., where he spent two years; but he always regarded Des Moines county as his home, and on the expiration of that period returned to Burlington, purchasing a shop at Northfield, where he lived for about seventeen years. On selling out there he came to Mediapolis, and entered into partnership with Frank Nelson, building the shop now conducted by his son. This was in 1890, and for seven years he was associated in the business with Mr. Nelson, at the end of which time he disposed of his interest to his partner, and has since lived retired. He is, however, financially interested in the Mediapolis State Bank, of which he was one of the organizers, associated in this movement with William Harper and others. On its organization he was elected one of the directors, and has been thus engaged with the institution to the present time, while his son, Emil Robert, is now assistant cashier of the bank. In 1890, Mr. Nordstrom purchased his present residence property located on Main Street, which constitutes a very commodious and comfortable home. In September, 1870, Mr. Nordstrom was united in marriage to Miss Johanna Caroline Munson, a daughter of Magnus Munson. They have become the parents of five children: Albert Edward, who is now engaged in the carriage-making and blacksmithing business in Mediapolis, having learned the trade from his father; Emil Robert, of the Mediapolis State Bank; Oscar Leonard, a graduate of the college at Rock Island, Ill.; Mamie Otelia, at home; and Verner Emanuel, who completes the family.Mr. Nordstrom was elected school director of Northfield, and has also been called to the same office in Mediapolis, acting in both places for three years. He was likewise elected and served for three years as councilman, and is interested in every measure that tends to advance the general welfare along material, social, and intellectual lines. He is specially interested in church work, contributes generously to its support, and co-operates in various church activities of the Swedish Lutheran denomination. A man of fine character and genuine worth, he has lived an industrious, enterprising life, in which he has manifested good financial ability and keen discernment. His labors have been crowned with a gratifying measure of success, but more than that he has won the esteem and trust of his fellow-men, and his friendship is valued by those who have won his personal regard. His efforts in behalf of his countrymen have been farreaching and beneficial, and in a review of his history we are again impressed with the verity of the statement that “Sweden is the home of the honest man.”