Transcribed by Pamela Wagler from: Biographical Review of Des Moines County, Iowa: Containing Biographical and Genealogical Sketches of Many of the Prominent Citizens of To-day and Also of the Past, Hobart Publishing Company, Chicago, 1905.


Edward Hausenclever, for many years one of the leading farmers and stock-raisers of Union township, Des Moines county, Iowa, was born in the Province of the Rhine, Germany, Nov. 7, 1836, a son of Gottlieb and Wilhelmina (Huerthal) Hausenclever. He early entered the public schools of his native place, also attending the college of the district at a later date, and when fifteen years of age matriculated in an agricultural school, in which he remained a student for one year. Thus his education was singularly complete, and was especially adapted to insure him success in the line of activity which he expected to follow, namely, that of agriculture. In 1852 he came with his parents to America, and the father purchased a farm in Des Moines county, Iowa. The following spring, however, the father left the farm in charge of his two sons, and returned to Germany, where he was a minister in the Lutheran church and a man of considerable standing.

On this farm Mr. Hausenclever continued for sixteen years, or until the fall of 1870, when he purchased his present large farm of 227 acres in Section 22, Union township. The land was at that time almost in its primitive wild condition, and the first great task which claimed his attention was the clearing away of the forests. This occupied his attention for nearly ten years, and at the end of that time he began raising and feeding stock for shipping, principally cattle and hogs, but also some horses. The venture proved very successful, and he continued it on a large scale for twenty years with great success. The land, as fertile and productive as can be found anywhere in the county, is eminently suited to the purpose, and our subject has installed many important improvements which add to its value as an investment, while at the same time increasing the comfort of the home he has established.

In 1863 Mr. Hausenclever was united in marriage to Miss Mary Mehler, a daughter of Frank and Anne Mehler, and to them have been born seven children, as follows: Edward, who is married; Oscar, a farmer of Lee county, Iowa; Arnold, who is at home; Annie, wife of Mr. Monck; and Herman and Francis, who are both at home with their parents. Mr. Hausenclever has for many years participated in the conduct of public affairs as a member of the Democratic party, and has been especially interested in the cause of education as represented by the public schools. He has by the favor of his fellow citizens been repeatedly honored with election to a place on the school board, of which he has been a working member for twenty-three years. He is now retired from active business, having relinquished the management of the farm about the year 1900 in favor of his sons, by whom the work has since that time been continued along the lines which he laid out, and he passes his time in the enjoyment of well-earned ease and repose. At all points his career has been marked by the highest integrity, uprightness, and fair dealing, and he has many friends who respect him both for his irreproachable character and for the great natural ability which has enabled him to win success.

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