Joshua Faris is one of the prominent and highly respected farmers of Des Moines county, and his home in Yellow Springs township is the center of a refined and cultured social circle. There are many elements in his life record that are worthy of emulation. His business career has been characterized by honorable and straight forward methods, and in all life’s relations he has been actuated by high and worthy principles. Mr. Faris was born in Washington county, Indiana, April 25, 1835, his parents being Isaac and Margaret (McIntyre) Faris. The father was a brickand stone-mason by trade, and came to Iowa in 1856, locating in Yellow Springs township, where he bought one hundred and sixty acres of land in Section 8, which was later sold; and also one hundred and sixty acres in Section 17, which is now owned by John Lane and John Mehaffy. Joshua Faris was reared under the parental roof, and received a good education in the free schools of his native county. After coming to Iowa with his parents he remained on his father’s farm for some years. In 1875 he bought one hundred and eighty acres of rich farm land from the late William Lynch, where he has since resided. This farm is considered one of the very best in the county. It is well tilled, and the greater part of it is under cultivation, both field and meadow yielding abundantly. Whatever Mr. Faris undertakes he does with his might and main, which is well substantiated by the methodical manner in which he plans and works. His home is a comfortable one, and his stock is also well cared for. He is engaged in general farming, and is also interested to some extent in stock-raising, raising about fifty head of hogs annually, as well as feeding two carloads of fine cattle a year. Besides this beautiful home, Mr. Faris owns twenty acres of timber land in Wapello township, Louisa county, Iowa, and Mrs. Faris owns eighty acres in Yellow Springs township, forty of which are in Section 20 and forty in Section 21. It is recorded in the name of Mrs. Nancy Faris, she renting it. Mr. and Mrs. Faris were married Jan. 16, 1860, Mrs. Faris being in maidenhood Miss Nancy Mehaffy, a daughter of William and Mary (Irwin) Mehaffy. As time passed, ten children were added to this household, of whom five are living: Etta, married Peter Walker; William Isaac, lives in North Dakota; Ida Minnie, at home; Ida Blanche, a twin to Ida Minnie, is the wife of J. P. Beard, and lives northeast of Linton, Iowa; Maggie Jennie, died at the age of fourteen years; John Cameron, at home; Ralph Howard, died when two years of age; John Irwin, died when seventeen months old; Margaret Jane, died aged two years; and an unnamed infant, also deceased. These children, of whom their parents are justly proud, were all born in Yellow Springs township, and attended the Reformed Presbyterian church, of which Mr. and Mrs. Faris are members and liberal supporters. He has ever stood shoulder to shoulder with all men who were strong advocates of high and noble principles, and his daily life has grandly exemplified this assertion. Being of a sunny and bright disposition, one would scarcely think him to be a man who has passed his threescore years and ten, and his general activity is equaled by few.