Transcribed by Teresa Kesterke from: Biographical Review of Des Moines County, Iowa: Containing Biographical and Genealogical Sketches of Many of the Prominent Citizens of To-day and Also of the Past, Hobart Publishing Company, Chicago, 1905.


George C. Boesch, president and manager of The John Boesch Company of Burlington, allying his forces with the great commercial movement which has made America pre-eminent in many lines of business activity, and which has continually promoted the upbuilding and welfare of the city in which he resides, was born in Burlington, Aug. 24, 1866, a son of John Boesch, the founder of the dry-goods house now under the direct control of him whose name introduces this review.

George Boesch, having obtained his more specifically literary education in the schools of Burlington, afterward pursued a course in a business college, and then entered his father's store, having already become quite familiar with the business through the assistance which he had rendered in its conduct while not engaged with the duties of the schoolroom. He became a permanent factor in the business about the time of the founding of the present store, and although not a partner, he became active in the management, and, as the years advanced, more and more relieved his father of the heavier burdens and responsibilities of conducting the growing enterprise. After the death of John Boesch a partnership was formed under the name of The John Boesch Company, with the three heirs as owners, and George C. Boesch as manager. July 1, 1902, the business was incorporated with a capital stock of seventy-five thousand dollars, of which George C. Boesch is president, and Mrs. C. M. Smith is secretary. The store was conducted along the original lines instituted by the father, and continued to be equally successful. In December, 1903, they bought the stock of the William Gushard Dry Goods Company, occupying the two adjoining stores, and thus doubled their floor space and largely increased their stock and facilities. They now have the largest street frontage of any retail store in the city, and do an extensive and profitable business, employment being furnished to more than fifty people.

George C. Boesch, accorded by the consensus of public opinion a place among the foremost merchants and business men of the city and State, has displayed the qualities which have caused his co-operation and counsel to be sought in the control of other enterprises. He is now interested in one of the leading shoe houses of the city, that of Hertzler & Boesch, whose place of business adjoins that of the dry-goods house, and is also connected therewith. This firm was organized in 1901, and entered upon an era of prosperity and growth which yet continues.

Mr. Boesch was married, June 28, 1893, to Miss Leonora Heins, of Jordan, Minn., a daughter of H. H. Heins. They have three children: Melbourne H., Lenore J., and Marjorie M. The parents are members of the First German Methodist church of Burlington, and not only do they contribute generously to its support, but give of their time and effort for the furtherance of the cause, Mr. Boesch now serving as Sunday-school superintendent, a position which he has filled for ten years. The family home on North Fourth Street is a most attractive residence, and one of its chief charms is the atmosphere of cordial hospitality which there prevails.


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