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Clayton Co. Register of Deaths

Register of Deaths, Volume 1

Clayton County, Iowa


The following records are of those individuals with Delaware county connections, who died in Clayton county in 1882


Note! Browse all of the records. They are not in alphabetical nor chronological order by date!

No. Date of Report 1. Name

2. Sex & Color

1. Age

2. Occupation

Date & Time of Death Marital Status

1. Nationality

2. Where Born

How long resident of Iowa 1. Place of Death

2. Cause of Death

1. Complication

 2. Duration of Disease

1. Place of Burial

2. Date of Burial

Name & Residence of Physician Returning Certificate
53 01/17/1882 Louisa Buchhols Female, white 82 years

01/16/1882 [this date was annotated with a * but no explanation given]                 
5 a.m.

Widow German Germany unknown Richland Twp. Delaware Co. Ia
Old age
[both lines blank] Richland Tp Delaware Co Iowa
02/17/1882 [this date also was annotated with a * without explanation]
Reported by Rev. E. Barkow, Strawberry Pt Iowa
64 03/21/1882 James Runner
Male, white
46 years
03/10/1882 Married American W. Va 23 years Millville Township Clayton Co Ia
Malarial, Enlarged Liver &  consequently Anassrca set in for dropsy
[blank] about 1 yr Paycs Grave Yard 03/12/1882 T.E. Averitt M.D. Colesburg, Del. Co Iowa
81 06/02/1882 George M. Robertson  Male, white 36y 4m    R.R. Conductor 05/11/1882


Single Scotch  Scotland 15 years

Beulah Clayton Co 


[blank] about 2 yrs Manchester Delaware Co Ia  05/13/1882 H.H. Clark MD, McGregor Iowa


-Transcription note: Every effort has been taken to transcribe the record accurately, but errors are possible. Notes in [brackets] were added by the transcriber. Please use this transcription as a guide only & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

-Source: Register of deaths v. 1, 1880-1897, FHL film #1255482
-Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb, Those with Delaware County connections extracted and submitted to Delaware County IAGenWeb.

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