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Clayton Co. Register of Deaths
Volume A

Pg #
Sex Age Occupation Date of Death Marital Status Where Born Place of Death Cause of Death Place of Burial
Metz, Martha
F 45   October 29, 1897 Single Illinois Lodomillo Twp Paralisis Edgewood, Iowa
James, Vera
F 8   December 12, 1897 Single Edgewood Edgewood Dropsy Edgewood, Iowa
Radabaw, Vitora
F 27   November 2, 1898 Single Delaware Co., Iowa Mallory Twp Spinal Disease Mallory Twp, Iowa
Lewis, Aaron V.
M 56 Miller November 4, 1898 Married Ohio Lodomillo Twp Heart Disease Colesburg, Iowa
Sherman, Annis L.
F 63   March 23, 1898 Widow Ohio Lodomillo Twp Heart Disease Edgewood, Iowa
Hansel, Baby
F 21 d   August 27, 1899   Elk Twp Elk Twp Water on brain Edgewood, Iowa
Lovett, Mark A.
M 82   November 14, 1899 Widower Pennsylvania Elk Twp Heart failure Colesburg, Iowa
Ayers, Mary
F 49   September 30, 1899 Married Dubuque Co. Millville Twp Consumption Colesburg, Iowa
Shepart, Walter
M 39 Farmer May 17, 1899 Married Mallory Twp Mallory Twp Accident Colesburg, Iowa
Shepart, Chas. A.
M 12   May 16, 1899   Mallory Twp Mallory Twp Accident Colesburg, Iowa
Shepard, Harley
M 3   May 20, 1899   Mallory Twp Mallory Twp Accident Colesburg, Iowa
Richard, Martin
M 73 Farmer May 1, 1899 Married   Edgewood Congestion of liver Edgewood
Gardner, Frazel M.
F 2 yrs   Oct 15, 1900   Edgewood, Ia Delaware County Stomach trouble Edgewood, Ia
Burges, Alva
M 58 yrs Farmer Apr 1, 1900 Married Belfast Edgewood, Ia Paralysis Edgewood, Ia
Craig, Adam
M 92 yrs Clergyman Dec 29, 1900 Widower

New York City,

N. Y.

Volga City Acute Congestion of Lungs Hopkinton, Ia
Boyd, Anna R.
F 15 Pupil Dec 21, 1901 Single Cox Creek Lodomillo Twp Information of Bowels Edgewood
Raddaug, Daniel B.
M 24 Farmer Jun 7, 1901 Single


 Dodge Co.

Millville, Clayton Co. Lung trouble Colesburg, Delaware Co., Ia
Morris, Robert
M 65 yrs House Buyer Jun 11, 1901 Widower   Anamosa, Ia Gravel Stone & Hemorrhage Edgewood
Sill, Laura Ann
F 68 yrs   Dec 24, 1901 Widow Schroon, New York Edgewood Disease of Stomach & Heart Strawberry Point
Carnicle, Ellis L.
F 2 M.   Sep 30, 1901 Single Manchester, Ia Garnavillo Twp Not Known Cox Creek Christian Church
-Transcription note: Every effort has been taken to transcribe the record accurately, but errors are possible. Notes in [brackets] were added by the transcriber. Please use this transcription as a guide only & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

-Source: Register of deaths Volume A, Nov. 1897-June 1913, FHL film #1255482
-Transcribed by Neva & Steve Nelson for Delaware co. IAGenWeb from photocopies contributed by Constance Diamond

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