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 Delaware County, Iowa  

 Vital Records Center


Birth Index of Delaware County

January 1918 - 1922



This index is not in alphabetical order. It is by year only. Please use your "Find" [Ctrl+F] to search for the name you are interested in. 


Last Name Given Name Birth Date Birth Place Father Mother
Aldrich Dean David 31 Jan 1918 Ryan Ray Aldrich Gladys Hickman
Antons Dora Louise 26 Jan 1918 Prarie Twp. Henry Antons Margaret Brunen
Anthony Cecil Edmund 11 Mar 1918 Manchester David A. Anthony Jessie Edith Mattusch
Alderson Clarence August 24 Mar 1918 n/a August Alderson Jessie --
Aherns Lyle Matthew 07 Apr 1918 Richland Twp. Arthur Aherns Beulah Verena Stocks
Atkinson Mabel Agnes 28 Apr 1918 Coffins Grove Twp. Ray Atkinson Mary Agnes Burns
Adams Cecil Wiley 22 May 1918 Honey Creek Twp. David William Adams Anna Epps
Applebee Baby 13 May 1918 Milo Twp. John T. Applebee Sarah Gertrude Huggins
Arnold Mary Alice 21 Jun 1918 Manchester Floyd Henry Arnold Hazel Ann Peeper
Andrews James Edward 16 Sept 1918 Delhi Roy Raymond Andrews Arlie Marie Bartlett
Anderson Irine Clara 06 Oct 1918 Honey Creek Twp. Earl G. Anderson Matilda Funk
Arens Urban Leo 08 Jan 1919 Bremen Twp. Will Arens Mary Schermer
Arduser Herald Edmar Everett 11 Feb 1919 Ryan Joe Arduser Martha Everett
Aldrich Doran Duane 20 Feb 1919 Ryan Floyd Aldrich Mary Fischer
Armstrong Garnet Juanita 09 Apr 1919 Edgewood Wm. Burr Armstrong Ella S. Collinson
Adams n/a 28 May 1919 Greeley David Wm. Adams Anna Epps
Applebee John Fremont Jr. 05 Jun 1919 Delhi John Fremont Applebee Sarah Gertrude Huggins
Appleby Dorothy Masie 10 Jun 1919 Hopkinton Joseph C. Appleby Mary Jane Higgins
Arnold Margarite Rose 20 Jul 1919 Hopkinton Harry F. Arnold Alice Irene Bell
Anderson Elaine Marie 27 Jul 1919 Manchester Arthur H. Anderson Mary A. Sommer
Appleby Harlan Harrison 30 Aug 1919 Delhi Twp. Walter John Appleby Maud Myrtle Sheppard
Arnold Frederick Durey 06 Sept 1919 Manchester Herman S. Arnold Alice Starbird
Anderson Ila Lucina 06 Oct 1919 St. Point Earl G. Anderson Matilda I. Funk
Abbott Vivian 28 Oct 1919 Manchester Elmer Abbott Ethel Anna Carr
Arnold n/a 29 Oct 1919 Ryan Frank Arnold Minnie Hawker
Appleby Mary La Rue 01 Nov 1919 Hopkinton Lester L. Appleby Sophia Sulzner
Arnold Jane Ann 23 Dec 1919 Manchester Floyd Henry Arnold Hazel Ann Peeper
Arthur Kenneth 18 Mar 1920 Edgewood Alfred John Arthur Nellie Vera White
Atkinson Donald Clarence 27 Mar 1920 Coffins Grove Twp. Roy Atkinson Mary Agnes Burns
Abrams Louis Elmer 02 May 1920 Manchester Leo Clark Abrams Sarah Leone Davis
Andrews Norma Norine 30 May 1920 Delhi Roy Raymond Andrews Arlie Marie Bartlett
Arens Richard John 15 Aug 1920 Dyersville John H. Arens Bernadine Johannes
Arnold William James 22 Aug 1920 Hopkinton Harry F. Arnold Alice Bell
Ackman LaRue Annette 05 Aug 1920 Edgewood Wm. Ackman Ina Dodds
Arbegust Bryce Loren 08 Jul 1920 Coffins Grove Twp. Loren D. Arbegust Mary E. Coonrod
Ammeter LaVina Mae 21 Sept 1920 Manchester Wm. R. Ammeter Mary Sulzner
Aldrich Raymond Richard 09 Sept 1920 Ryan Ray Aldrich Gladys Hickman
Angell Doris Lillian 08 Oct 1920 Delhi Harold R. Angell Doris Cecile Kaster
Arnold Doris Edith 09 Apr 1921 Manchester Forrest W. Arnold Edith L. Hawker
Abrams Edna May 19 Apr 1921 Manchester D. Clark Abrams Dollie May Oakley
Allman Nellavene Una 29 May 1921 Adams Twp. D. W. Allman Una Waughop
Aldrich Earl Ernest 22 Jun 1921 Manchester Ezra Aldrich [filed 1947] Clara Zimmerman
Arnold Elma Erma May 10 Jun 1921 Ryan Frank John Arnold Bertha Hawker
Ashline Elizabeth I. 13 Jul 1921 Honey Creek Twp. Fay R. Ashline Edith Z. Adams
Armstrong Charmion Darline 26 Aug 1921 Earlville William B. Armstrong Ella Collinson
Aasland Arthur Cecil 03 Aug 1921 Colesburg Cecil Ashland Martha Meyers
Ayers Edwin George 22 Aug 1921 Colony Twp. H. G. Ayers Anna Pasker
Appleby Doris Maxine 01 Aug 1921 Union Twp. Lester L. Appleby Margaret Sulzner
Abbott Leland Francis 29 Nov 1921 Delaware Twp. Elmer Abbott Ethel A. Carr
Anderson Margaret Elizabeth 03 Jan 1922 Manchester Arthur Anderson Mary Alice Sommer
Arnold Helen Marie 19 Jan 1922 Delaware Twp. Herman Stewart Arnold Alice Starbird
Angell Grace Winona 26 Jan 1922 Delhi Twp. Harold R. Angell Doris Cecile Kaster
Arnold Robert Eugene 02 Feb 1922 Delaware Twp. Harry Earl Arnold Ruth E. Barnes
Ammeter Elizabeth Jean 25 Apr 1922 Delaware Twp. Wm. R. Ammeter Mary Sulzner
Andrews John Raymond 08 May 1922 Delhi Roy R. Andrews Arlie Marie Bartlett
Adams Clare D. 12 Jul 1922 Coffins Grove Twp. Charles F. Adams Alice E. Logan
Arnold Majorie Loraine 19 Aug 1922 Adams Twp. Chas. Arnold Anna Warner
Aldrich Blanche Laura 20 Aug 1922 Delaware Twp. Arthur Aldrich Laura Campbell
Ackman Edward Clute 04 Sept 1922 Earlville Paul Arthur Ackman Grace Olive Clute
Allyn Francis Raymond 07 Nov 1922 Coffins Grove Twp. Harte A. Allyn Winona L. Lane
Allman Harry Erwin 27 Nov 1922 Delaware Twp. Darrell Wm. Allman Una Waughop

~source: Birth records, 1880-1940; index, 1880-1907 Delaware County (Iowa). Clerk of the District Court Iowa and the Circuit Court (Delaware County). LDS microfilm #1065033 Item #2

~transcribed by Constance Diamond for Delaware County IAGenWeb

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