Delaware County, Iowa

Tax Ledger




Nov. & Dec. 1862  Internal Revenue Tax Assessments 

for Delaware County, Iowa

~ source: Heritage Quest Microfilm #M766-8; Internal Revenue Assessment Lists 1862-1866; District 3 division 1-14 Annual 1862, LDS microfilm #1534655, Item 1.

~ transcribed and contributed by Sharyl Ferrall for the Delaware Co. IAGenWeb


 ALPHABETICAL LIST of Persons residing in Division No. 3 of Collection District No. 3 of the State of Iowa, liable to a tax under the laws of the United States, and the amount thereof, as assessed by Ancil E. Martin, Assistant Assessor, and by him returned to the Assessor of said District.


Date Name Residence Reason for Assessment Tax Notes
08 Dec 1862 Adams & Butler Manchester Tin and Iron Ware $1.35  
08 Dec 1862 Keller & Brown Manchester Boots & Shoes $3.80  
08 Dec 1862 Porter, John Delhi 3 cattle slaughter in Nov $00.90  
8 Dec 1862 White, W. C. Manchester

6 cattle slaughtered
2 calves slaughtered




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