Delaware County, Iowa

Tax Ledger




Un-assessed Penalties for 1862 

for Delaware County, Iowa


~ transcribed and contributed by Sharyl Ferrall for the Delaware Co. IAGenWeb


~ source: Heritage Quest Microfilm #M766-8; Internal Revenue Assessment Lists 1862-1866; District 3 division 1-14 Annual 1862, LDS microfilm #1534655, Item 1.


 ALPHABETICAL LIST of Persons residing in Division No. 3 of Collection District No. 3 of the State of Iowa, liable to a tax under the laws of the United States, and the amount thereof, as assessed by Ancil E. Martin, Assistant Assessor, and by him returned to the Assessor of said District.


Name Residence Reason for Assesment Notes
Blair, A. S. Manchester Lawyer
Butler, J. V. Manchester Retail Dealer initials may be J.U.
Butler, J. V. Manchester Horse Carriage initials may be J.U.
Enos, James F. Delaware Station Keeper
Lewis, D. R. Manchester Retail Dealer
Rull, R. Manchester Retail Dealer
Ruggles, N. Manchester Retail Dealer
Amsden & Wheeler Manchester Retail Dealer
Taylor, J. B. Earlville Income 1862
Taylor, J. B. Earlville Retail Dealer
Stewart, C. M. York Hotel 8th Class
Chase, H. C. York Physician
Stewart, W.R. York Retail Dealer
Williams, G. G. Earlville Station Keeper
Williamson & Son Delhi Horse Dealers
Todd, W. S. Earlville Retail Liquor
Todd, W. S. Earlville Retail Dealer
Morland, J. B. Colesburg Retail Dealer
Balsinger, P. C. Colesburg Retail Dealer
Huffsmith, Wm. Colesburg Retail Dealer
Wright, H. T. Colesburg Income 1862
Moreland, J. B. Colesburg Income 1862
Balsinger, P. C. Colesburg Income 1862
Diffendorfer & Hardy Hopkinton Retail Dealer
Conger, H. M. Manchester Income 1862
Conger, E. R. Manchester Income 1862
Conger, H. M. & Bro Manchester Retail Dealers
Toogood & Bethel Manchester Hotel 7th Class
Paxon & Seeds Manchester Retail Dealers
Tierney, John Manchester Retail Liquor
Tierney, John Manchester Retail Dealer
Thos Elliott & Bro Sand Spring Retail Dealer
Kaist, Peter Sand Spring Retail Dealer
Schilling, John Manchester Retail Liquor
Schilling, John Manchester Eating House
Schilling, John Manchester Income 1862
Vansickel, R. York Retail & Liquor
Hartstram, Wm. M. Delhi Cattle Broker name crossed off
Talcott & Baker Greeley Retail Dealer
Clinton, Michael Manchester Retail Dealer in Liquor
Sullivan, Aaron Coffins Grove Stallion Keeper
Mason, Joseph Sand Spring Retail Dealer
Thomas, J.A. Hazelgreen Income 1862
Hutchins, Henry Manchester Income 1862
Hutchins, Henry Manchester Retail Dealer
Hutchins, Henry Manchester Retail Dealer in Liquor
Fuller, Benj Manchester Billiard Room
Fuller, Benj Manchester Retail Dealer in Liquor
Carroll, Luke Hopkinton Keeper of Stallion
McVay, J. W. Sand Spring Keeper of Stallion
Averill, Thos. E. Colesburg Physician
Stephens, L. O. Almorel Stallion Keeper
Vesplank, James Earlville Income 1862
Trunible, D. Milo Physician
Campbell, J. H. Hopkinton Retail Dealer
Campbell, J. H. Hopkinton Peddler 2nd Class
Boon, R. Delaware One, one-horse Carriage
Tubbs, Hyde E. Delhi Stallion Keeper
Frost, E. K. Elk Physician
Adams & Freelove Manchester One, 2 horse carriage
Cook, Wm Coffins Grove Stallion Keeper
Havens, W.W. North Fork Stallion Keeper



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