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Dear Delaware County Researcher,


    I hope your visit to the Delaware County, Iowa GenWeb has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience for you. It is my hope that you are successful in finding information to help with your research. And that the information on the Delaware County website is able to give you a better understanding of the type of life your ancestor lived. I hope the information you find on our website gives you a better understanding of the history of Delaware County and the strong willed people who helped to make this such a Great County! Our pages are up-dated frequently. To quickly see what's new since your last visit check the Delaware "What's New"  for all of the new additions and new updates to existing pages.

    Wont you consider becoming a volunteer for the Delaware County IAGenWeb project??  Our Volunteers are the "heart" of the free databases found on this website. Without the hard work and generosity of volunteers, there would be very little research information available for no cost to the researcher.


    Our volunteers give what ever free time they can spare from their already busy lives and schedules, to contribute whatever they can. Whether it is a database, photographs, postcards, transcribing, scanning, proofreading, anything that will make our web site a rewarding place to go to for your "free" on-line Delaware County research.


    There is very little information relating to Delaware County genealogy & history that is not acceptable for submission. If the record is still under copyright, I must have permission from the copyright holder before I can post the information. Information on living people, as a general rule is not accepted.  If you have any questions about copyright, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll do my best to answer your questions.


    If you found your ancestors or located other useful information here, please let me know and I will pass your thank-you along to the contributor of the information. We all Love to hear about your success stories, so please let us hear from you when you have a successful visit, big or small, to our website!!

    If you would like to share a wee bit of your time, have a database, a photograph, a postcard or tidbit to share or just want more information on how to volunteer (without obligation) -- please send me email.

Constance Diamond
Delaware County Coordinator



Delaware County

Honor Roll of Volunteers


Cathy Joynt Labath

Sharyl Ferrall Debbie Clough Gerischer
Steve Williams Eric S. Huffstutler Roseanna Mary Zehner
Michael O'Brien Susan Rezek Rich Lowe Jr.

Dennis Walsh

Bruce Dunn

Doug Slauson
'Ole Olson' Sheryl Thomas Fox
Jeanne Shultz J. Wright Richard Casey
Eric Huffstutller Joann Geybels Marilyn O'Connor
Charlene Barnhart Phyllis Peterson Colleen Arbegust Smith
Mike Drohan Suzanne Wade Diana McDuffie
Nana Rutherford Redell Steven Hintz Susan
Donna Williams Jennifer Hutton Estella Michels
Ginny Kane Rebecca Hansen Colleen Miller Galbreth
Linda Dean & Sue Boone