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Delaware County, Iowa  

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~ A ~





David Stielow



John S. Adams    (7/2011)

Families of Elias L. Adams & Asahel Adams; also Asa P. Adams & Cyrus L. Adams


Judith (Dolphin) Hartberg   (2/2011)



W. S. Casey



Suzan Hamer    (12/2010)



Colleen Smith



John S. Adams  (7/2011)



Estella Michels  (1/ 2011)



Donna Williams

Descendants of Jonathan & Margaret Jane





~ B ~

Researcher  Family Surname
beecherr@mchsi.com Specifically Frank & Anna Mae (Welsh) Beecher. I can be a resource, but I am still searching for some details. Frank died in Manchester in 1969. Anna is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery. BEECHER
Colleen Miller Galbreth   BEHRENDS
Kimball Behning   BEHNING
charlot@gte.net  Caroline BING
Ginny Kane Samuel Bing & wife Caroline (Smith) came from Meigs Co., OH to Iowa shortly after they were married. BING
John S. Adams  (7/2011)   BLISS
Vicki Steele-Woodall Clark Bliss Family BLISS
kboldan@charter.net   BOLDAN
Suzan Hamer   (12/2010)   BOUVAIN  
Colleen Miller Galbreth   BOWERS
Suzan Hamer   (12/2010)   BRONKHORST  
Diane Seward McDuffie   BURROW




~ C ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Kathryn Sulvaran    CARROLL
perry_2000@sbcglobal.net   CASEY
Suzan Hamer   (12/2010)   COCKING  
Suzan Hamer   (12/2010)   COLES  
Suzan Hamer   (12/2010)   CORLL  
Beth Ziegenhorn   COUSINS




~ D ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Georgia Molitor-Joyce   DAVIS
Faye (Lowe) Francis   DALRYMPLE
Bob Saunders   DeLANCY
'denward   DIXION
Judith (Dolphin) Hartberg  (2/2011)   DOLPHIN
Judith (Dolphin) Hartberg  (2/2011)   DONNELLY
Ginny Kane   DONNELY
Michelle Johnston   DOOLITTLE




~ E ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Suzan Hamer    (12/2010)   ELLER   
Estella Michels    (1/2011)   EVERS
Judith "Mallory" Holthaus   EVERY




~ F ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Nancy Nystrup John Andrew Faust Sr. & wife Ellen Bridget (Welch) m. 29 Dec 1885 at Strawberry Point, Clayton county. Ellen, b. 1867, lived near Greeley until her marriage FAUST
Beth Ziegenhorn   FEAR
Ruth Fenstermann Tucker   FENSTERMANN
Mary Mertz  (4/2011)   FORRESTER
Suzan Hamer     (12/2010)   FUNKE  




~ G ~

Researcher  Family Surname
John S. Adams  (7/2011)   GINGER
Bob Saunders   GRANT
Suzan Hamer    (12/2010)   GRATKE  
kcmix@yahoo.com George G. Griffin family & the Ethelbert Griffin family. These Griffin families came to Delaware co. from Strafford county, NH. GRIFFIN
Donna Johnston Kelly   GUTHERIE




~ H ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Colleen Miller Galbreth HARRIS
John S. Adams  (7/2011)   HART
Nancy Nystrup John & Bridget (Hennessey) Welch farmed at Greeley from 1855 to 1885; 6 children born between 1855 and 1867 there: Edward B., Mary J. (m. Hynes), Margaret A. (m. Scanlan), John L. , William M., Ellen B. (m. Faust) HENNESSEY
tomfg@means.net  William F. & Nancy J. HICKS
Steven Hintz - HINTZ
Harriette Jenson - HOISINGTON
Judith "Mallory" Holthaus HOLTHAUS
Nancy Nystrup

John & (2nd wife) Mary J. (Welch) Hynes with children Winifred, William, Joseph, (also son Frank by a former marriage).





~ J ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Colleen Miller Galbreth   JACQUE
'denward   JAMES
charlot@gte.net  James G. & Phinella Johnston; Rachel JOHNSTON
Donna Johnston Kelly   JOHNSTON
Colleen Miller Galbreth   JONES




~ K ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Judith "Mallory" Holthaus   KNEE
Georgia Molitor-Joyce   KNICKERBOCKER
Estella Michels  (1/2011)   KRUSE




~ L ~

Researcher  Family Surname
John S. Adams  (7/2011)   Le LACHEUR
Steven Hintz   LAWMAN
John S. Adams  (7/2011) Descendants of James Lee of Virginia LEE
fsukim@yahoo.com   LEE
Faye (Lowe) Francis   LOWE
Colleen Miller Galbreth   LOWE
Faye (Lowe) Francis   LOYD
Michele Knopp   LUKENS
Sherry Isley   LYMAN




~ M ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Carol Bawden James McArthur b 1840 Davenport, Scott co, IA to Gabriel/Gabril Abram/Abrim & Elizabeth (Glaspell) McArthur; m. 17 Feb 1863 Missouri Moore (b 1842); parents of Anna E. (16 yo) & Howard M (2yo). They lived in Hopkinton (census place). I have a McArthur gene study. McARTHUR
Brent Banta MAHONEY
Judith "Mallory" Holthaus MALLORY
Suzan Hamer     (12/2010) MANGOLD  
Suzan Hamer     (12/2010) MARSCHALL  
John S. Adams  (7/2011) George Martin family MARTIN
'denward MARTIN
Ruth Fenstermann Tucker MATTHEWS
Donna Williams McGRAW
Colleen Miller Galbreth MILLER
Faye (Lowe) Francis MILLER
Mike Mertle Patrick Mulvehill came to Delaware county after spending a period in Indiana county, Pennsylvania MULVEHILL




~ N ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Marlys Sebasky   NABER
Skip Locke Rev. Reuben R. & Caroline C. (Dunton) Norton NORTON
charlot@gte.net  John NUTE




~ O ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Colleen Miller Galbreth   O'MEARA

Suzan Hamer   (12/2010)

Judith (Dolphin) Hartberg  (12/2011)






~ P ~

Researcher  Family Surname
kboldan@charter.net   PARSON
Mary Mertz  (4/2011)   PITCHER
eheidesch@gmail.com   POTTEBAUM
ripalp07@att.net   POTTER
Estella Michels    (1/2011)   PUTZ




~ Q ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Richard C. Casey   QUIRK




~ R ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Sharon (Smith) Martinez   RAYMOND
Diane Seward McDuffie   REA
David Stielow   REASONER
Barbara Speck   REESER
Janice Handsaker   ROBERTS
Suzan Hamer  (12/2010)   RODIES  
Colleen Miller Galbreth   ROFF




~ S ~

Researcher  Family Surname

Marvin Ehlers

Daniel & Elizabeth (Billhorn) Sark moved from Bureau County, Illinois sometime between their marriage in September 1882 and 1900.  My own view is that the move was soon after their marriage.  They were living in Honey Creek Twp from at least 1900 through 1920.

djchrist@iowatelecom.net   SCHECHTMAN/N
Suzan Hamer   (12/2010)   SCHMIDT  
Marilyn Fisher Martin, John, Peter and/or Frederick SCHNEIDER/SNYDER/SNIDER
Tim Waddingham   SCHULDT
RBSeger@Comcast.Net    SEGER
Diane Seward McDuffie   SEWARD
Richard C. Casey   SHANE
Suzan Hamer     (12/2010)   SMITH  
charlot@gte.net  Donnally (Don B) SMITH
Ginny Kane   SMITH
Suzan Hamer     (12/2010)   SOUTHALL  
Barbara Speck   SPECK
W. S. Casey   SPENCE
Mary Mertz (4/2011) SPITLER
Suzan Hamer     (12/2010) STADLER  
Michelle Johnston STARK
Skip Locke Aaron & Jane (Lippincott) Sullivan SULLIVAN




~ T ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Mary Mertz (4/2011)   TALMADGE
Judith (Dolphin) Hartberg   THARP
Suzan Hamer       (12/2010)   THURN  




~ V ~

Researcher  Family Surname
Jane Collins Jacob Van Antwerp (b. 1821 in NY), lived  in Delaware co. 1860-1910. I have census records for Jacob for 1860 Delhi & 1870 Manchester; 1880 lived with his daughter and son-in-law Janetta & Lemuel Allen:  1880 (Manchester), 1895, (Richland), 1900 (Richland); other children: Royal J. &  Daniel W. who were in the area; daughter Mary (m. Chester Stone) VAN ANTWERP
Colleen Miller Galbreth   VESEY




~ W ~

Researcher  Family Surname
'denward   WARD
Judy Olson William Warren family found in Oneida twp, Delaware co., IA in 1870 & 1880 censuses. They have a child Alinda. The Warren family I'm researching from Delaware co., NY has a child Alinda.  I'm suspecting that the Oneida twp. Alinda may be the niece of the one I'm researching in NY. It would mean that William is probably the son of Peter Warren. WARREN
Beth Ziegenhorn   WATT
Dennis Way Elias and Sarah Ann (Wolf) Way>Nathan Wolf Way>Cliff Way WAY
Nancy Nystrup John and Bridget (Hennessey) Welch farmed at Greeley from 1855 to 1885, raised 6 children born between 1855 and 1867 there: Edward B. Welch, Mary J. (m. Hynes), Margaret A. (m. Scanlan), John L. Welch, William M. Welch, Ellen B. (m. Faust) WELCH
Suzan Hamer        (12/2010)   WESTON  
Colleen Miller Galbreth   WHITAKER
Donna Williams   WILGENBUSCH
Michelle Johnston   WILLIAMSON
Colleen Miller Galbreth   WILSON
Suzan Hamer   (12/2010)   WITMAN/WITTMAN/WITTMANN  
Scott Witte   WITTE


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