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Milo Township Civil War Draft Registration, 1863

15th Sub-District, 5th Congressional District
Schedule I & II.-- C0NSOLIDATED LIST of all persons of Class I & II, subject to do military duty in the FIFTH Congressional District, consisting of the counties of Clayton, Delaware, Dubuque and Fayette in the State of Iowa, enumerated during the month of June, 1863, under directions of S.C. Brownell, Provost Marshal.
"To Colonel James B. Fry, Provost Marshal General U.S., Washington, D.C.
Station: Headquarters  Cong. Dist. of Iowa
Date: July 17th, 1863 S.C. Brownell, Provost Marshal

Class I is those individuals between the ages 20-35 as well as those 36-45 and unmarried

Surname Given Name Age Race Occupation Marital Status Birth Place Additional Information
Bangel Samuel M. 32 White Farmer Married New Hampshire  
Barnes Yerit S. 20 White Farmer Married New York  
Boglen William 31 White Farmer Single Scotland  
Castor William 21 White Farmer Single Virginia  
Coon Spalding 23 White Farmer Married Indiana  
Crozier William 34 White Farmer Married Ohio  
Daker James 34 White Farmer Married England  
Doyle Henry 34 White Carpenter Married n/a  
Dudley Henry 23 White Farmer Single New York  
Dudley Lebbans C. 30 White Teacher Married n/a  
Duffey Henry P. 32 White Farmer Married Ohio  
Dunsmore Joseph 28 White Farmer Married Massachusetts  
Eldridge Mediare 34 White Farmer Married New York  
Games Egbert 25 White Clerk Single Pennsylvania  
Garfield J.A. 32 White Farmer Single Maine  
Gates George 30 White Farmer Married Ohio  
Gibbons Thos. B. 26 White Miller Married Ohio  
Gibson William 27 White Farmer Single England  
Graham E. 28 White Black Smith Married Indiana  
Griffin Ray B. 27 White Lawyer Married New York  
Griffin Junius 24 White Farmer Married New Hampshire  
Griffin Harrison 21 White Farmer Married New Hampshire  
Halbert Henry H. 20 White Farmer Single Wisconsin  
Hamlin Russell 33 White Farmer Married Ohio  
Haynes Ryley 24 White Farmer Married Ohio  
Haynes Albert 21 White Farmer Single Ohio Enl in Service in Fall 1862
Hobbs Alexander G. 28 White Farmer Married Maryland  
Macklee James W. 23 White Farmer Single Vermont  
Madigan Thomas 32 White Farmer Single Ireland  
Miller John 33 White Farmer Married Pennsylvania  
Miller Joseph 34 White Farmer Married Virginia  
Muckler Lorenzo 25 White Farmer Single Vermont  
Plaster Shilling G. 26 White Farmer Married Pennsylvania  
Reynolds Charles 27 White Farmer Single New York  
Rock J.S. 33 White Preacher Married Pennsylvania  
Spangler Henry C. 24 White Farmer Single Virginia  
Starkey Reuben 23 White Farmer Married Pennsylvania  
Stoeve Horace O. 25 White Farmer Married New York  
Tanguary Abraham F. 30 White Farmer Married Virginia  
Young Daniel 34 White Farmer Married Pennsylvania  
~ source: U.S., Civil War Draft Registrations Records, 1863-1865 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.Original data: Consolidated Lists of Civil War Draft Registrations, 1863-1865. NM-65, entry 172, 620 volumes. ARC ID: 4213514. Records of the Provost Marshal Generalís Bureau (Civil War), Record Group 110. National Archives at Washington D.C.

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