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Delaware County, Iowa  



History of Delaware County, Iowa and its People

History of Delaware County, Iowa and its People, Illustrated, Volume I.

Captain John F. Merry Supervising Editor. The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1914 page 75-78





Page 75

County Commissioners: William H. Whiteside, William Eads and Daniel Brown, 1841-1842; William H. Whiteside, Simeon Phillips and Missouri Dickson, 1842-1843; William H. Whiteside, Missouri Dickson and Simeon Phillips, 1843-1844; Henry A. Carter, Simeon Phillips and Missouri Dickson, 1844-1845; Henry A. Carter, Lawrence McNamee and Simeon Phillips, 1845-1846; Henry A. Carter, Henry Baker and Samuel Mulliken, 1846-7; Henry A. Carter, Samuel Mulliken and Henry Baker, 1847-8; Henry A. Carter, Samuel Mulliken and Daniel H. Thornburg, 1848-1849; Lawrence McNamee, Daniel H. Thornburg and Henry A. Carter, 1849-50; Lawrence McNamee, John W. Penn, Daniel H. Thornburg, 1850-1851

Judges of Probate: Roland Aubrey, 1841-4; Clement Coffin, 1844-7; A. K. Eaton, 1847-50; Z. A. Wellman, 1850-51.

County Judges: John Benson, 1851-55; Frederick B. Doolittle, 1855-1857; A. E. House, 1857-1860; Joel Bailey, 1860-1 (confined to probate powers when county board of supervisors were created in 1860); Z. A. Wellman 1861-5; Jeremiah B. Boggs, 1866-9.

School Fund Commissioners: John Benson, 1849-51; Joel Bailey, 1851-3; Peter Case, 1854-5; John Hefner, 1855-6.
Recorders: John Paddleford, 1841; Charles W. Hobbs, 1842-7; William Phillips, 1847-53; Zina A. Wellman, 1854-5; George Wattson, 1856-7; Joel Bailey, 1858-9; Ray B. Griffin, 1861; Z. D. Scobey, 1862-1863; O. E. Taylor, 1864-5; W. H. H. Blanchard, 1866-7; Henry Harger, 1868-74; Henry C. Jackson, 1875-8; George H. Morisey, 1879-82; Jacob H. Morisey, 1883-4; G. H. Morisey, 1885-94; Abner Dunham, 1895-1902; John Latimer 1903-12; A. E. Dunlap, 1913.

Clerks of the Court: The offices of clerk of the courts and clerk of county commissioners and supervisors were held by the same person, although distinct under the law, until the creation of the office of county auditor. Charles W. Hobbs, 1841-6; J. W. Clark, 1846-7; C. W. Hobbs, 1847-50; James E. Anderson, 1850-1; William Price, 1851-4; James Wright, 1854-62; Eli O. Clemens, 1863-8; H. J. Jackson, 1883-4; H. C. Jackson, 1885-8; F. H. Paul, 1889-1900; John Georgen, 1901-04; James Bishop, 1905-10; R. D. Graham, 1911-.

Auditors: 1869-91; S. M. Chase, 1892; R. R. Robinson to fill vacancy, 1892; R. R. Robinson, 1892-6; H. E. Stetson, 1897-1902; Roy B. Davis, 1903-06; W. J. Davis, 1907-08; Will J. Crosby, 1909-10; W. J. Davis, 1911-12; C. H. Bunker, 1913-.

Sheriffs: Leroy Jackson, 1841-4; John W. Penn, 1844-50; Isaac Smith, 1850-3; John W. Penn, 1853-5; Cornelius T. Peet, 1855-7; Samuel F. Parker, 1857-9; Rensselaer Eddy, 1859-61; Jeremiah B. Boggs, 1862-3; Ancil E. Martin, 1864-5; William M. Williams, 1868-9; C. H. Smith, 1870-1; Abner Dunham, 1872-5; John W. Corbin, 1876-7; E. S. Cowles, 1878-81; John Cruise, jr. 1882-89; G. H. Odell, 1890-97; R. W. Fishel, 1898-1903; T. J. Hennessey, 1904-06; M. P. Hennessey, 1907-.

County Treasurers: Robert B. Hutson, 1841-2; Theodore Marks, 1842-3; Joel Bailey, 1843-4; Drury R. Dance, 1844 (murdered in February, 1845); Oliver A. Olmstead, appointed to fill vacancy, 1845; Joel Bailey, 1845-6; Ira A. Green, 1846-7; William Phillips, 1847-53; Zina A. Wellman, 1853-5; George Wattson, 1855-7; Joel Bailey, 1858-9; Ray B. Griffin, 1860-1; Z. D. Scobey, 1862-5; Joseph M. Holbrook, 1866-1881; John M. Holbrook, 1882-3; H. C. Haeberle, 1884-93; C. E. Smith, 1894-97; L. Matthews, 1898-1901; F. E. Dutton, 1902-08; George A. Newman, 1909-.

County Surveyors: Joel Bailey, 1841-47; John W. Clark, 1847-53; Joel Bailey, 1853-55; W. P. Cunningham, 1855-57; Hiram D. Wood, 1857-59; Henry L. Ryan, 1860-61; Charles Harger, 1862-63; James G. Verplank, 1864-65; Henry G. Doolittle, 1866-71; Silas Sawyer, 1872-75; Orin E. Noble, 1876-78; Charles Crawford, 1879-81; Henry Harger, 1862-84; P. H. Warner, 1885; D. O. Potter, 1886-87; P. H. Warner, 1888-89; A. G. Wilson, 1890-91; E. B. Porter, 1892; D. O. Potter, 1893-97; Thomas Wilson, 1898-1900; D. O. Potter, 1901; Thomas Wilson, 1902-08; L. Matthews, Jr. 1909.

County Superintendents of Schools: Horatio N. Gates, 1858-59; Ezra F. Chase, 1860-61; John L. McCreery, 1862-63; Rodney W. Tirrill, 1864-67; Ferdinand W. Dunham, 1867; Samuel Calvin, 1868; Jerome B. Satterlee, 1969; John Kennedy, 1870-71; William H. Merton, 1872-75; Robert M. Ewart, 1876-79; Q. M. Ewart, 1880-81; Horace G. Miller, 1882-87; A. O. Stranger, 1888-95; L. T. Eaton, 1896-99; H. J. Schwietert, 1900-03; Frank D. Joseph, 1904-10; Guy D. Ribble, 1911-.


In 1860 the county judge system of county government was abolished, and a board consisting of one supervisor from each township was constituted. One-half of the first board served one year and the other half two years, after which eight members were elected annually for two years.

1861-- Z. D. Scobey, Chairman; John H. Burrington, Joseph Lichtenberg, Charles H. Carpenter, Clement Coffin, William Price, William Crozier, Peter Richardson, Silas Gilmore, Ephraim Frost, Francis McFall, Aaron Richardson, Samuel P. Whittaker, Christopher L. Flint, Daniel Fuller, Daniel Sheldon.

1862 -- Silas Gilmore, Chairman; E. K. Frost, C. T. Peet, D. Sheldon, Francis Rubly, F. McFall, Noble Ruggles, Abram Parliman, Philip Stoner, John M. Brayton, William Crozier, P. Richardson,  S. P. Whittaker, C.L. Flint, Daniel Flint

1863 --Noble Ruggles, Chairman; Joseph Grimes, Job Gildersleeve, C. T. Peet, S. A. Thompson, F. Rubly, William Cattron, P. Stoner, W. Crozier, James Harper, S. P. Whittaker, B. P. Miller, W. G. Campbell, Francis Schultz, William M. Hartshorn.

1864 -- Job Gildersleeve, Chairman;  J. Grimes; O. S. Boggess; S. A. Thompson; T. Rubly; Cummings Sanborn, Ferdinand Dunham; A. Parliman; P. Stoner; W. M. Hartshorn; D. K. Fox; J. Harper, S. P. Whittaker, B. P. Miller, W. G. Campbell.

1865 -- O. S. Boggess, Chairman;  J. Grimes, H. C. Drybread, F. Rubly, C. Sanborn, F. Dunham, D. P. Baker,  P. Stoner, W. M. Hartshorn, W. Crozier, George Cowell, Leroy Jackson,  S. P. Whittaker,  J. M. Ames, D. Fuller,  H. G. Doolittle.

1866 -- Joseph Grimes, Chairman; H. C. Drybread, Alexander Loban, S. A. Thompson, James Le Gassick, C. Sanborn, F. Dunham, D. P. Baker, John Galyean, Samuel F. Parker, W. Crozier, Thomas J. Annis, L. Jackson, S. P. Whittaker, J. M. Annis, D. Fuller.

1867 -- J. Grimes, Chairman; Charles Malven, A. Loban, Daniel Sheldon, J. Le Gassick, Richard Boon, F. Dunham, D. P. Baker, John Galyean, S. F. Parker, W. Crozier, T. J. Annis, William Spence, J. M. Annis, Christopher L. Flint,  Patrick Donnelly.

1868 -- C. L. Flint , Chairman; Joseph Chapman, C. Malvern, C. T. Peet, D. Sheldon, J. Le Gassick, R. Boon, William Cattron, R. Norton, Jesse B. Bailey, R. Holdridge, John Brownell, H. Gardner, W. Spence, J. M. Annis, P. Donnelly, D. P. Baker.

1869 -- R. Norton, Chairman; A. G. Smith, J. Chapman, W. Cattron, J. Le Gassick, Thomas Conner, C. Sanborn, R. Holdridge, J. H. Campbell, Henry Ehlers, H. Gardner, J. Brownell, C. Malvern, C. T. Peet, Philip Dale, J. B. Bailey.

1870 -- R. Norton, Chairman; H. M. Congar, O. E. Taylor, Charles Malvern, J. H. Campbell, H. Ehlers, J. F. Jackson, J. Chapman, Philip Dale, A. G. Smith, C. Sanborn, Albert Boomer, M. P. Spence, Thomas Conner, J. Le Gassick, William Ford. (Township system abolished April 14, 1870, and succeeded by a board of three, elected by the county.)

1870 -- Ferdinand Dunham, chairman; Joseph Chapman, J. Salisbury.
1871  -- Ferdinand Dunham, chairman; Joseph Chapman, Jesse B. Bailey.
1872 -- Ferdinand Dunham, chairman; Joseph Chapman, Jesse B. Bailey.
1873 -- Ferdinand Dunham, chairman; Joseph Chapman, Jesse B. Bailey.
1874 -- Ferdinand Dunham, chairman, Joseph Chapman, Jesse B. Bailey.
1875 -- J. B. Bailey, chairman, Ferdinand Dunham, Henry C. Merriam.
1876 -- Ferdinand Dunham, chairman, Henry C. Merriam, George Staehle.
1877 -- Henry C. Merriam, chairman; George Staehle, Ferdinand Dunham.
1878 -- George Staehle, chairman; Ferdinand Dunham, James Le Gassick.
1879  -- James Le Gassick, chairman; Ferdinand Dunham, B. P. Miller.
1880 -- James Le Gassick, chairman; Ferdinand Dunham, B. P. Miller.
1881 --  B. P. Miller, chairman; James Le Gassick, Henry P. Chapman.
1882 -- Henry P. Chapman, chairman;  B. P. Miller, W. M. Sawyer.
1883 -- W. M. Sawyer, chairman; H. P. Chapman, Charles Crocker.
1884 -- W. M. Sawyer, chairman; Charles Crocker, Ryal Hickox.
1885 -- W. M. Sawyer, chairman; Ryal Hickox, Charles Crocker.  

1886 -- W. M. Sawyer, chairman; Charles Crocker, Ryal Hickox.
1887 -- W. M. Sawyer, chairman;  Henry Ehlers, Charles Crocker.
1888 -- Charles Crocker, chairman; Henry Ehlers, John F. Graham.
1889 -- Charles Crocker, chairman; Henry Ehlers, John F. Graham.
1888 -- Charles Crocker, chairman; John F. Graham, Henry Ehlers.

1889 -- Charles Crocker, chairman; John F. Graham, Henry Ehlers.
1892 -- John F. Graham, chairman;  G. Merriam, Henry Ehlers.
1893 -- John F. Graham, chairman; Thomas Rose, G. Merriam.
1894 -- G. Merriam, chairman; Thomas Rose, F. A. Grimes.
1895 -- Thomas Rose, chairman; F. A. Grimes, G. Merriam.
1896 -- F. A. Grimes, chairman; Thomas Rose, G. Merriam.
1897 -- G. Merriam, chairman; Thomas Rose, F. A. Grimes.
1898 -- F. A. Grimes, chairman; Thomas Rose, S. P. Carter.
1899 -- S. P. Carter, chairman; F. L. Durey, F. A. Grimes.
1900 -- S. P. Carter, chairman; Thomas Lindsey, F. L. Durey.
1901 -- S. P. Carter, chairman; F. L. Durey, Thomas Lindsey.
1902 -- S. P. Carter, chairman; F. L. Durey, Thomas Lindsey.
1903 -- Thomas Lindsey, chairman; S. P. Carter, F. L. Durey.
1904 -- Thomas Lindsey, chairman; James Le Gassick, F. L. Durey.
1905 -- Thomas Lindsey, chairman;  W. B. Robinson, J. J. Kirkwood.
1907 -- J. J. Kirkwood, chairman; A. M. Burbridge, W. B. Robinson.
1909 -- J. J. Kirkwood, chairman; W. B. Robinson, A. M. Burbridge.
1911  -- F. M. Robinson, chairman; J. J. Kirkwood, W. B. Robinson.
1913 -- W. B. Robinson, chairman; F. A. Mead, James Kehoe.

Under the law passed a short time before, the first biennial election was held in Iowa for all state and county officers, in November, 1906. This made it necessary for all officers to hold over one year that would otherwise have finished their terms in 1905.
Representatives:  Arial K. Eaton, 1850-53; James M. Noble, 1856-57; Joseph Grimes, 1858-59; John W. Le Lacheur, 1860-61; Salue G. Van Anda, 1862-63; Joseph W. Simpson, 1864-65; Albert Boomer, 1866-1867; Cummings Sanborn, 1868-1871; Cornelius T. Peet, 1872-1875; Joseph Chapman, 1876-1878; William H. Merten, Eighteenth and Nineteenth general assemblies; L. E. Hersey, Twentieth, succeeding Joseph Holbrook, who died January 31, 1884; L. S. Gates, Twenty-first; William C. Oakman, Twenty-second and Twenty-third; W. H. Norris, Twenty-fourth; D. H. Young Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth, extra session of Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh; George W. Dunham, Twenty eighth and Twenty-ninth; R. J. Bixby, Thirtieth, Thirty-first, Thirty-second and Thirty second extra; Eli C. Perkins, Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth; Millard F. LeRoy, Thirty-fifth.

Senators: John M. Brayton, 1864-67; Joseph Grimes, 1868-71; Albert Boomer, 1872-75; Lewis G. Hersey, 1876-77; Charles E. Bronson, 1878-79; Ed P. Seeds, Twenty-second and Twenty-third; George W. Dunham, Thirtieth, Thirty-first, Thirty-second and Thirty second extra session; Eli C. Perkins, Thirty-fifth.



~ source: History of Delaware County, Iowa and its People, Illustrated, Volume I. The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1914, Chicago. Pages 75 - 78.   Call Number 977.7385 H1m

~ transcribed by Constance Diamond

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