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Delaware County, Iowa

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History of Delaware County, 1878

Colony Township


History of Delaware County, Iowa,, Page 610-613

Published by Western Historical Co., Chicago, Illinois. 1878

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Hartbeke S. B. farmer, S. 20, P. O. Colesburg

Hartke B. H. farmer, S. 7, P. O. Colesburg

Henrickson Simon, carpenter and joiner; Colesburg

Henners Fred. far.  S. 23; P.O. Vienna

Hennekes John, far.; S. 32; P. O. Petersburg

Hewitt J. B. carpenter and builder; Colesburg

Hoisington S. far.; S 1;  P. O.  Colesburg

Hofer Wm. far.; S. 8; P. O. Colesburg

Hogan Pat. far.; Sec, 15; P. O. Colesburg

Holbert A. B. far.; S. 33; P. O. Petersburg.

Holbert Jos. far.; S. 33; P. O. Petersburg

Holbert T. R. far.; S. 32; P. O. Petersburg

Holbert W. F. far.; S. 32; P. O. Petersburg

Holcher H. far.; S. 18; P. O.  Colesburg

Holcher J. W. far. S. 30; P. O. Petersburg.

HUBBARD, Hezekiah, Re­tired Farmer; P. O.  Colesburg; born in Middlesex Co., Conn., May 10,1813; was married, March 4, 1835, to Sarah Clark; she was born in Bennington, Vt., Jan, 15, 1813; Mr. H, was employed at various occupations in Northern Pennsylvania from 1836 to the Spring of 1846, when he moved into this town­ship, entered 120 acres of land; has been farming and dealing in stock ever since;  now owns 80acres of land; has four children living: Sarah M., Ellen T.,  Ezra S. and Lucretia K. (now Mrs. Cuppett); lost four--Mary C., Lorena, Francis A. and Harriet A.; Mr. H. has been Road Supervisor about ten years; Mrs. H. belong to the M. E. Church.

HUBBARD, Jared, Manufacturer and Repairer of Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, etc. in Colesburg; born in Middle­sex Co. Conn., May 3, 1821; started West in company with a brother in 1841; came by steamboat to Jersey City, thence by rail to York, Pa, which was the farthest west the cars ran at that time; came stage to Pittsburgh, thence by steamboat to St. Charles, Mo., where  they stayed one month, and proceeded to Galena; from there they came, on foot, to  this place, arriving in May; selected and en­tered land; stopped with Old David Moreland; built a bam for him then which still stands on the old homestead; it was the first barn built in that part of the county; Mr. H. was married Dec. 21, 1869, to Sarah J. Garretson born in Bedford Co., Pa., Oct. 10, 1842; two children—Flora A., born June 4, 1870, and Oris L., Feb. 10, 1874; owns 30 acres of land, and town property in Belmont, Wright Co., Iowa, and house and two lots here.

Hughes Jas., saloon keeper; Colesburg.


Jacobs Jerome B.,  shoemaker; Colesburg

Jasper G. H. far., S. 15; P. 0. Colesburg


Kaeger Gerhard, renter; Sec. 16; P.O. Colesburg

Keirn Patrick, renter, S. 21 ; Colesburg

Keller Frank, laborer; P. O. Colesburg

Keller  Rudolph,  farmer; Sec. 8;  P. O. Colesburg

Kenton John, renter; Sec. 9; P. O. Colesburg

Kerchheck J. D. shoemaker; P. O. Colesburg

Kipp Henry, farmer; Sec. 14; P. O. New Vienna

Kipp H. B. J., far.; Sec. 15; P. O. Colesburg

Klamp Henry, farmer; Sec. 30;  P. O. Colesburg

KLAUS, Herman H., Farmer and Stock Raiser ; Sec.  ; P. O. Colesburg; born in Hanover, Germany, Oct. 8, 1821; emigrated to the United States in 1837; came in a sail vessel to New Orleans ; up the Mississippi River by steamboat to St Charles, Mo., where he remained until May, 1845, when he came to this county, and settled on this farm, a part of which he entered at government price; he now owns 670 acres, the greater portion of which is improved; was married to Katherine M. Kruempel, born in Germany in 1831; have six children living — Emma, Eliz,. Frederick W., George, Delia and Joseph. Lost four— Alice, Charles, Benjamin and an infant. Has been School Director and President of the Board near 20 Years. Family belongs to the Methodist Church, of which Mr. K. has been Steward 28 years and local preacher 26 years; he has been a great friend to his countrymen; often sent money to bring them here, and afterward take care of them till they could get a start for themselves; has several houses on his farm for their accommodation at the present time.  Republican.

KLAUS, John D., Farmer; Sec. 7; P. O. Colesburg; born in Hanover, Germany, Feb. 2, 1813; emigrated to U. S. in 1837, and to this county in 1842 ; entered 120 acres of land; now owns 480; married in St. Louis March 23, 1848, to Elizabeth Hartbecka, who was born in Hanover, Germany, May 28, 1821; have six children living — Margaret A. (now Mrs. Holscher) Mary M. (Wellemeyer) Elizabeth (Innsher) William H., John H. and Samuel W.   Lost one — John H., died in this county, aged 16 months.  Mr. K. is one of the oldest settlers here; helped to clear away the hazel brush and timber; was Road Supervisor several terms. Family belongs to the M. E. Church.

Kleeman Herman, far.; S. 5; P. O. Colesburg

Kleeman Kasper, far, S. 5; P. O. Colesburg

Kleeman Wm., far., Sec 5; P. O. Colesburg

Klosterman F. J., farmer; Sec. 32;   P. O. Petersburg

Knee David, carpenter, Colesburg

Knee George, carpenter; Colesburg

Knee James, carpenter; P. O. Colesburg

Knee John H,. carpenter; Colesburg

Knee Oliver, carpenter; Colesburg

KNEE, Col. Samuel G., Postmaster, Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries etc., Colesburg; born in Blair Co., Pa., March 11. 1834; came to this county in 1855; worked  at carpenter  trade till the beginning of the war, enlisted Sept. 19, 1861. in the 12th Iowa Infantry;   participated in the battles of Fort Henry and Donelson; was taken prisoner at Shiloh; held till the following October, when he wag paroled, and in the Spring joined his regiment; was promoted   to Second Lieutenant in March, 1863, to Captain in Sept. same year;   was in command of Pioneer Corps six months; promoted to Major Jan, 15, 1865r and to Lieut. Col. Jan. 1, 1866. Was married July 19, 1866, to Julia Moreland.  She was born in this county April 14, 1845.   Have three children— Frank, Blanche and Eddie; held the position of Postmaster eight years; attends the Congregational Church.

Knippling, Anton, farmer; Sec. 34; P. O. Petersburg

Koopman Gerhard, renter; Sec. 6: P. O.  Colesburg

Koopman Henry, renter; Sec. 6: P. O.  Colesburg

Koopman Herman, renter; Sec. 6: P. O.  Colesburg

Kramer John H. farmer; sec. 26; P. O. New Vienna

Kreimer B. H., farmer; S. 26; P. O.  Petersburg

Kurrilmeir Bernard, renter, S. 6; Colesburg


Lammers John, Farmer, Sec. 21; P. O.  Petersburg

Lammers Rudolph, far., S. 21;  P. O.  Petersburg

Lampa Barney, far., S. 33;   P. O.  Petersburg

Lampman Henry, grocer, S. 33; P. O.  Petersburg

Lampman John, far., S. 33; P. O.  Petersburg

Lampman Theo., far., S. 33; P. O.  Petersburg

Landis Abraham, Colesburg

Landis Jacob Sr., far., S. 15; Colesburg

Landis Jacob Jr., far., S. 15 Colesburg

Landis Joshua, farmer; Colesburg

Lansing John, far, S. 23;   P. O. New Vienna

Leichtenberg Wm. far.; S. 23; P. O.  New Vienna

Link George, far., S. 23; P. O.  New Vienna

Lockridge I. N., cabinet maker; Colesburg

Lockridge, Thos. J., harness maker; Colesburg

Lockridge, Thos. J., harness maker; Colesburg

Loffers Bernard, renter. S.  19; P. O. Colesburg

Loffers J. G., far.; S. 20; P. O. Colesburg

Luhrsman B. H., far., S. 36;  P. O.  New Vienna


McCrum John, farmer, Sec. 9; P. O. Colesburg

McMahon John, farmer, See. 16; P. O. Colesburg

McMahon Michael, farmer, See. 9; P. O. Colesburg

McMahon Simon, farmer, See. 9; P. O. Colesburg

McNamee E. L., farmer, Sec. 4; P. O. Colesburg

McNAMEE, Lawrence, Farmer; Sec. 4; P. O. Colesburg; born in Chenango Co., N.Y., Dec, 29, 1805; emigrated to Missouri Territory in 1819; came down the Ohio river on a boat they built on the headwaters of the Allegheny River, to Shawneetown, Ill., crossed with team to Alton, which was then only a ferrying point—only one cabin in the place, that of the ferryman; settled at St. Charles; was married March 25, 1829, to Errelia Cole, who was born in Oneida Co., N. Y., Oct. 18, 1808; came to this comity in 1842; settled on the farm he now occupies; owns 480 acres, nearly all of which was wild land, hazel thicket and timber; Mrs. McNamee died here, in Feb. 8, 1856; she was the mother of eleven children—Eliza J. and Martha E. (Otis) and three infants died in this township; those living are Cyrus L., Mary E. (Otis), Edwin L., Medora H. (Lang), Sarah B. (Fitch) and Evaline; Mr. M. was again married Dec. 11, 1856, to Mrs. Sebrah Clark (maiden name, Cole), born in Oneida Co., N. Y., Dec. 6, 1806; has four children by first mar­riage—Harriet C. (Bailey), Benjamin A. and Samuel C.; lost two—Seth, died here in 1845, and Norman L., died at Rocky Bar, Idaho, in 1873; Mr. McNamee served as County Commissioner, two terms; Justice of the Peace, six years; County Assessor, two, Township Assessor, about fifteen years; family attends the M. E. Church.

McPherson Alex, tinner, Sec. 19; P. O.  Colesburg


Malvin Marion, farmer. Sec. 17; P. O.  Colesburg

Malvin Wm., far., S. 17; P. O.  Colesburg.

Matthews Jos., far.; S. 31: P. O.  Earlsville

Matthews J. W., far; S. 31; P. O.  Earlsville

Matthews W. W., far., S. 31; P. O.  Earlsville

Mensen Albert, far., See. 28: P. O.  Petersburg

Mensen Barney, renter; Sec. 29: P. O.  Petersburg

Merten Elias, far.; Sec. 8; P. O.  Colesburg

Merten Frederick, far.; S. 8; P. O.  Colesburg

Merten J. S. far.; Sec. 8, P. O.  Colesburg

Merten Joseph, far.; S. 8; P. O.  Colesburg

Moreland David, farmer, S. 5; P. O.  Colesburg

Moreland Isaac A. saloon; Colesburg

Moreland John, teamster; Colesburg

Moreland J, B., farmer; P. O. Colesburg

MONTGOMERY, Rachel, Widow (maiden name Porter); resides on farm; Sec. 5, P.O. Colesburg; born in Crawford Co., Pa., July 30.1808; lived there on her father’s farm until she was married, Feb. 19, 1852, to Archibald Montgomery; he was born in Mer­cer Co., Pa., Oct. 22, 1805; he came to this county in 1843; was among the first settlers; he buried his first wife here in 1849; married in Pa.: she was the mother of nine children; Mr. M. died July 30, 1875; at the time of his death, he owned 1,200 acres of land, of which Mrs. M. is now the owner of 440; she is a member of the United Presby­terian Church.


Nichols F. C., laborer; Colesburg


O’Neal Ira, laborer; Colesburg

Ovel Herman, far.; Sec. 28; P. O.  Petersburg


~ source: History of Delaware County, Iowa, Published by Western Historical Company, Successors to H. F. Kett & Co., Chicago., Illinois, 1878.

~ Transcribed by: Constance Diamond for Delaware County IAGenWeb