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History of Delaware County, 1878

Delaware Township


History of Delaware County, Iowa,, Page 589-595

Published by Western Historical Co., Chicago, Illinois. 1878

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~ S ~

Sabin, H. J.

Farmer, Sec. 5

Sabin, Hiram W.

Farmer, Sec. 5, was born in Cuyahoga Co., O., June 8, 1848, came to this county with his parents in March, 1869, and married Eva Gates, Dec. 27, 1872; she was born in Cuyahoga Co., Dec, 1852. They have two children -- Charles, born Nov. 6, 1863; Harry, March 13, 1877.

Sabin, Nathaniel C.

Farmer, Sec. 5; was born in Onondaga, Co., N. Y., April 22, 1819, emigrated to Cuyahoga Co., O., in 1838, and married Laura Marlett, Dec. 6, 1842, who was born in Salina, Onondaga Co., N. Y., Oct. 5, 1825, and died March 4, 1852. Again married Octava D. Rudd, Oct. 28, 1852, who was born in Jefferson Co. in March 1869, settling on their present farm. Mary O., Dennis G., Hiram W., Thomas M., Herman J., Laura O., Willard C., Myron H., Maud O. are their children.

Sanborn, Cummings

Mayor of Manchester; was born in Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., Jan 7, 1824. His father moved to Louisville, same county, in 1829, where the subject of this sketch resided until Nov., 1852, when he went to Saratoga Springs, N. Y., and in 1866, was appointed Manager of the Saratoga Water Cure. On Feb. 28, 1860, he married Martha a. French, who was born in Proctorville, Vermont, Oct. 25, 1822, and died March 29, 1872. Resigning his position at the "Springs," with a view of settling in a new country, he accordingly carried out his plan by emigrating to Iowa, settling in Earlville, this county, in 1861. After keeping the hotel for two years, he was appointed Postmaster, which office he held from 1864 to 1868, together with the offices of Township Supervisor and Justice of the Peace; he was nominated as the Republican candidate for the House of Representatives, Iowa Legislature, and was elected in the Fall of 1867, and re-elected in 1869; in 1870, he bought the Sun office, at Earlville, and the following year moved it to Delhi, but sold out, in 1872, to J. B. Swinbourne, coming to Manchester, and buying the Manchester Press, on July 1, 1873; this he sold on July 1, 1875. Married Ann M. Dunham, widow of Francis W. Dunham on Nov. 4, 1875; she was born in Bakersfield, Vt., on Dec. 17, 1835. In 1877, Mr. Sanborn was elected Mayor of Manchester, and re-elected in the Spring of 1878.

Schelling Wm.

Farmer; was born in Sharon, Mercer Co., Pa., Dec. 30, 1816; remained at home working on the farm until the Fall of 1837, when he went to Kentucky, returning the next Spring; on May 5, 1842, married Mary Stambaugh, who was born in Youngstown, Trumbull Co., Ohio, Dec. 6, 1821; in the Spring of 1855, came to this state, coming the entire distance by wagon, and settled on Sec. 27, where he has resided ever since; have five children --John S., James K., Samuel B., Sarah E., and Laura A.; John S. died Sept. 16, 1875; Dem.; Independent.

Scott, Cornelius


Scott, Jesse D.


Scott, John M.


Scott, J. S. L.


Seaman, H. C.


Seeds, Edward P. Lawyer

Seeds, W. H.

Cashier of Bank

Seward, Albert O.

Farmer, Sec. 13; was born in Ontario Co., N. Y., June 18, 1842. Emigrated to Michigan in Oct., 1863, but the year following came to the county, arriving Jan 31, 1864; two years thereafter, he returned to Ontario Co., N. Y. Married Mary A. Annis, April 8, 1866, who was born in Chattaraugus Co., N. Y., April 24, 1848. He came to this county the following Spring, settling on his present farm. Children -- Meredith A., Mary A.

Shear, Isaac

Farmer, Sec. 14[ was born in Oneida Co., N. Y., Oct. 1, 1834; married Melvina Patterson, Sept. 8, 1856, who was born in St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., Feb. 6, 1837; came to this county from native State March 14, 1867, first settling in this township; Jennie J., Core E., Ella May, Wilber J., Glen C. are their children.

Sheldon, Anson

Livery and Feed Stable, Main st.; born in Adams, Mass., Feb.9, 1825; with his parents, left his native county when four years old, going to Oneida Co., N. Y., where, on Feb. 17, 1846, he married Susan M. Bronson, who was born in Oneida Co., N. Y., May 10, 1838; they emigrated to this county, settling in Honey Creek Tp.; but the following year came to this city; three years ago he erected a barn, built of stone and brick, 55x115 feet.

Sheldon, Benj.


Sheldon, M. W.

Livery Stable

Sherman, Walter B., MD

one of the firm of Bradley & Sherman, Physicians and Surgeons, Franklin st.; was born in Steuben County, N. Y., Nov. 22, 1831; when about six years old he, with his parents, moved to Brunswick, Medina Co., Ohio, where he married Sallie S. Benjamin, on Jan. 20, 1859; she was born in Brunswick, Medina Co., Ohio, March 18, 1840; entered the Cleveland Medical College in Oct., 1868, and graduated in Feb. 1870; came to this county in July, 1862; Core E., Mertie E. and Ella A. are their children.

Sherwood, A. M.

Traveling Agent

Shew, Alonzo

Retired Farmer; was born in Northampton, Montgomery Co., N. Y., March 12, 1807; in 1823, he went to Jefferson Co., N. Y., where he worked at his trade, that of carpenter and joiner; married Sarah N. Wiley, April 3, 1838, who was born in Chenango Co., N. Y., March 10, 1815; they emigrated to Sterling City, Whiteside Co., Ill., in 1855, and to this county in the Spring of 1863, settling in Adams Township; here Mrs. Shew died, July 25, 1874; Mr. S. came to this city in 1869.

Sheeley, Michael


Simpson, A. J.


Skinner, Benjamin F.

Tinner; was birn in Middlebury, Elkhart Co., Ind., Dec. 3, 1842; came from native Co. to this county in November, 1853, with his parents; enlisted in 1st Iowa Cavalry Aug. 15, 1861, and honorably discharged on Sept. 13, 1864; was in battles at Milford, Silver Creek, Prairie Grove and Little Rock; he married Luella Dillon, Jun 27, 1869, who was born in Dubuque Co., Iowa, Dec. 6, 1852.

Sloan, Alex.

Farmer, Sec. 9

Sloan, Elias

laborer, Sec. 9

Sloan, John


Sly, J. D.

Farmer, Sec. 16

Sly, Luman

Laborer, Sec. 16

Small, William


Smally, S. L.


Smith, Avery

Farmer; was born in Hinsdale, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., April 25,1832. He came to this county about 22 years ago, but returned to the East, after which he moved to Hillsdale Co., Mich., where he married Lucretia J. Cross, Dec. 5, 1872. She was born in New York in March 29, 1845; immigrated to this county, settling on their present farm in June, 1874. Eddie A. and Eveline L. are their children.

Smith, C. S.

Farmer, Sec. 2

Smith, Henry


Smith, John


Smith, Patrick


Smith, Peter


Smith, R. E.


Snyder, George

Cigar maker

Snyder, P. H.

Cigar maker

Somers, W. O.


Spangler, H. C.


Spangler, W. H.

Sewing machine agent, Sec. 3

Steadman, Geo. W.


Steadman, Samuel

Manufacturer and Dealer in Harness, Saddles and Collars, Franklin street; was born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward's Island, March 13, 1845. At the age of 9, he with his parents, emigrated to LaSalle Co., Ill., and after nine years' residence went to Lee Co., Ill. In 1867, he came to this county, first settling in this city Dec. 6, 1870. He married Rebecca Burington, who was born in Lewiston, Lake Co., Ill., on March 19, 1848. Commenced business first under the firm name of Eaton & Steadman, but dissolved partnership in April, 1877.

Steele, W. H.


Stetter, Albert


Stevens, M. S.


Stevens, James H.

Retired Methodist Minister; present occupation farmer, Sec. 32; was born in Wells, Rutland Co., Vt., Aug. 10, 1811; he joined the Methodist Conference which embraced a portion of Vermont and New Hampshire, in 1833; married Pedee Cooley July 16, 1837, who was born in Grafton Co., N. H., Dec. 22, 1811; after fourteen years of ministerial labor, he located on account of his health and in 1867, the came to this county settling on their present farm; their youngest and only living son went to the South during the Rebellion, engaging in a work pertaining to the Freedmen, and died in six months after entering upon his duties.

Stevens, William


Stewart, Al. Emerson

of the firm of Kenyon & Stewart, Dealers in Groceries, Crockery & Purchasers of Produce, Franklin street; was born in Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., Ill., March 29, 1845; when quite young, moved to Savanna, Ill., and in 1855, came to this county, settling in Yankee Settlement; went to Bloomington, Ill., in 1861, where, in 1868, he introduced the O. K. Saleratus; married Nannie E. Taylor, June 24, 1875; she was born in Madisonville, Monroe Co., Tenn., March 5, 1848.

Stewart, John

Manufacturer and Dealer in Butter; born in Marietta, O., July 15, 1836. His father, Stephen Stewart, of Scotch descent, born Aug. 3, 1788, was a native of Virginia, and a farmer.  His mother, Martha Fitzhugh, born Sept. 16, 1808, was a daughter of William Fitzhugh, of Welch descent, of Culpepper, Va., and a relative of Gen. R. E. Lee. His parents were both members of the Baptist Church; they removed to Ohio, and settled near Marietta in 1832, where they lived until the death of the mother, July 4, 1859, the father March 14, 1864. John was the seventh of nine children; the parents inculcated religious principals both by precept and example, and their parental discipline was somewhat Puritanic; total abstinence from all intoxicating drinks and tobacco in all its forms was rigidly practiced and enforced in the elder Stewart's family. John entered school when very young, but as soon as strong enough to wield a how, worked on his father's farm in Summer and attended school only during the Winter months, acquiring only a common school education, in 1856, with an elder brother, accepted Greeley's advice, "went West," and spent three years in Illinois, Kansas and Missouri, returning home in 1859; engaged in the fruit business until 1861, when the war commenced; enlisted as a private in Co. B., 39th O. Vols., under Col. Groesbeck, succeeded by Col. E. F. Noyes, now U. S. Minister to France; served with his regiment in operations against the guerillas of Missouri in 1861; in 1862 was at the capture of "New Madrid" and "Island No. 10," and when Corinth fell was the third man to enter the enemy's works; was in the battle of Iuka, Miss., in the Fall of 1862, and one week later fought in the second battle of Corinth; was in all the hard marches of the Union army in Tennessee in 1863, and although not physically strong, apparently, endured all the hardships of a soldier's life, never importuning the Surgeon for excuses from duty, never "straggled" in the march or shirked in battle; was in Sherman's Georgia campaign; in battle at Resaca, Altona and Kennesaw Mountain; was severely wounded at Rough's Mills in an assault upon the rebel line of works thrown up to protect their retreat across the Chattahoochee, about twenty miles from Atlanta, which were captured in three minutes after the bugle sounded "Forward;" rejoined his regiment at Raleigh, N. C., just after the assassination of President Lincoln; after a hard march to Washington, via Richmond, and review, regiment was transported to Louisville, where he was mustered out in July, 1865, as Sergeant. About January, 1866, located in St. Louis and engaged in mercantile business, building up a good jobbing trade in butter, cheese and farm produce; sold out in August 1867, removed to Galena and engaged in the same business with B. S. Bentley; removed to Manchester, Ia., in March 1870, in same business; started the first butter creamery in the State in 1872, near Manchester; succeeding in manufacturing a superior grade of butter with increasing demand at remunerative prices, he established other Creameries; others startd them also, until they are scattered over the county and State. Having taken the first premium for butter at the St. Louis Fair for several years, he determined to compete for the gold medal at the Centennial Exhibition at Philadelphia in 1876; succeeded in carrying off the valuable prize, and removed prejudice against Western, and especially Iowa, butter, and adding from $500,000 to $1,000,000 annually to the income of the farmers of the State; in religion, Baptist; in politics, Republican; an active friend of Temperance; always takes decided position on all public questions; is never "on the fence," never neutral in anything. Married in Galena, Ill., Sept. 22, 1869, Miss Sarah F. Prescott, daughter of Rev. Asa Prescott, Pastor of the Baptist Church at that place; has two children -- Newton Prescott was born May 18, 1871; Ferdinand Charles, born Jan. 23, 1877.

Stewart, R. B.


Stimpson, Hiram

Farmer, Sec. 12

Stimpson, Lewis

Laborer, Sec. 12

Summons, Wm.


~ T ~

Taber, John H.

Farmer, Sec. 16; at nineteen he went to Vicksburg, remaining during the Winters of 1839 and 1840; in 1844, he came to Marengo, McHenry Co., Ill., but in 1848 he returned to Erie Co., Pa.; he married in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., to Almira Hempstead, Jan. 1, 1851, who was born in Oneida Co., N.Y., July 5, 1826; they emigrated to this Co. in April, 1854, settling in this township, on Dec. 10, and in the Summer of 1857 moved on their present farm.

Thompson, Albert

Farmer, Sec. 8; was born in Chenango Co., N. Y., June 22, 1822; moved to Jackson Co., Mich., with his parents, in 1837, where he married Margaret Darah, April 21, 1851, who was born in Sussex Co., N. J. Sept. 19, 1828; in the Spring of 1852, they came to this county, settling on their present farm; Ada L., Hattie (deceased), Mary, Mary J., Emma E., Alice, Agnes, Elizabeth, Fannie, are their daughters.

Thorpe, Albert


Thorpe, Alfred


Thorpe, Chas.


Thorpe, G. L.


Terril, A. B.


Terril, A. D.


Tilton, Edmund

Dealer in Groceries, Cigars and Tobaccos, Main st.; was born in Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 17, 1831; moved to Milton, Northumberland Co., Pa., from which he came to this State, arriving on July 4, 1850, setting in Dubuque. Married Sarah Hamilton, on Aug. 24, 1855. She was born in Scotch Valley, Pa., Aug. 24, 1835. She came to Dubuque Co. April 30, 1845. After Living in Cascade, they came to this city in 1865, commencing their present business.

Tipple, J. S.


Tirrill, Rodney W.

Real Estate, Loan, Collections and Pension Agent; was born in Stewartson, Coos Co., N. H., Dec. 22, 1835. In 1844, his parents moved to Colebrook, in above county, and in 1850 emigrated to Prairie du Sac, Wis.  Rodney, in  Nov., 1856, came to this county, teaching school until 1857, when he went to Kansas for a short time, and then returned to Lodi, Wis., teaching school and studying law. After three years, he returned to this county, and on Dec. 30, 1860, he married Eliza J. Weeks, who was born in Norwich (now Huntington), Hampshire Co., Mass., Oct. 8, 1836. Mrs. T. came direct from Massachusetts to this county, with parents, twenty-three years ago, and is one of the pioneer school teachers of this county.

Tomlinson, E. N.


Toogood, Thomas

Toogood & Bethell, Proprietors of the Clarence House), born March 22, 1829, near Wells, Somersetshire, England, son of James and Jennie (Wilcox) Toogood; emigrated with his parents to America, arriving at Skaneateles, Onondaga Co., N. Y., in May, 1832; remained until 1840 attending school, and when strong enough assisting his father on the farm in Summer; removed with parents to Lysander, Onondago Co., in 1840, working on his father's farm; parents having died, removed to Delaware Co., Ia., January 1855, and settled at Burrington, now Manchester,and in connection with Francis Bethel, built the first hotel on the town site, on the northwest cornner of Franklin and Main streets, naming it the "Clarence House," after a hotel of that name in England; remained with Betell engaged in hotel business, farming, etc., and still resides on the spot where he first settled, keeping thesame hotel. Married April 4, 1861, Miss Laura A. Peck, born at Otsego, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1836; children -- Ella May, born February 1, 1862, died February 10, 1868; infant child, female, born April 25, 1864, died April 27, 1864; Mattie Belle, born June 21, 1865; Harry Peck, born June 21, 1867; Charles Clarence, Born Dec. 15, 1868; Jennie May, born Nov. 21, 1870; Frank Howard, born Nov. 8, 1875. Miss Peck was one of the early schook teachers of Delaware; taught at Delaware Centre (Acersville), in the Spring of 1856, and in the Spring of 1857 at Burrington, and 1858 at Coffin's Grove; afterward taught one Winter on Buffalo Creek, Buchanan Co.

Torrey, Charles O.

of the firm Torrey & Jones, Manufacturers of & Dealers in Furniture, Coffins, Caskets, and the Van Vleck Bed Spring, Franklin street; was born in Genesee County, N. Y., July 8, 1836. At the age of 6 years he went to Vermont, residing there until 17 years old, when he emigrated to Kane County, Ill., and in the Spring of 1855, cam to this Co. He married Susan A. Roe, Nov. 5, 1859; she was born in Berrien Co., Mich. Feb. 23, 1841. Mr. T. enlisted in the 27th I. V. I., serving three years.

Townsend, Samuel D.

Farmer, Sec. 10; was born in Erving's Grant, Franklin Co., Mass., July 9, 1829. Moved to Broom, Canada, September, 1845, and married Louisa French November 22, 1848, who was born in Shefford, Canada East, July 7, 1830. About 1850 , moved to Stephenson Co., Ill.; in July, 1853, when to Jones County, Iowa; in May, 1862, came to this county; in April, 1865, settled on his present farm.  Their children are -- Amaria H., born Sept. 1, 1849, and died Oct. 29, 1850; Martha E., born April 20, 1851, and died Sept. 11, 1871; Aaron W., Dec. 18, 1853; Alvin, April 3, 1855; Laura E., Feb.  10, 1861, and died Feb. 1, 1863; and Victor A. H.,  April 9, 1865.

Towslee, John


Trenchard, N. G.

Harness Maker

Trenchard, S. W. Carpenter

Truby, George


Turner, Salem


Tush, Elwood

Cabinet Maker

~ U ~

Underwood, Geo.

Carpenter, Sec. 3

Underwood, O. A.


Underwood, Silas S.

Farmer, Sec. 2; born in Sandersfield, Mass., Feb. 9, 1803; with parents moved to Delaware Co., N. Y., where he married Catherine Love, Nov. 1, 1838, who was born in Ireland, Feb. 3, 1812; came from Delaware Co. to this  county, arriving June 30, 1855, settling on his present farm of 120 acres.

Utley, G. H.


~ V ~

Van Anda Salue, G.

Attorney at Law; born in Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa., April 20, 1835; in 1851, he entered the Ohio Wesleyan University at Delaware, Ohio, graduating in 1854; during his junior and senior years, he read law with Hon. Charles Switzer and W. P. Reed, and admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of Ohio by Hon. --- Ranney, Chief Justice of the State in 1855; entered into partnership in the law profession with Hon. Robert B. Mitchell, and came to this county the same year, first settling in Delhi, and enlisted as Major of the 21st Iowa Vol. Inf. in 1862, and promoted to Lieut. Col. May 22, 1863, commanding the regiment until mustered out; married Lydia B. Weatherby, Dec. 19, 1859, who was born in Knox Co., Ohio, Feb. 16, 1837.

Van Antwerp, Jacob


Van Antwerp, R. J.


Van Deusen, Mathew


Van Vleck, Geo. E.


Van Vleck, Henry


Vibbard, Samuel


Vincent, G. O.

Flour and Feed

~ W ~

Walter& Weidman

Firm of Walter & Weidman Photographers, over Ford Bros'. store on Franklin street. Harvey L. Walter, the senior partner of the firm, was born in Fayette Co., O., July 5, 1833. Came to the West in 1853; married Mary A. Fuller in 1864. Came to Manchester in 1871. Having two children. W. L. Weidman, the junior partner, was born in Lysander, Onondaga Co., N. Y., Sept. 13, 1853. Moved to Rockford, Ill., with parents in 1855. Came to Manchester in 1870, where he married Mattie Doyle, of Richland Tp., this county, Dec. 16, 1877.

Walters, I. L.


Walworth, J. C.


Ward, C. J.


Warner, Daniel

Farmer, Sec. 13; born in Williams Co., Ohio, April 8, 1843; emigrated to Kane Co., Ill., where he married Mary Jane Sheldon, April 1, 1867, who was born in Kane Co., Ill., Jan. 28, 1845; came from Kane Co. to this in April, 1866, settling on his present farm of 200 acres; Caleb Warner, his father, who was born in Weston, Oneida Co., N.Y., Nov. 23, 1805, moved to Oswego Co., N. Y. and then to Williams Co., Ohio, and is now residing with his sone; Nevada B. is Mr. Warner's only child.

Warner, M. O.


Wasson, T.


Webber, Charles


Webber, C. H.


Webber, G. W.


Webber, J. G.


Welderlin, John

Farmer, Sec. 2

Wellman, Jay


Wheeler, J. A.


White, J. J.

Eating House

White, W. C.


Whiting, L. M.


Whitman, Charles


Whitman, Henry


Whitman, John


Whitman, Mark

Blacksmith and Wagon Manufacturing, Fayette st.; born in St. Joseph Co., Ind. July 16, 1845; he, with his parents, emigrted to this Co., first settling in what is known as Yankee Settlement, and came to this city in the Spring of 1860; commenced his present business in 1861, and is now doing business under the firm name of Whitman, Hamlin & Co., married M. E. Wilson, November 23, 1867; she was born in Jefferson Co., Pa., November 18, 1848. Mr. W. enlisted in the 7th Ia. V. C., July 26, 1864, serving until the close of the war; Edith M. and Ernest L. are their children.

Whitney, C. W.


Whitney, H. F.


Wilcox, W. M.


Wilder, A. M.

Renter, Sec. 34

Williams, J. R.

Farmer, Sec. 6

Wilson, J. P.


Wilson, J. S.


Wilson, Samuel

Boot Maker

Wilson, Thos.


Winnestofer, Barnhardt

Brick Maker

Wise, George E.

Farmer, Sec. 9; born in Tomkins Co., N. Y., Jan. 11, 1831. Married Ann E. Townsend March 14, 1854, who was born in Tompkins. Co., Sept. 15, 1833. They were married and resided in their native county until 1873, when they came to this county, arriving in March, and bought their present farm, which is bordered by Honey Creek, and consisting of 200 acres.

Wolcott, Nelson J.

Dealer in Lumber and Farm Implements; was bprn in Livingston Co., N. Y., May 8, 1832. In 1852, he went to Austrailia for gold, and after six months in the mines he went to Peru, where he joined a company prospecting for gold on the head waters of the Amazon River, remaining four months in that country and various parts of Peru and Chili; thence to San Francisco, Cal., via Panama, in which State he remained four years and six months, engaged in miining. returned to his native county and State, August 1, 1858, where he married Elsie N. Riggs, Sept. 29, 1859. She was born in Livingston Co., N. Y., March 27, 1830. In the Spring of 1861, the emigrated to this county, settling in Hazel Green Tp., and in 1870 came to this city, engaging in his present business.

Wolff, A..


Wolff, L.


Work, Amasa


Wright, W. W.


~ Y ~

Yoran, Calvin

Attorney at Law



~ source: History of Delaware County, Iowa, Published by Western Historical Company, Successors to H. F. Kett & Co., Chicago., Illinois, 1878. page 589-595

~ contributed by: Debbie Clough Gerischer for Delaware County IAGenWeb