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Delaware County, Iowa

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History of Delaware County, 1878

Delaware Township


History of Delaware County, Iowa,, Page 577- 589

Published by Western Historical Co., Chicago, Illinois. 1878


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~ H ~

Hadley, J. C.


Hageman, John


Haker, Edmonds


Hale, N. G.


Hale, N. T.


Hamblin, Enos

of the Firm of Whitman, Hamblin & Co., Blacksmiths and Wagon Manufacturers, Fayette st.; was born in St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., Oct. 10, 1830. Married Hester A. Noble, July 4, 1858. She was born in Montville, Geauga Co., Ohio, March 3, 1835. In 1856, came to this county, first settling in Delhi, residing six months, then to Dyersville; moved to this city soon after, and entered the above firm about one year since. Has five children.

Hamblin, John

Meat Market

Hamlin, Henry F.

 born in Smithport, Mckean County, Penn., April 14, 1834; moved to Belvidere, Boone County, Ill., Sept. 1, 1845; moved to Forestville, Delaware County, March 15, 1856, and started the first store of any consequence, under the firm name of Hamlin & Son; moved to Manchester Feb. 20, 1862. Married Miss Hattie A. Clark, at Belvidere, Ill., Sept. 7, 1857; they have three children --- Frank H., Charles F. and Clare Forrest, aged respectively, 20, 16 and 10 years. Is now engaged in mercantile business with Riddell Bros.

Harris, George


Harris, I. N.

Saloon Keeper

Harris, Orange


Hartson, George

Laborer, Sec. 2

Hartson, Isaac


Haskell, H. B.


Hayes, John B.


Heath, J. C.


Heath, John


Hempstead, John

Farmer, Sec. 11, Farmer, Sec. 11; born in Verona, Oneida Co., N. Y., Nov 13, 1822; his parents moved to Chautauqua County in 1833, where he was engaged in farming; in 1850, emigrated to Dodge Co., Wis., and then came to this county, arriving in Oct., 1854, settling on Sec. 16, where he married Lucinda Wilcox, Feb. 22, 1859, who was born in Ripley; moved on their present farm in 1868; one child -- Mary R.

Henry, J. J.


Herrick, W. D.


Hesner, Andrew J.

Farmer, Sec. 8; born in Rock Co., Wis., Jan. 11, 1849; came from Rock County to Clayton Co., Iowa, when two years old, with his parents, and to this county in the Fall of 1871, where he married Maria Hetherington Jan. 2, 1871; she was born in Rock Co., Wis., Feb. 20, 1848; they moved on their present farm, on which he has made valuable improvements.

Hetherington, Amos

Farmer, Sec. 7; was born in Delaware Co., Iowa, June 1, 1856; his father, Thomas Hetherington, came to this county twenty-five years ago, and is one of the old settlers of this county; Amos and Asher, twin brothers, with their mother Susannah, are residing on the farm; Matilda, Mary and Amanda are his sisters.

Hetherington, Thos.

Retired Farmer

Heys, G. H.


Higman, J. B.

Renter, Sec. 23

Hills, Levi


Hoag, Egbert

Mill Owner

Hoag, J. J.

Mill Owner

Hollister, A. A.

Farmer, Sec. 4

Hollister, G. F.


Hollister, Geo F.


Hollister, William H.

Farmer, Sec. 9; born in Warsaw, Wyoming Co., N. Y., March 23, 1830; he with his parents, moved to Chautauqua Co., N. Y., in 1840. Here he married Margaret E. Wilcox, January 10, 1849; who was born in Mayville, Chautauqua County, N. Y., July 27, 1832. They moved to Portland, Chautauqua Co., but after three years emigrated to Boone County, Ill.; in April 4, 1855, they came to this county, settling on their present farm, on which they have made good improvements.

Holmes, H. R.

Boot maker

Holmes, Theodore

Mill Owner, Mill Owner, in Millheim, Sec. 3; was born in Seneca Co., Ohio, April 24, 1828; moved to DeKalb Co., Ind., in 1842, and to La Porte Co., Ind., in 1846. Came to this county, settling in Honey Creek Township in 1860. Married C. Matilda Hutson Oct. 9. 1862, who was born in this county March 25, 1842.

Hooker, Benj.


Hoosner, J. C.


Hornby, John


Howland, Ira

Farmer, Sec. 32; born in Grafton Co., N. H., Oct. 9, 1817. In this county he married Tirzah Cooley, Jan. 26, 1843, who was born in Grafton Co., N. H., Feb. 16, 1822. Lived in their native county until March, 1959, when they emigrated to Janesville, Wis., and in March, 1865, again emigrated to this county, settling on their present farm. Have three children living.

Howland, R. W.


Hoyt, Hiram

Firm of Grange & Hoyt, Dealers in Groceries, etc., Franklin street. Was born in Essex Co., Vt., on May 27, 1838. When eight years old, he moved, with parents, to Coos Co., . H., and in the Spring of 1858 came to this State, first settling in West Union, Fayette Co., Ia., and in 1860 went on a tour for a location farther west, but returned, settling in this city Oct. 15, 1864. He is engaged in buying live stock and grain, giving his entire attention to that business. Married Etna P. Loomis, daughter of a. R. Loomis, daughter of A. R. Loomis, Dec. 9, 1868, She was born in Georgia, Vt.

Hoyt, S. M.

Farmer, Sec. 3

Hulbert, Philetus


Hulbert, W. A.


Huling, A. C.


Husted, Charles

Attorney at Law

Hutchinson, Henry


Hutchinson, Jos.

Capitalist, office in City Hall Block, Franklin st.; was born in London, England, May 11, 1852; came to this county in June, 1856, first settling in Dyersville, Dubuque Co., Iowa; one year from the following Sept. he came to this city.

Hutson, J. C.

Farmer, Section 1

Hutson, Mathew D.

Farmer, Sec. 1; born in Delaware Co., Iowa, Aug. 8, 1845; enlisted in the 11th Mo. Cav., Co. B, on Feb. 1, 1852 [sic, should be 1862] and was engaged in the battles at Prairie Grove, Helena and Brownsville, Ark., Vicksburg and Jackson, Tenn.; honorably discharged, Aug. 12, 1865; he married Adelaide J. Rowley, Oct. 28, 1868, who was born in Dane Co., Wis., Feb. 14, 1851. Mr. Hutchinson [sic, should read Hutson] is a son of the third settler in this Co.

~ I ~

Irons, Frank


~ J ~

Jewell, B. Wood


Johnston, D. L.


Johnston, J. F.


Johnston, N. H.

Farmer, Sec. 7

Jones, David W.

Proprietor of the Manchester Woolen Mills; was born in South Wales, Great Britain, Sept. 27, 1821; married Margaret Davis Sept. 27, 1842, who was born in South Wales Jan. 14, 1820; they immigrated to this county in April, 1843, coming in a sailing vessel, via Liverpool, arriving in New York Mat 20, 1843, and in due time settled in Montgomery Co., Pa.; after one year's residence, they moved to Newton Falls, Trumbull Co., Ohio, engaging in his present business; came to this county in April, 1854, settling on a farm in Sec. 16; in 1864, he sold out, and commenced building one of his present fine woolen mills in 1865; a complete history is given in this work.

Jones, Josiah S.

Son of D. W. Jones; was born in Newton Falls, Trumbull Co., Ohio, Dec. 16, 1854; came to this county with his father, in April 1854, and has been engaged with him as assistant in the woolen mills, he Proprietor of the Manchester Woolen Mills; he married, in this county, Della Sly, June 6, 1876; she was born in  Henrietta, Lorain Co., Ohio, June 23, 1857; they have one child.

Jones, William B.

Woolen Mills, Manchester; was born in Philadelphia, Pa., July 9, 1843; came to this county with his father, in April 1854, and has been engaged with his father in all his pursuits in business; married Jennie Tarbox April 14, 1867; she was born in Eureka, Wis., April 14, 1849; children -- Lettie May, Lester D., Charles W., Maggie L. and Stephen D. W.

Jones, W. S.


June, L. E.


~ K ~

Kaltenbach, Fred

Farmer, Sec. 2

Kaltenbach, Jacob

Laborer, Sec. 3

Kaltenbach, John

Farmer, Sec. 2; born in Baden, Germany, March 11, 1808; married Mary Hermon June, 1826, who was born in Germany Aug. 1809. They came to America in 1834, settling in Wayne Co., Ohio, and in 1842, moved to Monroe, Green Co., Wis.; left March, 1852, coming to this county, settling in this township, in Sec. 3, where he built a saw mill, and which, in 1864, he constructed into a grist-mill. John Welterlin, his son-in-law, who resides with him, was born in France Feb. 20, 1830, came to this country in 1852, settling in Milwaukee, Wis., and in May following came to Dubuque, and in Aug., 1854, came to this county.

Kaltenbach, Samuel

Manufacturer of Butter Tubs, Barrels, etc., Franklin st.; was born in Crawford Co., Ohio, Sept. 28, 1843; when two years old, his parents moved to Green Co., Wis., and in the Spring of 1853, came to this township; he enlisted in Co. F., 12th I. V. I., in 1861,serving three years; was in the battles of Corinth, Fort Donelson, Fort Henry, Jackson, Miss., Vicksburg, Jackson Tenn., and Black River; commenced business in this city in 1868; married Mary Morris, July 1, 1876; she was born in Wales, Oct. 29, 1849.

Keagy, C. W.


Keller, Ben. H.

Manufacturer and Retail Dealer in Boots and Shoes, Franklin st.; was born in Auburn, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1829; in 1846, he went to Seneca Falls, N. Y., where he married Lucy A. Barr, on Jan. 1, 1850, who was born in Chenango Co., N. Y., March 16, 182-; they went to Cuba, N. Y., from which place they came to this county, arriving April 15, 1856,. commencing his present business about that time.

Kelley, R. A.


Kelsey, J. L.

Depot Agent

Kelsey, J. W.


Kennedy, J. D.

Retired Farmer

Kennedy, J. W.

Wagon Manufacturer

Kennedy, J. W.

was born in Nova Scotia Sept. 9, 1839. Came to this country in 1862, settling in McGregor, Ia.; came to this county in March, 1875, and was in partnership with his brother for three years.

Kennedy, R. G.

Manufacturer of Wagons, Buggies, Phaetons and repairing promptly done, located lower part of Franklin street; was born in Nova Scotia, Oct. 15, 1848; came to this country in October, 1866, settling in Austin, Minn., and then came to this county in March 1867. He married Frances H. Purdy Sept. He married Frances H. Purdy Sept. 15, 1870; she was born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y.

Kenney, A.


Kenny, Silas


Kent, Joseph


Kenyon, Wm. G.

Firm of Kenyon & Stewart, Dealers in Groceries, Crockery & Purchasers of Produce, Franklin street; was born in Jefferson Co., N.Y., Aug. 3, 1836; went to Oswego, N. Y., when quite young, and at the age of 20 he emigrated to this state, first settling in Dubuque; then west to Colorado Territory for three years; then he came to this county in December, 1862, first settling in this city. Married Mary E. Marvin Dec. 31, 1862. She was born in Battle Creek, Michigan., Oct. 31, 1842.

Kerr, John

Proprietor of the Manchester House, corner Delaware and Madison streets; was born in Ireland and emigrated to this country, first settling in Pittsburgh, but after one year came to this county and engaged in his present business. His rates to transients are one dollar per day. In connection with the house is a commodious barn, where people will find good protection from the storm and feed for their horses at the lowest possible prices.

King, C.


King, M. S.


Kinney, M. H.


Kinney, T. C.

Horse farrier

Klonus, Fred


Knapp, Wm.


Knickerbocker, Smith


Kresser, Hugo


~ L ~

Lawman, J. B.

Harness Maker

Lawrence, Newton P.

of the firm of Lawrence & Lister, Dealers in Hardware, corner of Franklin and Main sts., was born in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio,  March 12, 1843. When 12 years of age, his parents moved to Rockford, Ill., where he married Helen Tisdale, March 28, 1867, who was born in Steuben Co., N. Y., April 20, 1843, and in April, 1868, they emigrated to this county, first settling near this city. Mr. L. has been engaged in farming, painting and clerking, until April 1877, when he commenced his present business.

Lawrence, S. S. Farmer, Sec. 8
Lee, J. H. Laborer
LeRoy, M. F. Attorney at law, whose portrait appears in this work, was born in Manchester, Dearborne Co., Ind., Jan. 16; he then went to Illinois, and remained there attending school to the age of 16; he then went to Illinois, and having taken a course in the Commercial Department of "Clark Seminary, " graduating in the year 1867; the same year he came to Manchester, Iowa, and after remaining about a year, returned to Moore's Hill, Ind., graduating from Moore's Hill College with the degree of B. S.; in 1869, he attended the State University of Iowa, at Iowa City, and graduated from the Law Department June 24, 1870, with the degree of LL. B., with the right  to practice in all the courts of Iowa; in July of the same year, he returned to Manchester, Iowa, as Cashier of the "Manchester Bank, " and commenced the practice of law, and on the 5th of November, 1873, formed a copartnership in the law business with Chas. E. Bronson, and as such has continued up to the present time, having built up a very large and lucrative practice. He married Miss Jennie P. Loomis, in Manchester, Iowa, June 2, 1874; she was born in e Kalb Co., Jan. 31, 1854; they have two children --- Dora M., born May 14, 1875, and Alma M., born Aug. 24, 1877.

Lewis, C. C.


Lewis, David R. & Bro.,

Dealers in Jewelry, Franklin street;  was born in Little Falls, N. Y., May 14, 1832. In 1850, he came to Waukegan, Lake Co., Ill., and from there to this county in June, 1857, where he married Kittie Manning, who  was born in Andover, Mass., on April 1, 1844. Chas. C. Lewis, the senior member of the firm, was born in Schenectady, N. Y., on June 4, 1839, and came to this county in 1855. The first jewelry store opened in this city was run by David in the building now occupied by Levi Hills and owned by Mrs. Geo. Toogood.

Lillagar, Harry S.

Clerk Clarence House; born in Huntsville, Ala., July 4, 1847; removed with his parents to Hampton, Va., in 1852, where he attended school; his father died in 1858; removed with his mother to Philadelphia in 1859; went to Fowling Creek in 1860; returned to Hampton in the Spring of 1861, arriving just as the war broke out; was one of the party of about fifty young fellows who helped to sink the United States ships of war Columbia, Merrimac, Raritan, Columbia, Plymouth, Germantown, Dolphin and United States in Portsmouth (Virginia) Harbor, April 20, 1861, was one of the squad who scuttled the Columbia; the party were known, and the United States Marshals too numerous for comfort; Harry escaped by crawling into the coal bin of the steamer Georgiana, from Norfolk to Baltimore; at Baltimore, happening to see in the street a man supposed to be a United States Marshal from Portsmouth, he became badly scared and left for Havre de Grace in the first train, crossed the country on foot to Smyrna, Del., thence to Bridgeville; here he met an old classmate, William Cannon, son of Gov. Cannon, of Delaware, who was about raising a regiment of cavalry for Union service; young Cannon suggested to Harry that he should aid him in recruiting a company for the regiment; he gladly accepted the proposition as escape from the dreaded Marshals, and feeling much relieved, Harry aided in raising Company B, enlisted in it as a private, was with Sheridan's command in the Shenandoah Valley, and fighting Mosby and Harry Gilmore until the Spring of 1863, was ordered to Baltimore and captured by Stewart's Cavalry on the Westminster turnpike, twenty-five miles from Baltimore in June; had just drawn a new shit, and was stripped by his captors of everything except shirt and stockings, and in this condition was marched to York, Pa., and was prisoner of war at Columbia, Pa., when the battle of Gettysburg was fought; soon after was picked up by Union patrols and sent to his regiment at Washington. In the battle at Smoky Hollow, in the Fall of 1863, his leg was broken by a wounded horse running against an artillery wheel, and went into hospital at Alexandria; in the Spring of 1864, his regiment was dismounted and attached to First Brigade, First Davison, Sixth Army Corps; was in the memorable campaign of the Wilderness, battles of Cold Harbor and Petersburg, and received a bayonet wound in the left side, at the raid on the Weldon railroad, was sent to hospital at City Point, thence to Baltimore and Philadelphia, and rejoined his regiment at City Point in the Spring of 1865; ordered to Washington, and on the way the transport boats in tow sank in a storm, and Harry barely escaped to the steamer over the hawser. At Washington, his regiment was re-organized, and in a fight with Georgia cavalry, at Monocacy, received a saber cut over the left eye; mustered out as Second Lieutenant September, 1865, with only nineteen men of his company remaining out of 106. Went to Philadelphia immediately after discharge, and entered the service of the Hadden Manufacturing Company until 1868, when he went to St. Paul, Minn.; in 1870, leased Davison House, and remained until December 1873; made a trip to Philadelphia, and returned to Manchester in April, 1874, and became the popular Clerk of the Clarence House. Married, October, 1869, Miss Mary G. Fisher, daughter of Abel Fisher, of Philadelphia; two children -- Annie Fisher, born September, 1870; Mary G., born October, 1871, and died November, 1871; wife died Feb. 25,1874.  

Lister, George S.

of the firm of Lawrence & Lister, Dealers in Hardware, corner of Franklin and Main streets; was born in Canada, Dec. 13, 1851. His father, Henry Lister, was born in Liverpool, Eng., Nov. 7, 1820, and married Ann Lees, Jan. 14, 1844. She was born in Manchester, Eng., in May, 1821. In 1848, he moved to Canada, where George was born, and emigrated, to this country in 1855. George worked at Blacksmithing for three years. Commenced his present business in April, 1877. Married Ida E. Moore, April 3, 1878. She was born in Rockford, Ill., March 29, 1856. 

Lister, Henry


Logston, Joseph


Loomis, A. R.

Capitalist; was born at Milton, Chittendon Co., Vt., June 29, 1823, where he resided until he was 20 years of age, when he went to Dodge Co., Wis., and after remaining there one year, returned to Milton, Vt., in 1852, he moved to DeKalb Co., Ill., and was engaged in farming; in 1854, he came to Delaware Co., Iowa, and settled at Acersville, where he opened the first store in Delaware Township; the next year he moved his business to Manchester, where he several years afterward formed a copartnership, first as the firm of Loomis, Congan & Co., and again as Loomis & Cornish; he was also a member of the firm of Loomis and Coles, Commission Merchants in Chicago and Dubuque; he retired from the mercantile business in the year 1863; in 1868 he was engaged in the banking business under the name of Loomis & LeRoy, retiring from the business two years after. He was elected the first Mayor of Manchester, after its incorporation, in 1866. He married Phedora H. Parmelee Nov. 23, 1845; she was born at Colchester, Vt., Feb. 18, 1821; they have five children --- Ettie P., born July 8, 1847; Lora A., born Sept. 13, 1849; Alma L., born Jan. 11, 1852; Jennie P., born Jan. 31, 1854, and Loring R., born Aug. 29, 1859.

Loomis, A. R.

Butter Buyer

Loomis, Clark C.

Farmer, Sec.; born in Oneida Co., N. Y., Nov. 3, 1847; moved when quite young, with his parents, to Oswego, Co., N. Y.; in 1865 he came to this co., returning East, he married Lucy H. Beadle; she was born in Oswego Co., N. Y., June 23, 1850; two years ago, from this date (Feb., 1878), he bought and moved on his present farm of 160 acres; Cora and Mary J. are their children.

Loomis, Lewis A.

Dealer in Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Groceries and Purchaser of Butter, City Hall Block, Franklin st., was born at Milton, Chittendon Co., Vt., Sept. 21, 1821; married Mary F. Hartsen, April 2, 1843, who was born in Danville, Caledonia Co., Vt., Oct. 16, 1825; they emigrated from Vt., to this Co., in the summer of 1855, and after working at various employments incident to a new country, he embarked in the produce trade, in 1859, in a small way, and from it has grown up his present business.

Loomis, Oliver


Long, H. E.

Manufacturer of Wagons

Love, Allen


Lucas, Henry


Lukins, Joseph

Laborer, Sec. 3

~ Mc ~
McCarty Michael Laborer
McCollum, Fred Clerk
McCormick, Jas. Farmer, Sec. 27
McCreadie, G. E. Laborer
McCredie, John Laborer

McCrum, John

Farmer, Sec. 9; P. O. Colesburg

McDonald, Ichabod Laborer
McFarland, John Laborer
McIntosh, R. T. Marble worker
McIntosh, William Marble worker
McKay, J. F. Farmer
McLaughlin, James Laborer
~ M ~

Malone, Edward


Mansfield, J. M.


Marchant, Thos.


Marvin, R. M.

Agricultural Implement Dealer

Marvin, William


Mason, Delevan


Mason, Sanford


Martin, J. W.

Proprietor of the Martin House, near Ill., C. Depot; was born  Champaign Co., Ohio, August 20, 1820; emigrated to this county, arriving Sept. 20, 1842, coming with his step-mother and uncle; they settled in Ead's Grove, where he lived until 15 years  ago, when he came to this city; married Frances Frink, April 8, 1862; she was born in Woodstock, Vt., Dec. 20, 1830.

Martin, J. W.


Martin, Morris


Martin, W.


Mathew, E. F.


May, John W.

Farmer, Sec. 5; was born in Crawford Co., Pa., May 2, 1824; came to Boone Co., Ill., in 1844, and after six years' residence went to California, returning in four years to Boone Co., where he married Miranda Colvin Nov. 29, 1855, who was born in Erie Co., N. Y., July 27, 1835; in Jan. 1, 1856, the arrived in this county, settling on  their present farm; they started on a visit to Boone Co., OA., but while in Belvidere, their little daughter, Alice J., died and they returned home. Alice J., born Nov. 3, 1856, and died Oct 11, 1860. Twin boys, not named, born March 1, 1863, and died the same day; A. Jamie, born Jan. 10, 1864; Minnie, Nov. 22, 1868, are the births and deaths of their children.

Mead, Chauncey W.

Farmer, Sec. 16; born in St. Joseph Co., Ind., Feb. 8, 1835; married Ruth A. Eaton, July28, 1860; she was born in Cuba, Allegany Co., N. Y., Feb. 24, 1843; emigrated to this county in 1853, settling on his present farm with his father, Allen Mead, who died here Dec. 9, 1866; he was an old and respected citizen of this county.

Mead, G. W.

Farmer, Sec. 16

Mead, William

Farmer, Sec. 16; born in Dearborn Vo., Ind., June 7, 1826. Moved with parents, in 1834, to Henry Co., Ind., and to St. Joseph Co. in 1835. Married Louisa A. Webster, May 1, 1850, who was born in Cooperstown, Otsego Co., N. Y., June 30, 1828. They emigrated to Monticello, Jones Co., Iowa, in 1853, and were among the pioneer settlers of that county. Came to this county in the Spring of 1878, settling on their farm of 210 acres.

Merrill, G. E.


Merrill, W. F.


Merry, John F.

(of the firm of Merry & Goodell, Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes & Purchasers of  Butter, Franklin st.); born in Summit Co., Ohio, March 24, 1844. Came to this county in Oct. 1857; enlisted in the 21st Iowa V. I., in 1861, and again in  1864, in the 46th Iowa V. I. Commenced business in this city in 1868; married Emma J. Cattron, Nov. 26, 1866. She was born in Westville, La Porte Co., Ind., May 2, 1846. Mr. H. Goodell, the junior partner of the firm, was born in Westminster, Windham Co., Vt., July 1, 1837. When quite young, moved to Lowell, Mass., and to this county in 1858, first settling in Honey Creek, Tp., Enlisted in the 12th Iowa V. I. in 1864, serving one year. Came to this city in 1872. Married May 4, 1869, Margaret E. Nicholson, who was born in Pennsylvania Sept. 21, 1847.

Merwin, Henry M.

Farmer, Sec. 34; was born in Connecticut in 1820, and lived there until 1863, then came to Dubuque, Iowa, where he lived three years, when he came to this county; in 1860, was married to Alice Buckingham, of Connecticut; has seven children --- Lucy B., Charles M., Minnie A., Henry B., George M., Albert T., Francis M.; Republican; Methodist; owns 260 acres of land.

Meserve, S. E.


Millett, A. D.


Millett, C. G.

Farmer, Sec. 9

Millett, Lee S.


Mills, C. B.


Mohr, M. C.

Bridge Builder

Moore, Alonson O.

Clerk; was born in Troy, Bradford Co., Pa., Sept. 22, 1830; at the age of 15 years, he moved to Elmira, N. Y., residing there two years, and then to Corning and Hornellsville, where he married; emigrated to Rockford, Ill., where he resided eight years, and from there to Woodstock, Ill.; enlisted in the 95th Ill. V. I., serving three years; came to this county at the close of the war; married Huldah A. Cleaveland, Nov. 10, 1855; she was born in Steuben Co., N. Y., Sept. 18, 1835.

Moore, Mortimer


Morris, Thos.


Mosher, Geo.


Mosher, S. P.


Mosher, Tunis


Muckler, Francis O.

Farmer, Sec. 26; born in Lamoille County, Vt., Oc.t 26, 1835; at the age of 17, he moved to Middlesex Co., Mass., where he married Ellena M. Saurin, Oct. 9, 1858; who was born in Somerset Co., Mass., Aug. 3, 1837; emigrated to this county, settling in Milo in May, 1861, moved to Milwaukee, Wis., where they lived five years, when they returned to this county, settling in Manchester; came to his present farm in the Fall of 1876.

Munson, Hassel

Farmer, Sec. 8; was born in Westfield, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., Sept. 25, 1830;  emigrated to this county in March, 1854, settling in this township; married Carrie Eaton, Nov. 21, 1859, who was born in Allegany Co., N. Y., Sept. 28, 1841; moved o n their present farm in 1865; Freddie H. is their only child.

~ N~

Nelson, Joseph


Nethercutt, John

Nothing listed

Newcomb, C. H.


Newcomb, Edgar E.

Dentist, born in Susquehanna Co., Pa., May 4, 1846. Enlisted in Co., D, 50th Pa. V. I., in 1864, serving until the close of the war. Married Frances Wheelock, Oct. 4, 1865; she was born in Wyoming Co., Pa., April 10, 1846. They emigrated to this county, and have been engaged in farming until the past two years, which have been devoted to his profession. He took a trip, in 1872, through Nebraska and Kansas, looking at the country in view of future settling.

Newcomb, Enos farmer; Sec. 10

Newcomb, F. M.


Newcomb, Israel


Newcomb, Uri


Newham, J. W.


Nix, J. R.


Nobel, A. C.

Music Dealer

Noble, J. L.

Farmer, Sec. 22

Nugent, J. F.

Catholic Priest

~ O ~

O'Brien, P. R.

Cigar Manufacturer

O'Brien, Patrick


Ohl, John


Olcutt, Emery


Oliner, John

Harness Maker

Olmstead, E. S.


Orvis, F. W.


Otis, Clytus

Manufacturer of Harnesses

Otis, John

of the firm of John Otis & Son , Manufacturers of and Dealers in Harness, Saddles, Collars, etc.,  Franklin street; was born in Isle of Man. Sept. 20, 1808. Married Alice Futers, who was born in Newcastle, England, and died in 1859. Again married Rebecca Dow, who was  born in Ireland. In September, 1828, Mr. O., came to this country, first settling in Utica, N. Y.; but after one year went to Syracuse, N. Y.; then to Clyde and Buffalo, , N. Y.; then going to St. Catherine, Brantford and Hamilton, Canada. After which he emigrated to Michigan in 1838, and to this city in 1856; commenced business here in 1873.

~ P ~

Paddock, Daniel


Paddock, Edward


Palmer, H. S.


Parish, John

Renter, Sec. 7

Patrick, B. H.


Patton, W. H.

Renter, Sec. 25

Paxson, Charles

Banker, Franklin street; resides Madison street; born in Philadelphia County, Pa., Feb. 16, 1824; the youngest of three sons and four daughters of Charles and Mercy Paxton; removed with his parents to Franklin Township, Chester County, Pa., in the spring of 1831; remained at home on the farm until the Spring of 1851, when he removed to Cecil County, Md., and engaged in mercantile business with his brother Lewis; closed business there in the Spring of 1856, and formed a copartnership with his brother Lewis and brother-in-law W. S. Thompson, and W. H. Seeds, under the firm name of "Paxson, Thompson &Seeds;" removed to Dubuque with the other junior partner, Seeds and engaged in lumber business, under the same firm name; in the Fall of 1857, established a branch yard at Manchester, Iowa; removed permanently to Manchester the following Fall and engaged in mercantile business, also in the grain and live stock trade; in 1857, W. H. Thompson retired from the firm and they relinquished the lumber business; purchased one-half interest in the property known as Acers' Mill, and at once completed a new building, then in course of construction, giving it the name of the "Quaker Mill," which they soon had in successful operation; this mill was destroyed by fire May 6, 1869; purchased the interest of Mr. Acres, after the fire, and immediately proceeded to rebuild the present mill, which they still operate; in the Spring of 1872, Mr. Lewis Paxson retired from the firm, since which time the business has been transacted under the firm name of Paxson & Seeds; still continues in active business in milling, grain and live stock. In the Fall of 1851, was married to Sarah, daughter of Joseph and Deborah Chambers, of New Garden, Chester Co., Pa. Mrs. Paxson joined her husband in Dubuque in the Spring of 1857; had three children -- Deborah, Joseph C. and Lewis C.; the latter being the only one now living, the others having died in their infancy. Married Mary J., daughter of Thomas and Margaret Williams, of Pecatonica, Ill.; having had seven children --- Ellen M., Sarah, Anna, Susan, Charles H., Emma and Ruthanna; all are living, except Anna, who died in her third year. Has been identified with all the public enterprises of the town, having been a resident when it was in its infancy; has been a member of the School Board for the greater portion of the time for the last twenty years, and has been its President for a number of years; was a member of the first Town Council, and has served several times since; is a member of the present Board; was one of the original organizers of the Delaware County Bank, and has served as Vice President since its organization; has engaged several times in farming, in which he has been no less successful than in other pursuits.

Paxson, Lewis


Paxson, L. C.

Grain Buyer

Pentony, Henry

Harness Maker

Pentony, William


Percival, Henry


Peers, C. C.


Perkins, Charles

Cattle Buyer

Phillips, Jacob

Cabinet Maker

Pierce, Daniel


Pierce, G. G.


Pilkington, Peter


Pound, George F.

Farmer, Sec. 3; was born in Erie Co., N. Y., June 5, 1817; married Mary J, Johnson, Feb. 17, 1845; she was born in Boston, Erie Co., N. Y., Dec. 18, 1824, and died June 15, 1875; Mr. Pound moved to N. J. when 16 years old and after 7 years returned to N. Y.; came to this county in Sept. 27, 1861, settling in Adams Tp., Sec. 12, and came to this township in Sept., 1874; married to second wife, Mary E. Stone, on July 4, 1876, who was born in Dubuque Co., Iowa, July 15, 1848; owns 978 acres of land.

Pound, S. S.


Potter, D. S.

Farmer, Sec. 25; born in Saratoga Co., N. Y., May 2, 1824. When about three years old, he, with parents, moved to Granville, Washington Co., N. J., and at the age of six went to Erie Co., N. Y., where he married Laura A. Brayton, July 9, 1851. She was born in Washington Co., N. Y., Feb 5, 1829. They emigrated to this county on Sept. 27, 1851, fist settling on his present farm, consisting of 200 acres.

Potter, W. W.

Farmer, Sec. 35

Pullman, Nathaniel


Purdy, R. W.


Purvis, Anderson


Putnam, Henry H.

Farmer, Sec. 14; born in Lee, Oneida Co., N. Y., Jan. 6, 1833. In 1865, he came to this county, arriving in March. He afterward went to Cedar Co., where he married Elvira Stanclift, on Sept. 3, 1868, who was born in Collins, Erie Co., N. Y., Sept. 12, 1837. Herbert H. and Edward A. are their children. Rhoda Stanclift, mother of Mr. Putnam, was born March 1o, 1799, and resides a portion of her time with her daughter.

Putnam, S. W.


~ R ~

Radcliffe, John

Sewing Agent

Rann, H. L.

Editor Press (newspaper)

Raymond, Albert

Farmer, Sec. 5 Sec. 5; was born in Jackson Co., Mich., March 5, 1830; came from native Co. to this in June 1849, settling in this Township, where he married Matilda Scott, On Oct. 3, 1852; she was born in Schenectady, Schenectady Co., N. Y., July 24, 1834; they are among the old settlers of this Co.; Ella and Charles J. are their children.

Raymond, Augustine


Raymond, Augustus


Readon, Daniel


Reynolds, Benjamin H., MD

Physician & Surgeon, Franklin st.; was born in Green Co., N. Y., July 22, 1839; when about ten years old he moved to La Porte Co., Ind.; in 1860, moved to Kankakee Co., Ill., where he enlisted in the 76th Ill. V. I., in Aug., 1862, serving nearly three years; returning hoe after the war, he attended college at Ann Arbor, Mich., after which he came to this Co. in March, 1866, settling in Masonville; on March 6, 1872, he graduated and received his diploma from the Iowa State University; came to this city in 1873, where he has been engaged in the practice of medicine; married Jennie Peterson, in Ind., Feb. 9, 1865; she was born near Xenia, Green Co., Ohio.

Rich, Luke

Meat market

Riddell, Alex.


Riddell, D. F.


Riddle, William


Riddell Bros.

Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes & Purchasers of Produce, Butter a specialty, Main street; David F., Alexander and William are the members of the firm; David F. was born in St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. ; the two senior partners commenced business in this city in Sept., 1869, on Franklin street, doing a small business, but now have built, on Main street, a store 22x115 feet, and are one of the firms of the city.

Robbins, Joseph W., MD

was born in Medway, Norfolk Co., Mass., Nov. 12, 1809; went with his parents to Chenango Co., N. Y., at 1 year old, and in 1827, moved to Cortland Co., N. Y., and after residing in Cortland and Otsego Counties, he commenced the study of medicine in the Geneva Medical College, and graduated in 1843; practiced medicine in Cayuga Co., N. Y., nine years, and in 1852, came to this county, settling in Colesburg, and to this city in 1855; married in Cayuga Co., N. Y., Oct. 24, 1848, to Hepsiba M. Reeves, who was born in Milan, Cayuga Co., N. Y. , Jan. 27, 1829.

Robinson, Johnson

Farmer, Sec. 20; born in Ireland, Dec. 14, 1829; came to this county when about  20 years old, settling in Pittsburgh, Pa., where he married Mary Anderson in April, 1855, who was born in Ireland, Nov. 15, 1833; came to this county from Pittsburgh Nov. 3, 1854, settling in Prairie Township, and was the third settler in that township; came to his present farm of 205 acres in 1865. While living in Prairie Township, four of his children died in one week.

Robinson, T. T.

Horse Dealer

Rothschild, J.


Rowley, Alonzo

Blacksmith, Sec. 16;  was born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., Sept. 24, 1822. Married Huldy Jane Wilcox in New York, who died May 10, 1861. Married Sarah Ferris in February, 1862. Emigrated to this State settling in Fairfield, Jefferson County, in 1856; came to this county in the Spring of 1858.

Rowley, Cerenus

Farmer, Sec. 1

Rowley, Parker

Farmer, Sec. 11

Ruggles, H. M.

Agricultural Implements

Ruggles, Noble

Dealer in Agricultural Implements and General County Agent for Buckeye Reaper and Mower; was born in Broome Co., N. Y., April 12, 1821. In 1840 he moved to Athens, Bradford Co., Pa., where he married Elizabeth Morgan, May 20, 1847; she was born in Wysox, Bradford County, Pa., May 13, 1827. In 1857, he emigrated to Manchester, Ia.; in the Fall of 1858 he commenced building fanning-mills, and in the Spring of 1859 sold a Kirby reaper and mower, to A. R. Loomis, the first one shipped west of the Mississippi River. From this small trade grew out a business which exceeded $75,000 in 1869.

Rule, H. W.


Russell, Daniel, Rev.

Farmer, Sec. 34; was born in New York in 1824, and lived there until he was forty years old, at which time he came to this county; was Pastor of the Presbyterian Church thirty years, and officiated in Manchester five years; was married to Maria Hunter, of Steuben Co., N. Y., by which marriage he had two children -- Henry H. and Grace. In 1857, married Mrs. Mary J. Wood, of New York; they have five children -- Hanson W., Mary, Elizabeth, Herbert S. and Daniel. Republican; owns 281 acres of land.

Russell, J. R.


Russell, Wm.


Ryan, Dennis

Attorney at Law and Notary Public, was born in Salem Co., N. J., Aug. 9, 1847; his parents, Patrick and Margaret Ryan, emigrated from Ireland in 1844; and moved from Salem to Brooklyn, N. Y. in 1850, and moved from there to Iowa City, Iowa, in 1852, where Dennis  had to Buchanan Co., Iowa, where Dennis had to be content with a county school; in 1862, he went to St. Louis, Mo., and enlisted in the Civil Engineer Corps, and was sent from there to Duval's Bluff Ark., and there raised to the rank of Second Lieutenant in Oct. of that year under Capt. Windle' of the 21st Ill. Inf., under command of Gen. Shilor, in the 7th Army Corps; on April 13, 1875, he was honorably discharged, and came back to Delaware Co., stayed a short while and went to Ottawa, Ill., where he attended school until the Fall of 1867, when he returned to Delaware Co., and improved a farm, and worked the same for three years; then went to Chicago and worked at the carpenter trade; returned again to Delaware Co., Iowa, and commenced the study of law in the office of Griffin & Crosby on December 3, 1875, and was admitted to the bar on March 6, 1877, and is now permanently located at Manchester, Iowa 

Ryan, D. S.

Farmer Sec. 21

Ryan, Henry L.

Farmer, Sec. 21

Ryan, P. H.

School Teacher



~ source: History of Delaware County, Iowa, Published by Western Historical Company, Successors to H. F. Kett & Co., Chicago., Illinois, 1878. page 577-589

~ contributed by: Debbie Clough Gerischer for Delaware County IAGenWeb