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History of Delaware County, 1878

Delaware Township


History of Delaware County, Iowa,, Page 565-577

Published by Western Historical Co., Chicago, Illinois. 1878

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~ A ~

Abbott, A. J.


Abbott, Geo. W.


Abbott, J. T.


Abbott, Jared T.

Dentist, Franklin st.; was born in Homer, Cortland Co., N.Y., Jan. 2, 1824; when five years old his parents moved to Onondaga Co., where he resided 28 years, and where he married Frances L. Parmelee Jan. 24, 1850, who was born in New Berlin, Chenango Co., N. Y.; they moved to Dayton, Ohio, and two years thereafter went to Virginia, residing eight years, returning to Onondaga Co., N. Y.; Mr. Abbott enlisted as Captain of Company I, 185th N. Y. V. I., and was breveted Major; emigrated to Iowa in Fall of 1865, settling in Fort Dodge; went to New York City, but after eighteen months returned to this city.

Abbott, W. G.


Acers, George

Farmer, Sec. 17; born in Warren, Herkimer Co., N.Y., April 23, 1818; married Charlotte Scott April 23, 1848, who was born in Duanesburg, Schenectady Co., N.Y., July 6, 1828; after marriage they moved to Milford, Otsego Co., N.Y., from which place they emigrated to this county, arriving on June 7, 1850, settling in Manchester in Oct. 1853, they moved on their present farm of 280 acres; they are old pioneer settlers of this county, and to whom its historians are indebted for valuable facts.

Acres, Henry

Farmer and Capitalist; was born in Herkimer Co., N.Y. on March 21, 1816; he moved to Wayne Co., N.Y. in 1837; married Margaret N. Patterson on April 22, 1841; she was born in Orange Co., N.Y., June 18, 1820; immigrated to Jackson Co., Mich., and after four years residence they came to this Co., arriving in June 1850; Louisa Jane, Wm. H., Wilson, George S. are their children.

Adams, Ira P.

Of the firm of Adams Bros., Dealers in Hardware, Franklin st.; was born in Essex Co., Vt., July 1, 1832; when about seven years old he moved with his parents to Windsor Co., Vt., and in 1851 he went to Troy, N.Y., and after six years residence he emigrated to this Co., arriving in Jan 1857, and under the firm name of Adam & Butler, opened the first hardware store in this city; married Gracia Estabrook Jan. 5, 1858; she was born in Essex Co., N.Y., Nov. 5, 1830.

Adams, Lucius W.

Of the firm of Adams Bros., Dealers in Hardware, Franklin st.; was born in Windsor Co., Vt., Dec. 30, 1837; Came to Dubuque Co., Iowa, with his parents when fifteen years old; came to this Co. in the Spring of 1860, first settling in Prairie Township; married Celestia A. Benton Dec. 5, 1861, who was born in Friendship, Allegany Co., N.Y., May 7, 1844; they came to Manchester in the Spring of 1862; he was employed by his brother until the Spring of 1865, when he became one of the partners.

Adams, Trumbull

Retired Farmer, was born in the town of Cavendish, Windsor County, Vt., April 13, 1805; in April 1826, went to New York State, where he worked eight months, and returned to Vermont; in April, 1827, he moved to the city of New York, remaining three years and three months, and again returned to Vermont Jan. 5, 1831. Married Cynthia Tarbell who was born in Cavendish, Windsor Co., Vt., July 10, 1809. Emigrated to Dubuque Co., Iowa, returning to Vermont in November 1855; April1856, returned to Dubuque Co., Iowa, and in November 1867, went to N.Y., remaining until April, 1869,and then came to Manchester, Iowa, and has resided in this city and Prairie Township, with the exception of six months spent in Vermont in 1873.

Adams, W. T.

Hardware Merchant

Atkinson, Z. L.


Allen, Enoch


Allen, Lemuel


Allen, O. B.

Farmer, Sec. 11

Allen, R.

Farmer, Sec. 3

Ames, W. A.


Amsden, Benjamin M.

Congregationalist Minister; was born in Westfield, Chautauqua Co., N.Y., Dec. 18, 1818; resided in his native county until about 1840, when he entered the Western Reserve College, in Ohio, and after three years’ attendance he went to Williams College, where he graduated in 1846; after visiting New Orleans, he went to New Iberia, engaging as tutor in a planter’s family; returning to his native county he taught school, after which he attended the Theological Seminary at Oberlin, O., where he graduated, and went to Chautauqua Co., N.Y., laboring in the ministry three years; emigrated to Belvidere, Boone Co., Illinois, and in March 1854, came to this county, where he bought 40 acres of land, where a portion of Manchester now stands. Although he returned to Boone County, where he lived for a few years before permanently settling here, he was so often here and so closely allied to her interests, that this county was virtually his home from the above date. In Belvidere, Boone Co., Ill., he married Reliance Avery, Dec. 4, 1855, who was born in Susquehanna Co., Pa., March 18, 1832.

Amsden, Charles

Butter Buyer

Andrews, J. B.


Aucutt, Barnard

Farmer, Sec. 6; was born in Oneida Co. N. Y., April 22, 1846; came from native county to this, settling in Honey Creek Township. Married Nancy J. Hurd Sept. 26, 1868; she was born in Jefferson Co., N. Y., Sept. 27, 1845.

Aucutt, E. W.


Andrews, Joseph


Andrews, Lyman


Andrews, Nathaniel


Annis, W. W.

Farmer, Sec. 8

Atwater, F. J.


Ayers, L. L.

Born in Tridelphia, Morgan Co., Ohio, July 25, 1842; removed with his parents in the Fall of 1854 to Hobart, Ind., and in March, 1855, settled near Viroqua, Wis., at which town he began the printer's trade. Removed to Coffin's Grove, Delaware Co., in 1861; taught school three terms, and finished the printer's trade at Manchester; worked at Dubuque in 1866, purchased the Elkader Journal in the Fall of that year, and sold it in a few weeks; took charge of Delaware County Union in January, 1867, which he published till November, 1872; married Mrs. A. R. Burnside Jan. 1, 1868. Worked as compositor in Des Moines from March, 1873 to March 1874; mainly instrumental in establishing the Manchester Democrat in 1875, which he edited until May, 1878, from which position he has just retired. Has two daughters by brevet. 


~ B ~

Babcock, R. A.

Billiard Hall

Bailey, E. F.


Bailey, Joel, Honorable

Probably the oldest settler now living in Delaware County, and who for forty years has been closely identified with its growth, development and present prosperity, is a native of Middlefield, Otsego County, New York, he was born Jan. 6th, 1814, and is consequently now 61 years of age. By the death of his last surviving parent he was left and orphan at the age of 9 years; five years later when in his 15th year, he went to live with an older brother, who taught him the trade of making gun barrels; about this time he had an opportunity of studying surveying, which he gladly embraced, thus early securing a thorough knowledge of  this valuable profession, which has been of great service to him through life; in the Fall of 1835,  he left the scenes of his childhood's joys and sorrows, the dingy, smoky shop, where with blackened hands he had toiled many a weary hour, and traveling toward the sunset, landed in Milwaukee, when that now flourishing city was scarcely a respectable hamlet, and boarded through the Winter at the first hotel, which was in the first frame house built in that place, and was kept by a half-breed and his squaw wife; in the Spring of 1836, he attached himself to a party of Government engineers, and spent six months surveying on Rock River without seeing a single cabin, white settler or other signs of civilization.  In the Spring of 1837, he came to Iowa with a party of Government engineers, and assisted in surveying the south half of Delaware County, and parts of Dubuque and Buchanan, and in Jan., 1838, returned to Milwaukee. The following Spring, in company with John and Cyrus Keeler, who were from Delaware Co., New York, he returned to Delaware Co., Ia., where they made claims and built a cabin on the banks of the South Fork of the Maquoketa River, at what is now known as Bailey's Ford. They "backed it," as it was then called, and broke some twenty acres of prairie; the first breaking of any considerable amount at that time done in the county.  Their only neighbor within ten miles was J. W. Penn, who had made a claim some four or five miles east of them. Judge Bailey was active in the organization of Delaware County; was one of the committee who selected the location for the county seat, and the present town of Delhi, and was the first County Surveyor, which position he has repeatedly filled.  In April, 1844, he married Miss Arabella Coffin,  daughter of Judge Clement Coffin, of Coffin's Grove. This union was blessed with several children, their eldest, Clement James, being the first white child born in Milo Township. In 1849, he was employed in the Government survey on the Shellrock and Cedar Rivers in Iowa. Becoming infected with the California fever in 1850 , he made the overland trip with a four horse team from Council Bluffs to the coast in seventy-five days. He remained in California about one year and experienced the pleasures, privations and various vicissitudes of changing fortune, which were the common experience of all who in those early days visited that fabulous land of gold. He returned to Iowa in 1851, by the way of Panama, Kingston and New York. The next year he was elected School Fund Commissioner for Delaware Co., and during his term of office sold most of the school lands in the county. In the Summer of 1854, he was engaged in the Government survey on Root and Canon Rivers in Minnesota, and in 1855, in the northern part of Wisconsin on the head waters of the Chippewa River. That same Spring, he was commissioned Postmaster at Bailey's Ford, then a stopping place on the stage line from Dubuque to Independence. Since then he has held the office of County Treasurer, Recorder and County Judge, and has been twice elected Mayor of Manchester where he now resides. Judge Bailey is one of those genial, warm hearted men who are loved and respected by all who know them intimately and well. Two-thirds of his somewhat eventful life has been spent here, and could a more extended and minute account of his life-struggle be written, it would reveal many interesting incidents and a pretty accurate history of the progress and growth of the county which has so long been his home, and where he has freely given the vigorous strength of his youthful manhood and the more matured wisdom of advanced years in accelerating its development and securing its future prosperity.

Baldwin, D. W.

Nothing listed

Ballard, D. P.

Dealer in Horses and Retired Farmer; was born in Collins, Erie Co., N. Y., Oct. 22, 1826; at 11 years old , went to Cattaraugus Co. N. Y., and from there to Du Page Co., Ill., in 1855; in June of the following year, he came to this county, settling in Honey Creek, and to this city in Sept. 1870; married Jan. 1, 1850, Mary Lines, who was born in Boonesville, Oneida Co., N. Y. May 3, 1822, at the age of 12, moved to the town of New Albion, Cattaraugus Co. N. Y., with her parents.

Barnd, A.

Renter, Sec. 9

Barnerd, B. S.

Renter, Sec. 19

Barr, E. F.

Farmer, Sec. 20

Bates, Alex.


Bates, H. L.


Beardsley, A. L.

Agriculture Implements

Belknap, Joseph S.

Merchant and President Delaware County Bank; was born in Washington Co., Vt., Oct. 10, 1818; at the age of 18, he went to Uxbridge, Mass., commencing life by working by the month; the same Fall he went to Wethersfield, Vt., and then to Springfield, Vt., and to New York City; going South, he resided a short time in New Orleans, Mobile and St. Louis, and in May, 1840, he settled in Belvidere, Boon Co., Ill.; he came to this county , first taking up a claim in Yankee Settlement (now Edgewood); in 1862, he came to this city. Married, in Boone Co., Mariah E. Gibson, Oct. 21, 1845; she was born in Canada West Aug. 31, 1824.

Belknap, J. L.


Bethell, Francis

(Toogood & Bethell, Proprietors of Clarence House); born April 3, 1827, in Wedmore, Somersetshire, England; remained at home until the year 1850, when he came to America, and to Dyersville, Dubuque County, Iowa, where he remained until the Spring of 1854, when he went to Baldwinesville, N. Y., near Syracuse; returned to Dyersville in July of same year; visited the present site of Manchester with Judge James Dyer in December, 1854, and when Main and Franklin streets were laid out at that time he selected two lots in the Northwest angle of these streets, paying $25 for one and receiving the gift of the other, on condition of building a hotel thereon; returned to Dyersville Jan. 1, 1855, where he met Thomas Toogood, just arrived from New York, with whom, in March following, returned to Burrington and commenced building the Clarence House on the lots selected, completing a part during that Summer and building an addition the following year; has been a member of the firm of Toogood and Bethell, proprietors of the Clarence House, from that date to the present; the house was replaced with the present fine brick building in 1875; married at Auburn, N. Y., July 10, 1854, to Miss Jane Toogood, daughter of James and Jennie (Wilcox) Toogood, born near Wells, England, March 24, 1826; two children --- oldest, born in 1855, lived only 24 hours; Minnie, born Dec. 12, 1858, died November, 1964.

Billings, Albert


Blair, Amos S.

Attorney at Law; office over Delaware County Bank, Franklin street; was born in Perry, Genesee Co., (now Wyoming Co.), N. Y., on Aug 24, 1831; his parents moved to Lorain Co., Ohio, in 1835, and then to Huron Co., Ohio. At a session of the Supreme Court held in Perrysburg, Wood Co., Ohio, the subject of this sketch was admitted to the bar. In the Spring of 1854 emigrated to McGregor, Iowa, in Aug., 1856, and in May of the following year he returned to Ohio, where he married Laura Bloomer, on May 5, 1857; she was born in Sherman, Huron Co., Ohio, Aug. 20, 1836; in May 1857, they moved to Prairie du Chien, Wis., residing until the came to this county, which was on Oct. 16, 1858.

Blake, Alson H.

General Commission Merchant, Purchaser of Butter and Eggs; was born in Milton, Chittenden County, Vermont, October 14, 1840; married Frankie Granger, Sept. 21, 1865; she was born in Milton, Chittenden Co., Vt., July 13, 1844; in Feb., 1867, they emigrated to Volga City, Clayton Co., Iowa, where he was engaged in mercantile trade, and at which place he owns and controls a general store; in 1875 he came to this city, and in July, 1876, commenced his present business; does a business in this city of $140,000.00 per year; bought and shipped four car loads of butter in ten days in June, 1877; in August and September, same year, bought and shipped to New York 50,000 dozen eggs.

Blake, C. A.

Retired Merchant

Blanchard, Uri C.

Farmer, Sec. 1, P. O. Greeley; born in Onondaga Co., N. Y., April 26, 1814; emigrated to Perry Co., Ind., with parents in 1816, where he resided until he came to this Co. in April, 1846, and where he married Martha Hutson Feb. 3, 1854, who was born in Parke Co., Ind., May 22, 1834.

Blodgett, James


Bloodhurst, Sylvanus


Bloss, Clarence

Furniture Finisher

Bloss, M. F.


Bloss, W. H.


Boardman, J. R.


Boynton, Wm. N.

Jeweler and Dealer in Watches, Clocks and Musical Instruments, Main street; was born in Stephenson Co., Ill., April 23, 1842; married Julia Gaylord Feb. 16, 1870; she was born in Winnebago Co., Ill.; moved to Galena, Ill., residing there four years; came to this county Feb. 22, 1859, where he has been engaged in his present business.

Bradley, Charles C., M.D.

of the firm of Bradley & Sherman, office on Franklin street, was born in Allegany County, N.Y., May 5, 1842; enlisted in the 136th, N.Y.V.I., serving until the close of the war. Commenced the study of medicine in Rushford, Allegany Co., N. Y., 1860, and entered Bellevue Hospital Medical College, N.Y., Sept. 1, 1865; graduated Feb. 27, 1867. He married Cornelia L. Merritt Sept. 4, 1866; she was born in Angelic, Allegany County, N. Y., August 23, 1842. Came to this county June 20,1867, settling in this city.

Brady, Charles


Brazell, Charles

Nothing Listed

Bremner, Wm., Sr.


Bremner, Wm., Jr.


Briggs, Thomas


Bronson, Chas. E., Hon.

Mancheste, whose portrait appears in this work, was born in Lee Center, Oneida Co., N. Y., Nov. 21, 1841, his parents being early settlers of that county. In October, 1855, they moved to Iowa City, Iowa; their son Charles coming with them; while there, he attended school until the age of 20; in the Spring of 1864, he went to Chicago, and after pursuing a course of study in Bryant & Stratton's Commercial College, graduated from that institution in the Fall of the same year; he then returned to Iowa City, and studied law in the office of Fairall & Boal, and was admitted to the bar in 1866, immediately after he came to Manchester, where he has practiced his profession ever since, having acquired a large and lucrative practice. In the Fall of 1877, he was elected on the Democratic ticket to the Senate of Iowa, to fill a vacancy, for the term of two years; he was appointed one of the Senate Committee to investigate matters connected with the Iowa Penitentiary. Married Miss Jennie E. Sheldon, at Earlville, June 29, 1868; she was born in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, in December , 1848; they have five children, all boys --- Earl, Wirt, Lee, Byron and Henry.

Bronson, C. H.


Branson, Clark M.

Dealer in Singer Sewing Machine and Musical Instruments, was born in Oneida Co., N. Y., June 17, 1817. Moved in 1849, to Cuba, Allegany Co., N. Y., and after three years residence went to Camden, Oneida Co., N. Y.; in 1854 they went to Worcester Co., Mass.; emigrated to Iowa in 1855, settling in Iowa City, and May 20, 1865, came to this city where he has been engaged in his present business.

Brooks, G. E.


Brooks, Richard


Brooks, R. L.

Farmer, Sec. 34; was born in Otsego Co., N. Y., in 1837, and lived there until 1852, the moved to Michigan, where he remained five years, and then came to this county; married Lodiska C. Holcomb, of Pa., in 1861; owns 76 acres of land; Republican; Congregational

Brown, Henry

Farmer, Sec. 10

Brown, Peter


Brown, Seth

Boots and Shoes

Brown, Willis E.

Drugs, Stationary and Bookseller, Franklin street; was born in Kane Co., Ill., Sept. 4, 1842; he came from Kane Co., to this county in Aug. 1855, settling in Richland Township; came to this city in 1860, when he enlisted in the 21st I. V. I., in May 1862, and was honorably discharged in July, 1865. Married T. E. Warner May 16, 1866, who was born in Richmondville, Schoharie Co., N. Y., Sept. 25, 1845; Mr. Brown has been one of the City Councilmen for the past five years.

Brownell, George

Agent Meat Market

Brownell, H. W.


Bryne, Morris


Buckley, George R.

Dealer in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Doors, Sash, Blinds and Coal; office and yard near I. C. R. R. depot; born in Friendship, Allegany Co. N. Y., born. 4, 1824 in 1857, he went to Pa., where he learned the millwright trade, after which, in the Fall of 1859, he emigrated to Pike Co., Ill., where he was engaged in bridge building, in 1850 he went to the Chippewa River, Wis., but after three years returned to N. Y.; returning to the West he went to Minn., engaging in the lumber trade, and where he married Elizabeth J. Kelley, Oct. 9, 1856; she was born in N. H., in 1825; in 1861. Mr. Buckley enlisted in the 6th Minn. V. I., and  participated in the Fort Snelling massacre; he was discharged and went to Winona, Minn., and in 1863 entered the Quartermaster's Department at Chattanooga, but was soon appointed to superintend the building of the bridge at this point; he subsequently went to Atlanta, Ga., and Nashville, Tenn.; in 1865, he came to St. Louis; Mr. B. came to this State, first settling in Dubuque, Oct., 1867, became to this Co., settling in this city.   

Buller, J. M.

Hardware Dealer

Burdict, R. R.

Nothing Listed

Burgess, Wm.

Laborer, Sec. 3

Burnett, H. A.

Carriage Trimmer

Burnett, J. M.


Burnside, Chas.


Burrington, Dwight


Burrington, John H.

Retired Farmer

Burrington, Vernon


Bushnell, J. O.

Farmer, Sec. 14

Buhler, Max


Butler, Ira U.

Dealer in Hardware, Main street, was born in Owego, Tioga Co., N. Y., April 25, 1832; moved with parents when quite young to Erie, Pa., where he resided about five years after which he went to West Springfield, Pa., and in 1847, he emigrated to Conneaut, O. In 1850, he went to Milwaukee, Wis., and in 1853 went to Norwalk, Ohio; after moving to Chicago and Dubuque, Ia., he came to this county, arriving June 17, 1857, settling in this city.  He married Hattie M. Lowell, in August, 1859, who was born in Ontario County, N. Y., March 19, 1840.


~ C ~

Carkeek, T. T.

Carpenter and Builder

Carr, Edwin M.

Attorney at Law, City Hall Block, Franklin street, was born in Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., June 28, 1850; emigrated to this county from native county in August, 1857; attended State University of Iowa, at Iowa City; graduated in the law department June 25, 1872, at which time he was admitted to the Bar. Came to this city in April, 1872, and married Oct. 19, 1973, Emma C. Preussner, who was born in Chicago Sept. 5, 1852. Edward and Hubert are their children.

Carroll, M. J.


Carey, F. F.


Carpenter, C. H.


Carter, A. C.


Casterline, H. H.


Cates, F. A.


Cates, M. L.


Cattron, William

Merchant; was born in Washington Co., Ind., and when one year old his parents removed to Fountain Co., Ind., but after ten years moved to La Porte Co., Ind., but after years moved to La Porte Co., Ind., where he married Judith Eahart, April 9, 1843, who was born in Virginia Aug. 15, 1824. They emigrated to this country in May, 1854, settling in Oneida Township, opening the first store in Plum Spring (now Greeley) in 1855; in Dec., 1859, he moved to Earlville, and to this city in the Fall of 1863.

Chamberlain, John


Chapel, J. L.


Cawley, William C.

Postmaster; was born in Northampton Co., Pa, on Feb. 16, 1836; married Abby A. Milks June 5, 1860; she was born in Erie Co., Pa., on Aug. 22, 1843; Mr. Cawley went quite young, with parents to Union Co., Pa., and when 18 years old immigrated to Iowa, settling in Dyersville; came to this city in April 13, 1858; in 1869, he was appointed Postmaster, which office he now holds.

Chapel, E. H.


Cheney, A. B.

Nothing Listed

Chevalier, J. P.


Childs, Wattson

Farmer, Sec. 22; born in Leroy, Jefferson Co., N. Y., April 14, 1832; in 1842 he removed to Madison Co.,  and the following Spring to Oneida Co., where he resided until the Fall of 1854; emigrated to Earlville, La Salle Co., Ill., in 1855. The same year he went to Iowa, but returned to Ill., where he worked by the month and taught school until 1857, when he again came to Iowa, and to this county; the Winter of 1858-9 he spent in Chickasaw Co., Iowa, but again returned here. Married Priscilla Sheldon Nov. 10, 1859, who was born in Lee, Oneida Co., N. Y. , Sept. 13, 1833; they moved on their present farm in April, 1863, on which they have made all the improvements.

Clark, A. C.

Starch Factory

Clark, O. D.


Clemens, E. O.

Farmer, Sec. 4

Clough, J. A.


Clugston, James

Farmer, Sec. 12

Coffin, Clements

Deceased; was born in Edgarton, Martha's Vineyard, Mass., Aug. 25, 1706. He was the youngest child of Capt. Edy Coffin, and of the sixth generation in descent from Fristram Coffin, who emigrated from the County of Devon, England, and settled in Massachusetts, in the town of Newberry, now called Newburyport. The first English record is of Sir Richard Coffin, one of the Knights who came with William the Conquerer from Normandy, France. The race has always been remarkable for mental and physical ability, vigor and longevity. Capt. Coffin removed his family to Williamsburg, Hampshire Co., Mass., in May, 1801, and died there in 1821. His son, Clement, was married April 16, 1817, in Williamsburg, to Miss Susan Williams, of the same place, a lady of superior ability, both natural and acquired. They had eight children, three died in early childhood;  the others were Elizabeth Williams, wife of Henry Baker, who died in 1859; Arabella Gere, wife of Joel Bailey; Susan Corisandee, wife of Leader Keyes; Jerome Watson, and Sarah Ann Vincent, wife of Ray B. Griffin. The family removed to Michigan in 1835, settling on the disputed tract of land afterward ceded to Ohio, in what is now Fulton County, then Williams. In 1840, they came to Iowa, and settled in the grove that bears his name, and where Judge Coffin died, July 25, 1867. He was a man independent in his purposes and judgments, naturally of a noble nature, keen perceptions, quick in thought and expression, kind feelings, however unfavorably  manifested in sudden expressions, still kind, as many a house of sickness and heart of sorrow can testify; a man with traits nobler if sharper than common, Punctuality, activity, energy and fidelity in the discharge of his duties marked his character. He was the first Judge of Probate of Delaware County; was one of the first Board of Trustees appointed by the Legislature for the Agricultural College at Ames. Without soliciting it, was appointed Postmaster by President Taylor and held it many years, sending in his resignation, when, by reason of advancing years, the duties became a burden. In Politics he was a Democrat.       

Colman, L. A.

Retired Miller

Cummerford, Geo.


Conger, E. J.


Conger, E. R.


Conger, Henry M.

one of the firm of Conger Bros., Bankers; was born in Wyoming County, N.Y., March 31, 1832; when nine years old, he moved to Whitewater, Walworth County, Wis., and on Sept. 9, 1856, he married Cynthia L. Leffingwell, who was born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., June 25, 1832; the same year he came to this county, and in May of the following year engaged in Mercantile trade, continuing fifteen years; opened their present bank in Jan., 1875; has three children.

Conger, R. M.


Conley, J. F.


Connell, W. H.


Conner, Aaron


Conner, F. M.


Connery, John


Cooley, J. C.

Farmer, Sec. 32

Cooley, J. A.


Cooley, N. W.


Cooley, Ward C.

Deceased, born in Grafton County, N. H., July 31, 1813; married Sally W. Priest, February 23,  1837, who was born in Grafton Co., N. H., July 31, 1814; They emigrated to this Co., settling on their present farm, Dec. 2, 1859; here Mr. Cooley died Oct. 6, 1865. Sanford Mason, who was born in Chenango Co., N.Y., June 13, 1830, and married theirs second daughter, Rosetta, Aug. 8, 1866, resides with his mother-in-law on Sec.32.

Cooley, W. A.


Coon, Amos F.

Farmer, Sec. 23; born in Washington Co., N. Y., April 8, 1815; in Feb., 1817, he moved with his parents to Wyoming Co., where on Jan. 5, 1837, he married Susannah Wheeler, who was born in Otsego Co., N. Y. Sept. 9, 1808; they emigrated to Allen Co., Ind., in the Spring of 1837, and in the Spring of 1857, came to this Co., settling in this Township; owns 1,000 acres of land in this Co., Allen F. Coon, his son, was born in Allen Co., Ind., Oct 5, 1843, and married Delilah M. Andrews, Jan. 19, 1876; she was born in Allen Co., Ind., Sept. 15, 1851.

Coon, Allen F.

Farmer, Sec. 23

Coon, E. Spaulding

Farmer, Sec. 23; born in Allen Co., Ind., March 3, 1840; came to this Co. with his parents in the  Spring of 1857; he settled on and improved his present farm in 1866; married Sarah J. Hunt, April 26, 1862, who was born in La Porte Co., Ind., and died in this county; again married Ettie Coleson, June 17, 1877, who was born in Delaware Co., Iowa, May 18, 1857.

Cotton, Morrell

Druggist, was born in Cortland County, N. Y., March 30, 1835; in 1855,  he moved to Tioga County, Pa., where he was engaged in the lumber trade, after which he was employed by the Blossburg and Erie railroads. He married Ruana H. Weeks, in December, 1861; she was born in Northampton, Mass. They came to this, county, settling in this city in June, 1857. Have two children --- George M. and Emma J.

Covey, James H.

(Deceased), born in Cayuga County, N. y., November 3, 1810. Married Mary Berean January 13, 1840, who was born in Cayuga County, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1819. They resided in Venice, Scipio and Sempronius, Cayuga Co., N. Y.   and then emigrated to Seneca County, O., where they resided until Nov. 25, 1854, when they came to this county, settling in Manchester; came to their present farm, where Mr. Covey died Sept. 5, 1872.

Cronk, C. S.

Farmer, Sec. 34

Cronk, Oliver

Farmer, Sec. 19

Crosby, Chas. Stetson

Attorney at Law; born in Hampden, Penobscot Co., Maine, Oct. 2, 1824. Graduated at Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me., in the class of 1846; read law with Edward Kent and Jonas Cutting, lately Judges of Supreme Court of Maine; and at the Cambridge Law School in 1847-8; came to Manchester in 1857.

Crosby, P. S.


Crosby, Theophilus

Proprietor of Pleasant Hill Farm, Nursery and Garden, Sec. 32; was born in Franklin Co., Mass. July 12, 1812; married Abigail C. Thayer Oct. 26, 1936, who was born in Franklin Co., Mass., Aug. 28, 1813. The day they were married moved to Springfield, Mass. In 1837, they move to Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, going to Cleveland in 1846; from there they emigrated to this township, arriving October 26, 1853, settling in Ead's Grove Dec. 4; came to their present place in March, 1869.

Cross, O. M.

Book Agent

Crosier, S. O.



~ D ~

Davis, William G.

Farmer; formerly of this county; was born in Canada December 18, 1848; he came to this county with his parents, who now reside in Coffin's Grove Township, when quite young, and has been a resident of this place until recently. He married on March 19, 1875, Tinnie Stimpson, who was born in Climax, Kalamazoo Co., Mich., Feb. 18, 1855; she has been engaged in school teaching, a position she has faithfully filled, as she undoubtedly will all other avocations of life.

Day, Alvah


Day, Chas. H.

Express Agent

Day, H. M.

Commercial Agent

Denton, Nixson

(Deceased), whose portrait appears in this work, was born in Carlisle, Eng., April 4, 1832; emigrated with his parents to New York City when a boy. Here he received an excellent education, especially in mathematics. In 1850, he came to Chicago with his parents, and, upon the death of his father by cholera in 1857, sought employment as an engineer under R. R. Mason, who was then pioneering construction of the Illinois Central, but was obliged to accept a subordinate position until a vacancy occurred. He was engaged in the construction of the Illinois Central from Springfield to Dunleith. Mr. Denton was married at  Clinton, Ill., to Mary A. Magill Jan. 5, 1859. In 1856, as a partner in the contracting firm of Magill, Denton & Co., he began the construction of the contracting firm of Magill, Denton & Co., he began the construction of the Dubuque & Pacific Railroad, and continued as a contractor for the road until it was extended to Cedar Falls in 1859. He again became a partner in the firm that extended the same  road to Fort Dodge, and for several years after was engaged in various contracts, among them being a road from Cincinnati northward, the Dubuque  & Minnesota Road, and a branch of the Northwestern in Northern Michigan. Mr. Dention settled in Manchester in 1856, and when the town was incorporated in 1866, was elected a member of the Council, which place he held for two years. In 1866, when Congress passed the law organizing the Northern Pacific Railway Company, Mr. Denton was made one of the incorporators. He soon after visited Duluth, but being doubtful of the pecuniary results, allowed his opportunity to pass, even refusing $5000 for his place in the company. In 1866, in connection with J. E. Ainsworth, of Dubuque, he incorporated the Manchester Manufacturing Company, and built the shops the same year. Two or three years later, he became sole owner, and in 1877 transferred the property to the Delaware Manufacturing Company. In 1867, he began to improve the tract of land just west of Manchester, now called "Oak Grove Farm," and in the winter of 1873-4, he purchased most of the blooded stock formerly owned by R. A. Babbage, in Butler Co., and entered with zest upon the live stock business. In 1875, he again became a member of the Town Council, and the Silsby fire engine being purchased that year, it  was by common consent named "n. Denton," and the company organized to man it bears also the same name. Early Denton started to Brenham, Tex., with a number of Cattle and horses for sale, but being injured on the way -- the consequences of a sharp collision on a side track of another car with that in which he was traveling -- he died in Denison, Tex., Jan. 8, 1878, leaving a widow and four sons -- William M., Robert A., Fred H., and Harry R., and two daughters, Mary R. and Kate E. to deplore his untimely death. His remains were sent home and interred in Manchester Cemetery on the 14th, a procession of Manchester Lodge, A. F. and A. M., swelled in numbers by members of neighboring lodges, and the three fire companies escorted his remains to the grave. Mr. Denton was justly regarded as a most enterprising citizen, and liberal toward all deserving enterprises. He had accumulated a considerable fortune, and was a Director in the Delaware County Bank from its organization. Before closing this sketch it is but justice to him to state that, upon the death of his father, when he was but 19 years of age he undertook the charge and maintenance of his mother and family, a charge, in the words of his aged mother, "he faithfully and tenderly fulfilled, and he bears a noble record as a devoted son and a kind and considerate brother. May the Lord be his reward."

Dillion, Edward


Dillon, John J.


Dickinson, Rufus

Farmer, Sec. 12; born in Albany Co., N. Y., March14, 1826; came to this county in May 1853, locating land in the above Section, and then went to Kane Co., Ill., where he was occupied on a farm until the Fall of that year (1854), when he again came to this county, working by the month in Epworth and other places, until the following year, when he commenced the improvement of his farm and on which he has since resided.

Dodson, C. M.


Doggett, Simeon L.

Attorney at Law; was born in Charleston, S. C., March 29, 1829; in 1837, moved to Worcester Co., Mass., where he studied law and was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of that State in 1856; emigrated to this State May 28, 1857, settling in Dubuque, where he married Mary A. White, July 15, 1857, she was born in Pittsfield, Otsego Co., N. Y., Aug. 4, 1830; they came to this county in Aug., 1858; M. D. taught the select high school in this city from 1858 to 1864, and has been Mayor of this city five years.

Doolittle, W. J.

Wagon Maker

Dorman, Charles W.

Dentist, City Hall Block, Franklin street; was born in Schoharie Co., N. Y., Dec. 8, 1838; in 1856, he went to Jersey City, N. J., and to Delaware Co., N. Y. where he studied law, after which he crossed the plains to Pike's Peak and then to California, where he remained about five years, and in the meantime returned to N. Y., and married Helen F. Manchester March 27, 1864; she was born in Saratoga Co., N. Y., May 1, 1845; emigrated to the this State in 1867, crossing the plains from California, in a wagon with his wife and two children, settling in Fayette Co.; came to this county in April, 1872, commencing his present business. 

Dowd, John

Farmer, Sec. 1

Dubois, Abram, Sr.


Dubois, Abram, Jr.


Dudley, C. A.

Telegraph Operator

Dudley, Wm.

Renter, Sec. 31

Duffle, J. S.


Dunham, Abner

Farmer, Sec. 26; born in La Porte Co., Ind., Aug. 20, 1841; emigrated to this Co. in 1855, and the same year settled on his present farm of 80 acres. Enlisted in Co. F, 12th I. V. I., Sept. 24, 1861; engaged in battle at Fort Donelson and taken prisoner at Shiloh; after 6 months and 11 days he was paroled in Richmond, Va., and exchanged about Dec. 15, of that year; returning  to his company, he was promoted First Lieutenant, and engaged in battles at Vicksburg, White River, siege at Vicksburg, White River, siege at Nashville, Spanish Fort and Blakely; honorably discharged after the close of the war. Married Sophronia E. Boynton Sept. 15, 1869; she was born in Jo Daviess Co., Ill., Dec. 3, 1845. Mr. D. was elected Sheriff of this Co. in 1862, serving two terms.

Dunham, Ferdinand W.

Retired Farmer; born in Otsego Co., N. Y. Feb. 20, 1814; emigrated to La Porte, Ind., in 1839, where he married Angeline McCallum, Sept. 13, 1840, who was born in Otsego Co., N. Y. Aug. 6, 1814; she came to La Porte Co., Ind., in 1835; came from Ind. to this Co. in March, 1855, settling on Sec. 26; moved to this city in the Spring of 1869. Mr. Dunham is one of the Supervisors of this county.

Dunham, Obadiah A.

Farmer, Sec. 25; born in La Porte, La Porte Co., Ind., July 3, 1852; came to this Co. with his father, F. Dunham, in 1855, settling on Sec. 26; in 1869, he moved to Manchester, attending school and clerking for Congar Bros. and D. G. Eldredge. Married Florence S. Rea Jan. 12, 1875, who was born in Colony, Delaware Co., Iowa, May 28, 1854. They came to their present farm of 160 acres Jan. 20, 1875. Alton Ferdinand is their only child.

Dunlap, John


Durbon, J. W.

Prop. Merchants' Hotel, Main st.; was born in Cayuga Co., N. Y., April 22, 1817; when 15 years old he went to Genesee Co., N. Y.  Married Amanda Holenbeck in Feb., 1838, who was born in Berkshire Co., Mass., in 1820. After 27 years' residence in Genesee Co., they emigrated to Lenawee Co., Mich., and from there to this Co. in the Spring of 1865; built his present hotel, at a cost of $5,000, and occupied it in the Fall of 1874.

Dutton, Owen P.



~ E ~

Edmunds, James

Farmer, Sec. 22

Eaton, Charles B.

Manufacturer of and Dealer in Harness, Saddles and Collars, Main st.; was born in Livingston Co., N. Y. June 15, 1837. In 1844, he emigrated to Winnebago Co., Ill., settling in Rockford, where he married Martha Weidman, June 17, 1864, who was born in Lysander, N. Y.; she died Nov. 26, 1874. Mr. Eaton came to this Co. in 1865, settling in this city, where he has been engaged in his present business. Enlisted in the 11th I. V. I.

Edmunds, Henry L.

Farmer, Sec. 26; born in Dutchess Co., N. Y., July 20, 1824; when quite young, went to Oswego, N. Y., when in 1850, he went to California, but after three years returned to Oswego Co., N. Y. Married Eliza Platts Dec. 15, 1869; she was born in Ashton, Lancashire, England, May 12, 1832; Mr. Edmunds came to this county in Aug., 1853, settling on his present farm.

Edmunds, Stephen J.

Farmer, Sec. 22; born in Oswego Co., N. Y., May 29, 1838; emigrated to this county in Feb., 1854; settled on his present farm of 128 acres in Feb., 1858; married Phoebe A. Coon in April, 1862; she was born in Allen Co., Ind., and died Feb. 1, 1875; again married Bell M. Ross Feb. 14, 1877; she was born in Winfield Herkimer Co., N. Y., March 29, 1846; had six children by first marriage and one by second.

Eldridge, D. G.

Traveling Man

Eller, John

Stone Cutter

Emerson, Franklin

Retired farmer; was born in Erie Co., N. Y., May, 1814; after two years he moved to Racine, Wis., where he was engaged in trade with the Pottawatomies, and afterward helped them move to Council Bluffs, Iowa, after which he settled in Dubuque, Iowa, where he married Mary Wharton Dec. 23, 1841, who was born in Nenthead, Cumberland Co., Eng., Aug. 26, 1825; they resided in Dubuque four years, when they moved to Clayton Co.; in Oct., 1852, came to this county, settling in Richland Township; came to this city in April, 1877; was Sheriff of Clayton Co.

Estey, Silas

Milk Dealer

Estey, V. S.

Son of Silas Estey

Evans, Frank P.


Evans, Fred

Meat Market

Evans, R. H.


Evans, Samuel S.

Of the Firm of Evans & Rich, Meat Market, Main street, was born in Chittenden Co., Vt., Jan. 19, 1831; moved to Franklin Co., Vt., and married Cornelia Popple Sept. 20, 1854, who was born in Plattsburg, Clinton Co., N. Y., and after residing in Burke and other places in New York, they came to this county in 1864, settling in this city Frank P., Charles L. and Samuel S., are their children.  

Ewart, Robert M.

County Superintendent of Schools, was born in Belfast, Ireland, July 18, 1841; emigrated to this country with parents, arriving Nov. 12, 1866, settling in Sand Spring, this county, and has since resided at Hopkinton where he received his education at the Lenox Collegiate Institute. Elected to his present office in 1875, and re-elected in 1877. He married Minnie S. Dean March 28, 1877; she was born in Cascade, Dubuque Co., Iowa, Aug. 27, 1853. They date their residence in this city from October 1877.


~ F ~

Farr, H. P.

Renter, Sec. 30

Fenner, Calvin

Farmer, Sec. 11

Fenner, W. J.

Farmer, Sec. 11

Ferris, C. W.

Laborer, Sec. 10

Ferris, Daniel

Laborer, Sec. 10

Ferris, David P.

Farmer, Sec. 15, was born in Cuyahoga Co., O., July 8, 1816; his parents moved to Dearborn Co., Ind., when he was three months old, where he lived until 1826, and moved to St. Joseph Co., Ind. He married Hannah A. Cook Aug. 6, 1834, who was born in New York; she died Aug 12, 1839. Again, married Lucy Vaughn April 12, 1840, who was born in Dearborn Co., Ind., in 1818. They emigrated to this county in July, 1856, settling on his present farm, on which he has made all the improvements.

Ferris, Jay

Laborer, Sec. 10

Ferry, Lennon


Finch, D. H.


Finch, George


Finch, Warren


Fisk, L. H.


Flint, Francis


Flint, George D.

Manufacturer of Pork and Flour Barrels, Butter Firkins and Tubs, Churns, in fact, all kinds of Cooperage, upper part of Franklin st.; employs 60 hands, on an average. Was born in Medina Co., Ohio, April 11, 1847. In 1861, he immigrated to Steuben Co., Ind., where, in 1864, he enlisted in Co. G, 44th Ind. V. I., serving nearly two years. Came from the army to this Co. Sept. 23, 1865; two years ago he bought his present shop. Married Martha Stephens Sept. 7, 1868, who was born n Tamaqua, Schuylkill Co., Pa., Nov. 28, 1851, and came with her parents to this Co., in 1855.

Foley, John

Baggage Master

Ford, Bros.

Dealers in Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Franklin st.; John W. the senior member of the firm was born in Saratoga Co., N. Y., Aug 23, 1845; George was born in Rockford, Ill., Jan. 18, 1848. William Ford, their father, was born in Washington Co., N. Y., Aug. 18, 1924; married Mary Welch, Sept. 19, 1844; resided in Northumberland, Saratoga Co., N. Y., until 1846, when they emigrated to Rockford, Ill., came to this Co. with his family in 1864; he died Nov. 9, 1876.

Forsythe, Alex


Fowler, A. W.

Saloon Keeper

Foster, W. E.


Foster, Wm. G.

Restaurant and Bakery, Franklin st.; was born in Albany, N. Y.,  May 14, 1837. When 3 years old, he, with his parents, moved to Coxsackie, N. Y., and at 12 years went to Trenton, N. J., residing there about 21 years. Married Annie McLee, Aug 18, 1861; she was born in England. They came to this Co. in June, 1872, first settling in this city, and engaged in their present business.

Franks, C. H.


Franklin, Ezekiel


French, Phares S.

Mechanic, was born in Cortland Co., N. Y., Jan. 23, 1837; immigrated to Oakland Co., Mich., in 1847, where he resided eight years, and then to Fort Dodge, Iowa, in 1835; the same year, he came to this Co., where he has made his home, with the exception of three years in California. Married Mary Dubois Nov. 8, 1857, who was born in Allegany Co., N. Y., Aug. 7, 1842.

Fuller, Andrew


Freelove, J. B.



~ G ~

Gaines, E. S.


Gale, D. H.


Garrison, J. M.


Garrison, O. L.


Gardner, J. A.


Gates, G. D.


Gates, L. S.

Farmer, Sec. 35

Gately, Alfred


Ghrist, I. W.


Gill, R. V.


Glisendorf, Fred

Meat Market, Main street, was born in Germany, Aug 2, 1838; came to this country, settling in Milwaukee, Wis., September, 1857. He afterward moved to Chicago, residing eight years there, and then came to this county settling in this city in September, 1865. Married Anna Mouermann Oct. 9, 1867; she was born in Austria Jan. 24, 1847. Mr. Glesendorf has been one of Manchester's business men ever since he settled here. Verony and Anna are the living children; Emma, their eldest child, died Aprl 14, 1877; Charles, their third child, died April 16, 1877.

Glover, H. G.

Farmer, Sec. 5

Goodell, Wm. Merchant

Goodell, W. H.


Goodyear, Dennis

Clock Repairer

Gordon, G. W.


Gorham, Nathan


Grace, James


Graham, Henry C.

of the Firm of H. C. Graham & Co., Dealers in Groceries, Crockery and Purchasers of Produce , Franklin street, was born in Perry, Lake County, Ohio, Jan. 1, 1833; moved to Mishawaka, Ind., in 1854, and after two years' residence he went to Elkhart, Ind., and in 1861, moved to Janesville, Wis., and in July, 1868, emigrated to this county, settling in this city, and in September of the same year, commenced his present business. Was married to Flora C. Weber, Nov. 9, 1868; she was born in Friendship, Allegany Co., N. Y., May 5, 1843.

Granger, H. A.


Green, Arthur C.


Green, H. W.


Green, James

Renter, Sec. 3

Green, S. W.


Greenwood, William H.

Photographer and Ornamental Painter, Tama street; was born in Wilmington, Del., February 11, 1838; married Caroline M. Collyer July 3, 1859, who was born in Tully Valley, Onondaga Co., N. Y., July 9, 1840. They were married at Clinton Junction, Rock Co., Wis. where they had moved; they moved to Delaware Co., Iowa, June 8, 1866; commenced his present business when fifteen years old.

Gregg, F. B.


Grice, Thomas


Griffin, Ray B.

Attorney at Law and Real Estate Dealer; born in Chenango Co., N. Y., Feb. 27, 1836; receiving his education in Madison and Oneida Cos., N. Y.; started out in life at the age of 15 years. dependent upon his own resources; graduated in the Law Department of Hamilton College at Clinton, Oneida Co., N. Y., in the law class of 1856; was admitted to practice law in all of the courts of New York at Oswego City July 8, 1856; when only 20 years old, came to Davenport, Iowa, in the Fall of 1856; in the Spring of 1857, removed to Manchester, and in August of the same year was appointed by Hon. Joel Bailey, then County Treasurer and Recorder, as Deputy, and for two and one-half years filled the office of Deputy County Treasurer and Recorder,; was elected Treasurer and Recorder of the county, upon the Democratic Ticket, in the Fall of 1859, and filled the office until Jan. 1, 1862; in the Winter of 1864, went to California and Virginia City, Nevada; returned to Delhi the same Summer. In the Fall of 1865, permanently settled in Manchester, and continued the practice of law, and extensively engaged in dealing in real estate; has done much to encourage the settlement and improvements of the town and county, and engaged largely in improving farms throughout the county, as well as making extensive and valuable improvements in Manchester, and at present is the largest landholder in Delaware Co., all of which, he assures us, has been acquired honestly and by careful, prudent and economical investments guarded with zealous economy and industry. In 1868, being regarded as a sound representative of Democracy, was sent by the Democratic Convention of Iowa as one of the delegates to the National Democratic Convention that convened in New York July 4, 1868.  He was married Oct. 20, 1858, to Sarah Ann Vincint Coffin, youngest daughter of the late Judge Clement Coffin, of Coffin's Grove, in this county; she was born Oct. 13, 1834, in Williamsburg, Mass., and when a child removed with her parents to Michigan, and thence to Coffins Grove in 1840, while still the Indian hunting ground; she was educated in Dubuque; they have seven children living -- Elizabeth Baker, Clement Coffin, Mary Luella, Ray Burdette Jr., Simon Brown, Jr., Sarah Ann Vincint; and Ethel Ray Griffin; one son died when less than two years old.



~ source: History of Delaware County, Iowa, Published by Western Historical Company, Successors to H. F. Kett & Co., Chicago., Illinois, 1878; page 565-577.

~ contributed by: Debbie Clough Gerischer for Delaware County IAGenWeb

~ Transcribed by: Constance Diamond for Delaware County IAGenWeb