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Members of the Iowa General Assembly from 1846-1928

Delaware County, Iowa





Register Key:
Number = the session year of the General Assembly

               (example: 'R 11' denotes House of Representatives session 11)
EX - extra session
S = Senate
R = House of Representatives


Banta, George S., Manchester, S 39-40, 40EX
Bixby, R.J., Edgewood, R 30-31-32, 32EX
Boomer, Albert, Delhi, R 11; S 14-15
Brayton, John M., Delhi, S 10-11
Bronson, Charles E., Manchester, S 17
Chapman, Joseph, Colesburg, R 16-17
Doolittle, Clyde H., Delhi (39th) & Manchester (40th), R 39-40, 40EX
Dunham, George W., Manchester, R 28-29, S 30-31-32, 32EX
Eaton, A.K., Delhi, R 3-4
Gates, L.S., Manchester, R 21
Grimes, Joseph, Colesburg, R 7, S 12-13
Hastings, David C., Quasqueton, S 8-9, 8EX, 9EX
Hersey, Lewis G., Earlville, S 16, R 20
Holbert, Aaron B., Greeley, R 36; died & S.W. Klaus, Earlville, elected 12/27/1916 to fill vacancy
Holbrook, Joseph, Manchester, R 20; died 1/31/1884 & L.G. Horsey, elected to fill vacancy
Horsey, L.G., no town given, see Joseph Holbrook
Klaus, S.W. - Earlville, R 37-38, see also Aaron Holbert
LeLacheur, John W., Plum Springs, R 8, 8EX
LeRoy, Millard F., Manchester, R 35
Merriam, Frank F., Hopkinton, R 26-27-26EX
Merten, William H., Earlville, R 18-19
Noble, James M., (town not given), R 6
Norris, William H., Manchester, R 24
Oakman, William C., Uniontown, R 22-23
Peet, Cornelius T., Yankee Settlement (14th) & Edgewood (15th), R 14-15
Perkins, Eli C., Delhi, R 33-34, S 35-36
Sanborn, Cummings, Earlville, R 12-13
Seeds, Ed. P., Manchester, S 22-23
Tirrill, Rodney W., Manchester, S 18-19
Van Anda, Salue G., Delhi, R 9, 9EX
Young, D.H., Manchester, R 25, S 26-27 & 26EX

Hoyt, E. H. of Delaware County, Iowa. Iowa state treasurer, 1917-21.

Merriam, Frank Finley (1865-1955) -- also known as Frank F. Merriam -- of Delaware County, Iowa; Long Beach, Los Angeles County, Calif. Born 22 December 1865. Republican. Iowa State Auditor, 1899-1903; Lieutenant Governor of California, 1931-34; Governor of California, 1934-39; delegate to Republican National Convention from California, 1940. Died April 25, 1955. Interment at Forest Lawn Memorial Park - Long Beach, Long Beach, Calif.

Wright, James of Delaware County, Iowa. Secretary of state of Iowa, 1863-67.

Holbert, Mrs. Thomas R. of Greeley, Delaware County, Iowa. Republican. Alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Iowa, 1940. Female. Still living as of 1940.

Banta, George S. of Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa. Republican. Delegate to Republican National Convention from Iowa, 1924. Burial location unknown.

Chariton, Shannon B. of Manchester,  Delaware County, Iowa. Republican. Delegate to Republican National Convention from Iowa, 1936; Iowa Republican state chair, 1941.

Van Anda, S. G. of Manchester,  Delaware County, Iowa. Democrat. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Iowa, 1876.


~ source:  Iowa Official Register 1927 -1928

~ transcribed and submitted by Sharyl Ferrall for Delaware County IAGenWeb


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