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 Delaware County, Iowa  

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1841 - 1914

State and Federal Office




House of Representatives

1850 - 1856


Representive  Session Year
Edward Langworthy + Third Legisaltive Assembly 1840-1841
Timothy Mason + Third Legislative Assembly 1840-1841
Waren Lewis + Fourth Legislative Assembly 1841-1842
C. H. Booth + Fourth Legislative Assembly 1841-1842
Thomas Rogers+ Fifth Legislative Assembly 1842-1843
Frederick Andros + Fifth Legislative Assembly 1842-1843
Thomas Rogers+ Sixth Legislative Assembly 1843-1844
Hardin Nowlin Sixth Legislative Assembly 1843-1844
Samuel Murdock Seventh  & Eighth Legislative Assembly 1844-1846
David S. Wilson Seventh  & Eighth Legislative Assembly 1844-1846
Arial K. Eaton   1850-1853
James M. Noble   1856-1857
Joseph Grimes   1858-1859
John W. Le Lacheur   1860-1861
Salue G. VanAnda   1862-1863
Joseph W. Simpson   1864-1865
Albert Boomer   1866-1867
Cummings Sanborn   1868-1871
Cornelius T. Peet   1872-1875
Joseph Chapman   1876-1878
William H. Merten Eighteenth and Nineteeth General Assenblies  
L. E. Hersey * Twentieth General Assembly  
L. S. Gates Twenty-first General Assembly  
William C. Oakman Twenty-second & Twenty-third General Assembly  
W. H. Norris Twenty-fourth General Assembly  
D. H. Young Twenty-firth  & Twenty-sixth General Assembly **  
George W. Dunham Twenty eighth & Twenty-ninth General Assembly  
R. J. Bixby Thirtieth, Thirty-first & Thirty-second General Assembly***  
Eli C. Perkins Thirty-third & Thirty-fourth General Assembly  
Millard F. LeRoy Thirth-fifth General Assembly  


+ Represented Delaware County

* Succeeded Joseph Holbrook, who died 31 January 1884

** Also served during the extra session of Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh General Assembly

*** Also served during the extra session of the Thirty-second General Assembly

 ~ source:  Iowa Official Register 1900, 1901, 1904


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