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Photos contributed by Diana Seward McDuffie  alamissline@yahoo.com

Albert Owen Seward

Mary Annis Seward

wife of Albert Owen Seward of Edgewood, Iowa


Arthur Richard

b. 1867, was the son of Fidelia and Allen Richards, Fidelia was Albert Owen Seward's sister

Wheeler Carr Edmunds


Albert Owen Seward

Born: 18 June 1842  Richmond, NY. Died: 17 May 1916  Edgewood, IA

From the collection of M.A. and Mabel Seward


Laura Mae Seward

lived with her grandparents Albert Owen and Mary Adelaide Seward in Edgewood, IA  Her parents were Meredith Adelbert Seward and Ella Kimbelle. Laura was born in 1893. She married Archie Cameron on Aug. 17, 1930.  The graduation photo on the left was made in 1912.  The photo on the right was done in 1920.

Mary Antha Seward

b. 1872, was the only daughter of Albert Owen Seward and Mary Adelaide Annis Seward,  Mary was married to Wheeler Carr Edmunds during the 1890's.  After their divorce, she remained single until her death in 1935.



My grandfather Meredith Adelbert Seward, born in 1867 in Edgewood, IA, is in the top right. His parents were Albert Owen Seward and Mary Adelaide Annis Seward.  Can you help to identify the others in this photo?

If you can identify the other individuals please contact Diana

This picture postcard was sent to Harry Seward after his birth in 1910 at St. James, Missouri.  He had Seward/Annis and Rea/Burrow connections in Iowa.  Maybe someone can identify this woman and child.  Could the little boy be a very young Harry Seward? 

Albert Owen Seward Home

 in Edgewood, Iowa   Albert Owen holding horses, Mary Adelaide Annis Seward and Grand- Daughters Maud and Laura Seward in surrey. Photo taken in early 1900's.

Albert Owen Seward Barn

Built 1887


Uncle Wheeler's Sister      

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