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Delaware County, Iowa  

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Farm & Ranch Directory, 1967

Single Copy Price: $7.50


General Information



How to Estimate


Bushels of Grain or Shelled Corn in Bin: Multiply the length by the width by the depth. (all in feet) and divide by 1 1/4.
Tons of Hay in Stack: Multiply the overthrow  (the distance from the ground on one side over the top of the stack to the ground on the other side) by the length by the width (all in feet); multiply by 3; divide by 10 and then divide by 500 to 600.
Bushels of Ear Corn in Crib: Multiply the length by the width by the average depth (all in feet) and multiply by .4. If the crib is round, multiply the distance around the crib by the diameater by the depth of the corn (all in feet) and divide by 10.
Tons of Hay in Mow: Multiply the length by the width by the height (all in feet) and divide by 400 to 500, depending on the kind of hay and how long it has been in the mow.
Estimating Cord Wood: A cord of wood is a pile 4 feet wide, 4 feet high and 8 feet long or 123 cubic feet.




Land Measure

To Measure: If the field is square or rectangular, multiply the length in rods by the width in rods, and divide by 160. If the field is triangular, multiply the length of the logest side in rods by the greatest width in rods, and divide half the product by 160.
Government measure: A township is 6 square miles, containing 36 Sections.  A Section is 1 mile square containing 640 Acres. Quarter Section -- 160 acres.




Weights and Measures


Square Measure

144 sq. inches 1 sq. foot
9 sq. feet 1 sq. yard
30 1/4 sq. yards 1 sq. rod
272 1/4 sq feet 1 sq. rod
169 sq rods 1 acre
640 acres 1 sq. mile

Cubic Measure

1728 cubic inches 1 cubic foot
27 cubic feet 1 cubic yard
128 cubic feet 1 cord (wood)
24 3/4 cubic feet 1 perch (stone)
321 cubic inches 1 gallon
2150.4 cubic inches 1 bushel

Long Measure

12 inches 1 foot
3 feet 1 yard
16 1/2 feet 1 rod
320 rods 1 mile

Liquid Measure

1 pint 16 ounces
1 quart 32 ounces
1 gallon 128 ounces
31 1/2 gallons 1 barrel

Commercial Weight

16 drams 1 ounce
16 ounces 1 pound
2000 pounds 1 ton

Dry Measure

2 pints 1 quart
8 quarts 1 peck
4 pecks 1 bushel




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Algona, Iowa  50511



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~ source: Delaware County, Iowa Farm & Ranch Directory, 1967. Directory Service Company, Algona, Iowa  50511

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