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Delaware County, Iowa


Court Docket

Court Records of 1873



May 13th

Watson Childs   Helen F. Childs  & G. Pierce

Administrators & Administrix of V. Childs Deceased, Plaintiffs


Con Sullivan Debtor


    This case has come before this court, from the Circuit Court of Delaware County, Iowa, directing me that I give the parties notice and proceed in the trial of said case that the Judgment rendered by me in the case of V. Childs vs Con Sullivan docketed on page 21 of this docket has been reversed by said Circuit Court on Writ of Error before said Circuit Court. Whereupon I thus day issued notice to debt returnable on the 23rd inst at 11a.m. That unless he appeared at that time in this Court and make defense to the claim against him the case on said page 21 Judgment would be rendered against him for the whole amount with interest and costs. I was also directed by said Circuit Court to notify said plaintiffs, but Blair & Crosby attys for plaintiffs wave all need of written notice to Plaintiffs.


[1873 May 23rd] Same 13th inst Said notice to debtor is returned by Constable Otis duly served on debtor in Hazel green Tp. also also sub for B. F. Trimble 11 A.M. Case called, and altho the Court waits until noon yet the debt maker no appearance, but plaintiffs appear by their attys Blair & Crosby. It appears from the testimony that debtor owes the plaintiffs $31.00 and 6 perct interest from July 3d,1871 on an assigned account from B.F. Trimble, being an account for work done at breaking for debtor. It is therefore adjudged that the debtor is in default and is ordered by the court that the plaintiffs have and recover of the debtor, Con Sullivan, judgment for the sum of thirty four  50/100 dollars & 6 perct interest from May 3d, 1873 and costs tuned in $18.40 items of costs below. Execution ordered by plaintiffs attys.


S. L. Doggett   Justice of the Peace


Items of costs, Court notice, 5 cents, Duty 50 cents, 1 day service 1.00, Judgment $2.75, Const Otis Ser. of notice 50 cents, copy 20 cents, trial 11---= $1.80. C. S. Crosby Witness 50cents costs on page 21 = $14.35 total cost in J. P. Court is $18.40 (C. paid).


Same 23rd inst Execution issued & delivered to Constable Wilson.   S. L. D.  J. P.


[1873 Sept 17th]   Ex. returned unsatisfied by order of Plaintiffs, Constable Wilson's fee on Ex = $1.80


Side note:

1875 March 31st Cost paid on this page & page 21

by C. Yoran Esq. for the Estate of V. Childs deceased

Amount paid $16.40  -- his own fee $1.75 on p. 21  S. L. Doggett, J.P.



~ source: Justice's docket, 1870-1894, Delaware County (Iowa). Justice of the Peace LDS microfilm #2366493, page 26

~ transcribed by Constance Diamond for Delaware County IAGenWeb