Delaware County, Iowa
Census Directory

District No. 7, Delaware County, Iowa
1850 Census 'Every Name' Index

NOTE: This transcription is meant to be a guide only. Every effort has been made to be accurate, but our interpretation maybe different from yours so please remember to check the original.

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~ A ~
Acres Alta 346b
Acres Ellen M. 346
Acres George 346b
Acres George L. 346
Acres John 346
Acres John L. 346
Acres Melinda 346
Acres Sharlotte 346b
Alquin Angeline 349
Alquin Dixson 349
Alquin Eli B. 349
Alquin Hiram 349
Alloway Benjamin 348
Alloway Mary 348
Alloway Wm. 348
Anderson Electa 343
Anderson Jams E. 343
Anderson John 343
Anderson K 343
Anderson Laura 343
Anderson Leonard 343
Anderson Lucy 343
Anderson Wm. 343
Ash George 348
Ash Mary A. 348
Ash Robert 348
Atchinson Benjamin 350b
Atchinson Elizabeth 352b
Atchinson Fielding 350b
Atchinson Frederich 352b
Atchinson James N. 350b
Atchinson John A. 350b
Atchinson Julia 350b
Atchinson Sarah 350b
Atchinson Wm. 351
Atchinson Wooley 351
Aubaquat George 347b
Aubery Eliza J. 339b
Aubery Elizabeth 339b
Aubery John 339b
Aubery Joseph 339b
Aubery Mary 339b
Aubery Phillip B. 339b
Aubery Roland 339b
Aubery Roland 339b
Aubery Thomas 339b
Aubery Wm. H. 339b
Avers Anna 336
Avers George 336
Avers Mary 336
Ayres Harriett 351
Ayres Mathew 351
Ayres Sarah 351
~ B ~
Backenstaught Anthony 336
Backenstaught Arnold 336
Backenstaught Clement 336
Backenstaught Eliza 336b
Backenstaught Elizabeth 336
Backenstaught Francis 336
Backenstaught Francis H. 336
Backenstaught Henry 336
Backenstaught John 336
Backenstaught Joseohine 336b
Backenstaught Margaret 336
Backenstaught Mary A. 336
Baily Arrabella G. 345b
Baily Clement J. 345b
Baily Harrett E. 346
Baily Joley 345b
Bainden Lewis C 341b
Baker Aramenta 340b
Baker Charles 340b
Baker Elizabeth N. 346
Baker Harris 346
Baker Harvey 346
Baker Henry 346
Baker Rachel 340b
Baker Susan A. 346
Banham Albert 344
Banham John 344
Banham Josephine 344
Banham Pauline 344
Barker Alexander 340b
Barker Almeda 340b
Barker Charles 340b
Barker Jordon 340b
Barnes Frances L. 342
Barnes James 342
Barnes John 342
Barnes John W. 342
Barnes Margaret 342
Barnett John 350
Barnett John 350
Barnett Martha 350
Barnett Mary 350
Barnett Naomi 350
Barnett Oliver 350
Barnett Ricahrd 350
Barnett Sarah 350
Barnett Sarry 350
Barnham Samuel 344
Barnham Sarah 344
Barnham Wm. 344
Barthlomew  arttz 337b
Barthlomew Henry 337b
Barthlomew Martha 337b
Barthlomew Sibbel R. 337b
Bay Aulota 344b
Bay James 344b
Bay Pricilla 344b
Bay Thomas 344b
Belknap Charles 349
Belknap James 349
Belknap Joseph 349
Belknap Maria 349
Belknap Nancy 349
Belknap Sarah J. 349
Bell Adelia 348
Bell John 348
Bell John A. 346b
Bell John A. 346b
Bell Margaret 348
Bell Martha 346b
Bell Myranda 348
Bell Rebecca J. 346b
Bell Rhoda 348
Bell Sarah J. 348
Bell Thomas 348
Bell Wm. H. 348
Bennett Joseph 338b
Benning George 336
Benning Margaret 336
Benson Almeda 339b
Benson Edwin 340
Benson Enlula 339b
Benson Harris 340
Benson John 340
Benson John 339b
Benson Lahah 340
Benson Lewis 340
Benson Matilda 340
Benson Menerva 339b
Benson Sarah 340
Benson Sidney 340
Bernning Alphina 336
Bernning Henry 336
Biddledack Amelia 338b
Biddledack Charles F. 338b
Biddledack Diodama 338b
Biddledack Mary J. 338b
Biddledack Sarah 338b
Bilz George 350b
Bilz Mary 350b
Blackman Albert C. 352b
Blackman Alfred C. 352b
Blackman Emma 352b
Blackman Harriett C. 352b
Blake Adeline 349b
Blake Caroline 349b
Blake Harriett 349b
Blake James 349b
Blake Margaret 349b
Blanchard Aaron O. 342
Blanchard Anna 342b
Blanchard Anna J. 342
Blanchard Betsey 341b
Blanchard Cree 341b
Blanchard Elizabeth 342b
Blanchard John D. 341b
Blanchard Julia 342b
Blanchard Mary E. 341b
Blanchard Mlia 341b
Blanchard Moses A. 341b
Blanchard Olive 342b
Blanchard Sophia 341b
Blanchard Thomas 342b
Blanchard Wm. C. 342b
Bliss Benjamin 346b
Bliss Charles 346b
Bliss Clark 346b
Bliss George 346b
Bliss Ira 346b
Bliss Janes 346b
Bliss John 346b
Bliss Mary 346b
Bliss Mary J. 346b
Bliss Phebe 346b
Bliss Phebe A. 346b
Bliss Rosetta 346b
Bliss Rozella 346b
Bliss Sarah 346b
Bolsinger Jackson 351b
Bolsinger Nancy M. 351b
Bockenstadt Francis 341b
Bowin Rachel 344b
Brandere Elizabeth 338
Brandere George R. 338
Brandere Harriett 338
Brandere Mary 338
Brandere Sarah 338
Brown Adam C. 337b
Brown Barcellina 337b
Brown Benjamin F. 347b
Brown Charles W. 339
Brown Daniel 347
Brown David H. 337b
Brown Daniel W. 347b
Brown Elizabeth 339
Brown John F. 339
Brown John H. 347b
Brown James G. 347b
Brown Julia 337b
Brown Julia 347b
Brown Julia 347b
Brown Lois 337b
Brown Nancy 337b
Brown Rebecca 347b
Buckmaster Alexander 342b
Buckmaster Francis 342b
Buckmaster John 342b
Buckmaster Martha 342b
Buckmaster Mary 342b
Buckmaster Sarah 342b
Burington John H. 347
Burington Rebecca 347
Burington Vernon 347
Bush Albert 352b
BushHerth Chenno 343
~ C ~
Cain Cornelius 351b
Cain F. 351b
Cain Francis M. 351b
Cain James 351b
Cain John 351b
Cain Lucretia 351b
Cain Melissa 351b
Cain Renel 351b
Cale Eliza L. 352b
Cale James 352b
Cale Sarah A. 352b
Cammons Eliza 339b
Caper Priscilla 344b
Carbin Hester E. 344b
Carbin John H. 344b
Carbin John W. 344b
Carbin Julia 344b
Carpenter Anna 344b
Carpenter Wm. 344b
Carter Henry A. 343
Carter Jane 343
Carter John 339b
Carter Mary 343
Carter Sarah 343
Carter Susan 343
Carter Susan 343
Case Charity E. 351b
Case Geo. W. 351b
Case Hannah 351b
Case Hiram 351b
Case Mary J. 351b
Charmer Caroline 341b
Charmer Khinana 341b
Clark Adeline 340
Clark Andrew 345
Clark C 340
Clark Cornelia 345
Clark Jacob 348
Clark Jasper 345b
Clark John 348
Clark John 345
Clark John W. 340
Clark Louisa 340
Clark Morgan 340
Clark Nancy J. 348
Clark Olive 345
Clark Sarah E. 345b
Clark Sarah J. 348
Clark Sarah J. 348
Clayton John C. 339
Clerise John H. 351b
Cline Emeline 344
Cline Wm. 344
Clouse Catherine M 352
Clouse Elizabeth 351b
Clouse Henry 352
Clouse John 351b
Clouse John H. H. 352
Coe Matilda 350b
Coffin Clement 345b
Coffin Jerome 345b
Coffin Sarah V. 345b
Coffin Susan 345b
Coffin Susan E. W. 345b
Colidge Leonard 349b
Colidge Mary 349b
Collins Elizabeth 350b
Collins Henry 350b
Collins Margaret 350
Collins Naomi 350
Collins Wm. 350b
Coolidge Francis 349b
Coolidge Mellville 349b
Coolidge Zenis 349b
Conner David 345b
Conner Eliza 345b
Conner Helen L. 345b
Conner James W. 345b
Conner Julia A. 345b
Conner Rachel E. 345b
Conner Sarah F. 345b
Crank Garret 345b
Crank Hannah 345b
Crank Mary O. 345b
Crank Susannah 345b
Crank Wm. 345b
Crosier Adaline 341
Crosier Alfred 340b
Crosier Amanda 340b
Crosier Andrew 340b
Crosier Ann 341
Crosier Bradford 340
Crosier Caroline 340
Crosier Cassus 340b
Crosier Catherine 340b
Crosier Charlotte 340
Crosier Eline 340
Crosier Eliza 340
Crosier Ellen 340b
Crosier Harriett 341
Crosier Henrietta 340
Crosier J. 341
Crosier John 340
Crosier Josiah 340
Crosier Lebell 341
Crosier Mary 340b
Crosier Nicholas 340
Crosier Sarah 341
Crosier Thomas 340
Crosier Wm. 340b
Cross David E. 342b
Cross Lyman 342b
Cross Orlando 342b
Cross Phebe 342b
Culver Deloris 344b
Culver Ebenzer 344b
Culver Elisha 344b
Culver Lydia 344b
Culver Mary 344b
Culver Peter 344b
Currell Elizabeth 349b
Currell Erwin 349b
Currell Frank 349b
Currell Harris 349b
Currell James 349b
Currell John 349b
Custer Elizabeth 337b
Custer George 337b
Custer Henry 337b
Custer James M. 337b
Custer Mary 337b
Custer Zena 337b
Cutter George 346
~ D ~
Dace Amose J. 339b
Dance Francis W. 339b
Dance Malissa 339b
Dance Wm. M. 339b
Daren Gresham 337b
Daren Hiram E. 337b
Daren Huldah Z. 337b
Daren Wengfield 337b
Dart Betsey 350
Dart Calib E. 350
Dart Eliza S. 350
Dart Ornaw 350
Dart Susannah 350
Davis Jane 344
Davis Jesse 344
Davis John 344
Davis Phebe A. 344
Davitz Charles W. 339b
Davitz Cornelia 339b
Davitz Francis W. 339b
Davitz Geo. W. 339b
Davitz Levi 339b
Davitz Rebecca 339b
Davitz Sarah 339b
Davitz Tomas 339b
Dawnard Abzinia 338
Dawnard Joseph 338
Dawnard Minerva 338
Dawnard Susan A. 338
Dawnard Wm. 338
Dickenson Samuel C. 341b
Dighton Amanda 341
Dighton Barnabus 345
Dighton Caroline 341
Dighton William 341
Dillon Absolom 348b
Dillon Amanda 348b
Dillon Caroline 337
Dillon Cornelia 337
Dillon Cornelious 337
Dillon Edward 337
Dillon Elmina 348b
Dillon Gilbert D. 337
Dillon Mary 337
Dillon Mary 337
Dillon Nathan 348b
Dillon Robert 337
Dillon Sarah 348b
Dillon Wm. H. R. 337
Doolittle Fredrick 339
Dye Daniel W. 344b
~ E ~
Eades Abigal 348b
Eades Elizabeth 348b
Eades James 348
Eades James 348b
Eades Joseph 348b
Eades Lucinda 348b
Eades Mary 348b
Eades Nancy 348b
Eades Sarah A. 348b
Eades Wm. 348b
Eades Wm. 348b
Eaton Areal K. 339
Eaton Sarah E. 339
Eaton Willard L. 339
Eddy Berselen 345b
Eddy I 345b
Eggleston Amelia 344b
Ellis Levi E. 339
Ellis Martha L. 339
Ellis Mary P. 339
Ellis Seimon 341b
Ellis Therisa 339
Ellis Therisa E. 339
Evans Edwin 337
Evans James 337
Evans Sarah 337
Evenson Stener 345b
Everson Ellen 345b
~ F ~
Falving Alpherna 336
Falving Theodore 336
Farrell Francis 350b
Farrell Samuel 350b
Farrell Vin E. 350b
Farrance Phebe A. 336b
Farrance Silas 336b
FitzPatrick James 351
FitzPatrick Luke 351
Flinn Darcus 337
Flinn Edwrad 337
Flinn Electa 337
Flinn Elizabeth 337
Flinn John 337
Flinn John H. 337
Flinn Joseph H. 337
Flinn Martha A. 337
Flinn Peter 337
Foozy Lellizsa 340
Foozy Louis 340
Foozy Sarah 340
Fryer James 340
~ G ~
Gadkovin Catherine 336b
Gadkovin Gertrude 336b
Gadkovin John B. 336b
Gadkovin John Gand 336b
Gadkovin Zan Harmer 336b
Garhardt John H. 336b
Gennings David 350b
Gennings James E. 350b
Gennings John A. 350b
Gennings Joseph 350b
Gennings Lydia 350b
Gennings Mary 350b
Gennings Zacheriah 350b
Gibs George B. 337
Gilmore Charles 352
Gilmore Edwin 351b
Gilmore George 352
Gilmore Hannah 352
Gilmore James E. 352
Gilmore Leonard 352
Gilmore Maria 351b
Gilmore Martha 351b
Gilmore Mereb 352
Gilmore Percy P. 352
Gilmore Peter 351b
Gilmore Phebe 352
Gilmore Sarah E. 352
Gilmore Silas 352
Gilmore Silas 351b
Gilmore Solomon 351b
Gilmore Wm. H. 352
Ginzer Alexander 348
Ginzer Andrew L. 347b
Ginzer Elizabeth 347b
Ginzer John M 347b
Gragg Fanny 339
Gragg Patty B. 339
Gragg Thomas 339
Gragg Washington 339
Graham Wm. 343
Green Charles 345
Green Charles S. 342
Green Crusilda 345
Green Evjn 345
Green Ira 345
Green Jane 342
Green John J. 342
Green Lester 342
Green Mary J. 342
Green Newton 342
Green Samuel 342
Green Wm. 342
Grew Isaac 337b
Griffin Edwin 350
Griffin Hariet 350
Griffin Ira 350
Griffin Julia 350
Griffin Samuel W. 350
Grimes Ba 351b
Grimes Francis 351b
Grimes Joseph 351b
Grimes Mellissa 351b
Grimes Sarah B. 351b
~ H ~
Haigh Elizabeth 341b
Haigh Hannah 341
Haigh James 341
Haigh James 341
Haigh Louisa 341
Haigh Mary 341
Haigh Mary 341
Haigh William 341
Haines Charity 352
Haines Cornelia 352
Haines John L. 352
Haines Mary E. W. 352
Haines Sarah S. 352
Haines Wm. A. 352
Hall John L. 349b
Hall Margaret E. 349b
Hall Nancy 349b
Hall Susannah 349b
Hall Susannah 349b
Hall Wm. 349b
Hall Wm. 349b
Ham Harrett 337
Ham John 337
Ham John 337
Ham Wm. 337
Hanken Ann Madeline 336b
Hanken Anthony 336b
Hanken Henry 336b
Hanken Henry 336b
Hanken Mary Ann 336b
Hanken Mary Elizabeth 336b
Hanken Susan 336b
Hardester Casia 343b
Hardester Charles 343b
Hardester Dianna 343b
Hardester Henry 343b
Hardester Jane 343b
Hardester Sophia 343b
Harding Elihu 347
Harding Emeline 347
Harding Helen 347
Harding Lucy 347
Harding Elizabeth 347
Harding Sophia 347
Hardy James 344b
Hardy John H. 344b
Hardy Martha E. 344b
Hardy Mary S. 344b
Harrington G. 340
Hart Adam 337b
Hart George 337b
Hart John 347
Hart Louisa 337b
Hatch Hannah 337b
Hatson Cyntha M. 348
Hatson Eliza J. 348
Hatson John 348
Hatson Martha 348
Hatson Martha D. 348
Hatson Nancy 348
Hatson Rhoda 348
Hatson Robert B. 348
Hatson Robert B. 348
Hatson Thomas 348
Hawkins Edward 352b
Hawkins Isabella 347b
Hawkins Martha J. 347b
Hawkins Wm. 347b
Hawkins Wm. H. 347b
Healey Gaching 349b
Heath Fanny 341
Heath James 341
Heath James 341
Heath Pricilla 341
Helm Catherine W. 339
Helm Collumbus 339
Helm Eliza 339
Helm James 339
Helm Lanor A. 339
Helm Mary 339
Hemebill Calib 350
Hemebill Calib 350
Henton Barbara 341b
Henton Rebecca 342
Henton Thomas 341b
Henton Thomas G. 341b
Hillabrana Adam 336
Hillabrana Anna 336
Hillabrana Catherine 336
Hillabrana Catherine 336
Hillabrana George 336
Hiner David 344
Hiner Eliza 344
Hiner Elizabeth 344
Hiner Henry 344
Hiner Levina 344
Hiner Peter 344
Hiner Sarah 344
Hiner Susannah 344
Hiner Wm. 344
Hobbs Alexander 338
Hobbs Ann M. 337b
Hobbs Charles 338
Hobbs Charles W. 337b
Hobbs Mary E. 337b
Hobbs Thomas 338
Hogan Charley 337
Hogan Gemema 337
Hogan George 337b
Hogan Louisa 337b
Hogan Philip B. 337b
Hogan Philips B. 337
Hogg Elizabeth 342b
Hogg Elizabeth 342b
Hogg Robert 342b
Hogg Sharlotta 342b
Hubert Ellen T. 351
Hubert Francis A. 351
Hubert Herzekiah 351
Hubert Larcetia 351
Hubert Mary O. 351
Hubert Sarah 351
Hubert Sarah M. 351
Hubert Shayler 351
Hull Charlotta 338b
Hull Ellen 338b
Hull Emily 338b
Hull Henry O. 338b
Hull Henry O. 338b
Hull Jane 338b
Hull Jerry 338b
Hull Julia 338b
Hutchinson Rodolph 346
~ J ~
Jackson Edward 341b
Jackson Gesusla 341b
Jackson Harvey 341b
Jackson Henry 341b
Jackson Leroy 341b
Jackson Martha J. 341b
Jackson Mary L. 341b
Jackson Wm. 341b
Jenson James L. 339
Jenson Joseph C. 339
Jirce Asa 338
Johnson Braynt 338b
Johnson Delia 338b
~ K ~
Keeloy Nancy A. 343
Kelly Daniel E. 347b
Kelly Harris F. 347b
Kelly John 337
Kelly Phebe D. 347b
Kelly Samuel 347b
Kennedy Robert 343
Kibbee Amasiah 338
Kibbee Emily 338
Kibbee Malinda 338
Kibble Alonzo B. 338
Kibble Letty 338
Kibble Lucious 338
Kibble Randolph 338
Kirkendall Eliza 342b
Knowlton Christo John


Krapfl Andrew 336
Krapfl Catherine 336
Krapfl George 336
Krapfl Jacob 336
Krapfl John 336
Krapfl Olello 336
Krombal Adelaide 352
Krombal Agnes 352
Krombal Elizabeth 352
Krombal Herman 352
Krombal Mary 352
~ L ~
Labacher Elishu 348b
Labacher Elizabeth 348b
Labacher Henderson 348b
Labacher James 348b
Labacher John 348b
Labacher John W. 348b
Labacher Margaret 348b
Labacher Mary A. 348b
Laecher Calista 338b
Laecher Henry O. 338b
Laecher Julia 338b
Laecher Sopha 338b
Lalange Edgar 340b
Lalange Marian 340b
Lalange Mary 340b
Lalange Nathan B. 340b
Lamb James 351b
Lamb Ocha 351b
Lammon Jacob 343
Lammon Mary 343
Lammon Samuel 343
Larkins George 352b
Larkins George G. 352b
Larkins Martha P. 352b
Larkins Theodore F 352b
Laughlin Ann 341b
Laughlin Arthur 341b
Laughlin James 341b
Laughlin John 341b
Laughlin Susan 341b
Laughlin Wm. 341b
Lawin Lara 337
Lawin Martin 337
Lawyer David C. 337b
Lawyer Eliza C. 337b
Lawyer Hester H. 337b
Lawyer Martha B. 337b
Lawyer Miriam 337b
Lawyer Washington 337b
Lee Edith 347
Lee Edmond 346b
Lee Elizabeth 346b
Lee Elizabeth 347
Lee Enoch 346b
Lee James N. 346b
Lee John J. 346b
Lee Marie 346b
Lee Mary E. 346b
Lee Samuel 346b
Lee Willis 346b
Lee Wm. 347
Lee Wm. 347
Lee Wm. H. 346b
Leighlenban Caroline 336b
Leighlenban Joseph 336b
Leighlenban Mary 336b
Leighlenban Wm. 336b
Leipp Catherine 338b
Lelange George 341
Lendzy John A. 350b
Lett Catherine 339b
Lett Charles B. 339b
Lett Henry A. 339b
Lewis Clarissa 352b
Lewis Graham 352b
Lewis Mary 352b
Lillybridge Clibissa H. 345b
Lillybridge Francis 345b
Lillybridge John 345b
Lillybridge Mary O. 345b
Lillybridge Thankful 345b
Linniman John 343
Livingston Alexander 343
Livingston Archibald 343b
Livingston Biddy 343
Livingston Darkin 343b
Livingston David 343b
Livingston Duncan 343b
Livingston Giles 343b
Livingston Hugh 343b
Livingston Isabella 343b
Livingston Margaret E. 343b
Livingston Mary 343b
Livingston Mary A. 343b
Livingston Nathaniel 343b
Livingston Neal 343b
Livingston Rachel 343b
Livingston Sarah 343
Livingston Sarah 343
Livingston Sarah 343b
Livingston Zrabella 343
Lowe Adelbert 338
Lowe Agustus 338
Lowe Andrew J 338b
Lowe Ann 338b
Lowe Dorothy 338b
Lowe George W. 338b
Lowe Hawley M. 338
Lowe James 338b
Lowe Jefferson 338b
Lowe John 338b
Lowe Maria 338
Lowe Mary 338b
Lowe Mary G. 338b
Lowe Mercy 338b

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