Garden Grove Express
Thursday Jan 11, 1894
Garden Grove, Iowa


New Year's being the thirtieth anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. M. V. MCCLEARY, some of their friends concluded to give them a surprise, and to this end provided themselves with bells, and such things as are commonly used by the boys when they serenade a newly married couple when they wish to make the night hideous with the rasping, clattering, gingling round of the old tin pan, the cow bell, etc. Silently and like the thief in the night they wended their way through the fields and behind fences with a be quiet, don't make any noise, or they will hear you. At last they arrived within the door yard and to the door without being discovered, but now the order is changed (and such a change.) Shoot, yell, bang your old tin pan, ring the bell, make all the noise you can. Well, when Mr. MCCLEARY came to himself, he rushed to the door crying out what's all this about, and was told that, it was about thirty years since he was married. Then he invited the crowd in, asked who was the captains, and what was wanted. He was told they would have oysters. He said he would get them but was informed that he was too late for that, as they had made all necessary preparations for their supper, and that they were to be the guests themselves. They had not forgotten that the worthy couple as well as the uninvited guests might stand in need of refreshments, they therefore provided themselves with oysters, crackers and all the et ceteras that go to make up a first class oyster supper. Then repairing to the nearest neighbors they waited until about 8 o'clock, and then recapitulation. The surprise was a success, the charivari was a howling success, and the supper was par excellence. All enjoyed themselves immensely for the two or three hours they were there and feeling that it was indeed good to have been there.

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
January 14, 2004