Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, August 6, l902

J.W. WALKER vs. FRANCIS M. WALKER. Suit is for divorce. The parties reside at High Point and were married in Wayne County on April 27, l88l, living together until about February, l902. The plaintiff alleges he has always treated the defendant well and provided for her to the best of his ability. That notwithstanding this she has been guilty of such cruel and inhuman treatment as to impair his health and endanger his life, such treatment increasing for the past two years, calling him vile names, cursing him and using profane language, and on account of her treatment he has been unable to secure help to work on the farm. That after the death of his mother fifteen years ago, his father came to live with him, but his wife was so abusive he was obliged to have his father leave the home. The parties have no living children and about three years ago, being desirous of having a child about the house, with the consent of his wife, he had a boy by the name of ELLIS CAIN come to the house to make his home. She soon tired of the boy and mistreated him to such an extent and threatened to kill him, that plaintiff was forced to send the boy away. Plaintiff asks that he be divorced and have all the rights of a single person. Marion F. Stookey, attorney for plaintiff.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
"With permission from the Leon Journal Reporter"
February l4, 2003