The Lamoni Chronicle
August 23, 1906

Among the new cases to be tried during the August term of court is that of Hannah STUART vs. Thomas STUART, the plaintiff asking for a decree of divorce. She says she was married to the defendant, on November 30, 1905 and lived with him until May 14, 1906. Plaintiff also says defendant represented to her, prior to marriage, that he was possessed of considerable means and had plenty to keep them all their lives, and that during the time they lived together he only gave her two dollars and a cheap apron. She claims that he has property to the amount of $7,000 and asks for $300 temporary alimony and $2,000 permanent alimony, and that her name be restored to Hannah CLARK. A. P. OLSEN Attorney for plaintiff.

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
May 23, 2003