Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa Thursday, May 24, l900 The family and friends of EMRIC RADNICH a well-known and popular young man of Davis City are greatly worried over his strange disappearance and fear that harm has befallen him. He left home Sunday about noon, telling his wife he was going to see a man on some business and would not be gone more than an hour and a half. He did not return and his present whereabouts are unknown. Tuesday morning his team and buggy were located at Stout's barn in this city and it appears he drove straight to Leon on leaving home. Arriving here he put the team in the barn and took the afternoon train for Chariton. His brother-in-law, CHARLES PENISTON, went to Chariton Tuesday and traced him to a small hotel where he stayed all night Sunday, but no trace of him could be found after he left the hotel Monday morning. He had been complaining of a pain in his head for several days before leaving home, and his wife and parents think he is temporarily deranged. At Chariton the hotel people say he acted in a peculiar manner, but did no talking. MR. RADNICH is the son of MR. and MRS. S. RADNICH of Davis City. HE WAS MARRIED ABOUT SIX WEEKS AGO TO MISS NELLIE SPARGUR, who is prostrated over his strange actions. It is hoped by all that he will soon be located and return home. His business and family affairs were most pleasant and there is no reason whatever for his strange action of leaving home, unless his reason is deranged.

Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa,br> Thursday, June 6, l902

No tidings have been heard from EMRIC RADNICH, the young man who left his home at Davis City a couple of weeks ago, no trace of him being found after he was seen at Chariton.

Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, February 28, l90l

NELLIE D. RADNICH vs. EMRIC A. RADNICH. Plaintiff sues for a divorce. They were married at Davis City, April 4, l900, and lived together until May 20, l900. She alleges in her petition that she at all times conducted herself as a dutiful and loving wife, but that defendant in violation of his marriage vows, did on May l8, l900, slap her and threaten her life by cruel and inhuman actions, and that on several other occasions he willfully and without cause, abused plaintiff by the use of vile and profane language. Wherefore she asks for a decree of divorce. Frank J. Horton, attorney for plaintiff.

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January 4, 2003