Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, November 25, l897

MARIETT L. PRUYN vs. THEODORE PRUYN. Suit is brought for divorce. The plaintiff resides at Davis City and was married to defendant at Fremont, Wis., on July 4, l860, and lived together until Nov. 7, l897. She alleges she has always treated defendant as a kind and loving wife should, but that he has repeatedly assaulted, beat and mistreated her, calling her vile names, accusing her of infidelity and striking her over the head with a poker and knocking her down, as well as frequently threatening to kill her. Five children have been born to them, the oldest being l8 and the youngest 7 years. She states defendant is worth more than $l0,000 while she is without any means and asks for a decree of divorce with temporary alimony in the sum of $500 and permanent alimony in the sum of $5,000, and that she be awarded the custody of their children. Judge Towner ordered an attachment issued against defendant's property for $l,000. J.H. Kling and C.W. Hoffman attorneys for plaintiff.

Copied by Cordelia Suzann
"With permission from the Leon Journal Reporter"
November 26, 2002