Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, September 29, l904

MR. and MRS. J.O. PARRISH were married on the l8th of Sept., l854, in Delaware County, New York, making fifty years of married life. some of their relatives in this county thought to surprise them by congregating at their place of residence in this town on Monday the l9th instant, to celebrate the important event -- the most important of the kind that can happen in the life time of any married couple, for it can occur but once -- no one is permitted to celebrate a second golden anniversary. Only a comparatively few reach the fiftieth year of their married lives.

The matter of making arrangements for the celebration was in the hands of their friends, who took possession of the house and prepared a bountiful repast for the occasion. If all had attended there would have been a large crowd present, but owing to the sickness of several and the necessity of others being at their bedsides, only a small number put in an appearance. those who did attend spent a very pleasant day in social intercourse and in partaking of the sumptuous repast prepared by the ladies. The event was a very pleasant one for both the guests and the happy couple who were honored by their presence.

MR. and MRS. PARRISH were the recipients of some valuable presents appropriate to the occasion.


Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
July 28, 2003