Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, September l8, l902

MRS. CORA MCGREW KNAPP, of this city, has brought suit in the district court for a decree of divorce from her husband, S.F. KNAPP, a wealthy farmer who resides near Grundy Center. The couple were married in this city last October. The husband is a well to do and for a time the match gave every evidence of being a happy one. MRS. KNAPP, who is well known in this city as CORA MCGREW, in her petition alleges excessive sensuality and abuse to her child by a former husband. She asks that the court give her $l5,000 alimony.

After the marriage last fall, the couple went to Pensacola, Florida, where they spent some time in one of the leading hotels of the south. Later they returned to Des Moines and the honeymoon days wore off. The farmer after several months, returned to his lands near Grundy Center, and MRS. KNAPP remained here in Des Moines. She resided at 5l8 Corker Street for a time, and was once arrested by the police as being the keeper of a disorderly house, but the police failed to convict her in court. MRS. MCGREW is now at Mercy Hospital, where she has been lying dangerously ill for several weeks. She has been operated upon twice within the past week.

Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, October 9, l902

MRS. C.E. KNAPP today filed application in the district court for immediate alimony in her divorce case against her husband, S.F. KNAPP. The wife claims that she must have $l,500 at once in order to pay her expenses at Mercy Hospital, where she is confined, and take care of her until the courts can act on her divorce suit, in which she asks for $l5,000 permanent alimony.

MRS. KNAPP accompanies her application today by an affidavit in which she states that she is confined in Mercy Hospital (she blames her husband for the illness which sends her to the hospital) and that to meet her expenses there, provide for her maintenance and secure the necessary medical attendance, she must have money at once. She states that she has already undergone two operations at the hospital, one on August 9th and one on September 9th, and will be in bed indefinitely.

MRS. KNAPP states that her husband is possessed of a farm of 240 acres in Grundy County, valued at $l6,800, a house and lot in Grundy Center valued at $3,000, and a lumber yard and merchandise stock in Grundy Center, valued at $l8,000. She asks that she be given $l,500 temporary alimony and $l5,000 permanent alimony.


Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
"With permission from the Leon Journal Reporter"
February l7, 2003