Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, September 8, l904

EMMET GORE vs. LEONA GORE, is also a divorce case. They were married at Leon on Dec. 2, l899, and lived together until April, l904. He alleges that during the time they lived together she made life one continual burden to him and destroyed his peace and happiness so as to injure his health by continually nagging and harrassing him, finding fault with him and refusing to speak to him or eat at the same table. He also accuses her of going to other towns and keeping company with other men, and accuses her of adultery. He also says she has threatened to kill him and has told others that she intended to kill him. No children have been born to them. Geo. W. Baker, Attorney for plaintiff.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
July 28, 2003

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Decatur County Journal
September 8, l904

EMMETT GORE vs. LEONA GORE. Parties were married at Leon, December 2,
l899, and lived together till last April. Plaintiff asks for a decree
granting a divorce on the following grounds:

l. Defandant is a nagger of the most pronounced type.
2. She acquired a habit of remaining away from home several
days at a time.
3. She would visit surrounding towns and keep company with
other men.
4. She threatened to kill plaintiff one September night in l903,
while petitioner was sleeping on a couch in his home. He
awoke about 2 o'clock in the morning and observed his wife
standing not far away with a revolver in her hand. When he
moved, she disappeared.
5. She has committed adultery.

G.W. Baker for Plaintiff.
Copied August l8, 200l by Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert

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