The Lamoni Chronicle
January 6, 1910

Among the new court cases in Decatur county are two divorce cases in which Lamoni people are interested, and a former Lamoni attorney, A. P. Olsen, is the attorney for the plaintiffs. They are Marie Buffum vs. J. M. Buffum who were married in Lamoni in August, 1898, and lived together until March, 1906. Plaintiff asks for a decree of divorce, on the ground of desertion, and the custody of their son Leroy Buffum, who is sixteen years of age. Also, L. H. Rew vs. Grace Rew. They were married in Lamoni, August 14, 1902, and lived together until November 20, 1907. Plaintiff asks for a decree of divorce on the grounds of desertion and cruel and inhuman treatment.

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
April 2, 2003