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Date: Monday, June 04, 2001 6:08 PM

Decatur County Journal

June l6, l898

SAMUEL SHELINE asks for a divorce from CARRIE SHELINE on the charge of

adultery. The plaintiff's petition states that he has resided in

Woodland Township since November, l897; that within the past eight

months he has repeatedly seen actions on the part of defendant with

other men that led him to believe she was not true to him; that

especially in the month of November, l897, he saw her in the embrace of

a man in Garden Grove and knows that she committed adultery with him.

That for said act he left her and commenced action for divorce, but the

defendant acknowledged her guilt and implored his forgiveness. He

forgave her and they lived together up to April 28, l898. She went to

Nebraska; that about the time she went there, he found she had again

disregarded her marriage vows and had been guilty of adultery.


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