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Date: Saturday, May 26, 2001 8:57 PM

Decatur County Journal

October 2l, l897

JAMES A. MOSELY vs. TIMOTHY GRIFFIN is another chapter in the divorce

case of SUSIE MOSELY vs. J.A. MOSELY. Plaintiff says that himself and

wife lived happily together until the serpent entered their Eden.

Plaintiff says he is a poor man who is compelled to work for his living

and that defendant owned a large farm in Decatur County, and having seen

and met the plaintiff's wife he came to the plaintiff and hired him to

move into the house with him and have plaintiff's wife do the housework;

that not suspecting the evil designs upon his happiness or upon the

affections of his wife, plaintiff hired to defendant and remained in his

employ from October, l894 to March, l895.

That soon after moving into his house, defendant began making advances

to plaintiff's wife, who being young and unexperienced in ways of the

world and men, gradually yielded to the advances and the defendant,

taking advantage of his success, finally seduced and carnally knew her.

That soon after the bad relations became apparent and he moved away from

defendant's house and took his wife to a distant part of the county,

that he might regain her affections, but the impressions were so

indelibly imprinted upon her innocent heart that he found it impossible

to restore her love for plaintiff. JAMES, therefore, asks judgment

against TIMOTHY for $5,000 for the said alienating of his wife's

affections. J.L. YOUNG for plaintiff.


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