The Lamoni Chronicle
July 19, 1906

Golden Wedding

An event of more than ordinary interest was enjoyed by Sheridan on July 5th, it being the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Christ. Danielson. They are both pioneers of La Salle county, having emigrated from Norway with their parents in the year 1836, it having taken them 14 weeks to cross the ocean. Mr. Danielson was the only survivor of his father's family, which fell victims to the cholera plague in 1849.

They were married in Earlville in 1856 by Squire Arrowhood, and spent their honeymoon at Dunleaf, Iowa, going by boat to Brownville, Minn., thence to Newberg, Minn. where they stopped until fall, when they returned and located on their old homestead in the town of Earlville, where their nine children were born and raised. There are now twenty-three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Few are ever permitted to live to attain this remarkable record. As tokens of affection of the children and friends many beautiful gifts were presented. To say that presents were presented by a few well chosen remarks would be putting it very mildly.

The following poem, written for the occasion, was then read:

Composed in honor of C. Danielson and wife's golden wedding, by James F. Keir:

Half a century now has fled
Since this happy couple wed;
And though then young and gay
They are happier still today.

As the years have flitted by
And old pleasures seemed to die,
New ones would come at their quest,
Thus adding to life fresh zest.

For time hath her pleasures brought,
As well as her changes wrought;
Furrowed brows and silver hair
Now beautify this happy pair.

Life at first was a mystery,
They knew not its history;
With its sorrows and its joys,
Nor how many girls and boys.

But now it's perfectly plain,
And nine now live to proclaim
Blessings on their parents dear,
And their aged hearts to cheer.

We'll talk not of life's sorrow,
Nor care nor trouble borrow, Of those lives with ebbing tide.

What shall we say to strengthen,
What can we do to lengthen
The lives of the host and wife,
To make smooth, the road of life.

We can be gentle and kind,
Keeping this thought in mind:
He who saw the sparrow fall
Guards us, keeps us, ever all.

After dinner they all gathered on the east side of the house, where Henry Danielson, of Chicago, appeared with is camera, taking first the four generations, then the children with grandpa and grandma in their midst, then the whole company was taken.

At about 6:30 p.m. the crowd broke up, wishing Mr. and Mrs. Danielson many happy returns of the day. The children from Iowa returned Sunday July 8th.

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
April 30, 2003