The Independent Patriot
Lamoni, Iowa
September 9, 1897


On September 1, 1897, Elder Columbus SCOTT and Miss Flora BASS, were united in matrimony at Lawrence, Michigan, by Bishop George BLAKESLEE. The nineteenth anniversary occurred Tuesday. Elder SCOTT and wife had taken a drive to the home of Mr. Byron BASS, in the country a few miles where they had spent the day in a quiet visit. Returning in the edge of the evening, they were completely surprised by the presence in their house and yard, of a large number of relatives, neighbors and friends, who had come in this pleasant way to remind them that they had not forgotten the nineteenth anniversary of their wedding.

Bishop KELLEY made an address. Elder COCHRAN offered prayer and then both Elder SCOTT and wife made response to the address and the general greetings of the assembly.

Ice cream and cake in great abundance were provided. The tables were handsomely decorated with boquets of flowers and foliage.

The whole affair was a very pleasant one, and highly appreciated by Elder SCOTT and family.

Mrs. Eli HAYER and Mrs. James BRAYBROOKS, with others possibly whose names we have not been able to get, organized this most agreeable surprise.

*Note - Obviously the year on the date of their marriage is incorrect and should most likely be 1878.

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
July 17, 2003