From grandmother West's scrapbook
Barry West (who at this moment is under ant attack from tiny ants at his desk)

Will Celebrate Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Newton Coffey of Garden Grove will celebrate sixtieth wedding anniversary Sunday March 10 with open house from two until five o'clock in the afternoon at the home of their son and wife, Mr and Mrs. Lee Coffey in Garden Grove.

The Coffeys have ten children. They include Carl Coffey, Leon; William Coffey, Burbank, California; Leo Coffey, Garden Grove; Captain Opal L. Coffey, Fort Devens, Massachusetts; Mrs. Mildred Field. Walnut Creek, California; Mrs. Carol Dickert, El Paso, Texas; Mrs. Ernio Clara Mansfield, Mass; Miss Velma Coffey Polmira Dolle, Columbia, A. A.; Raymond Coffey, Garden Grove; Mrs. Dorothy Smith, Odell, Kansas.

They also have twenty grandchildren and seventeen great grand children. Four of their daughters are registered nurses, one is a ministers wife and Velma is a missionary in Columbia, South America.

Mr. and Mrs. Coffey each teach a Sunday school class in the Methodist church at Garden Grove.