The Davis City Advance, Davis City, Iowa
Thursday, July 20, l899

On July 8th, fifty years ago, ALFRED CUMMINGS and BASHABA STONE were married at Fredonia, Indiana.

They celebrated their golden wedding with their children and grandchildren, and a number of friends at their present home at davis city, Ia. They have five children living and eighteen grandchildren. Although badly scattered, all the children were present and most of the grandchildren.

Their children are MRS. SARAH DUNN, of Abbyville, Kansas; MRS. MARY HANKS of Kansas City, Missouri; MR. J.R. CUMMINGS of Carrville, Oklahoma and MR. T.E. and W.J. CUMMINGS of Davis City, Iowa.

MR. and MRS. CUMMINGS are 76 and 72 years of age. They are well preserved for that age and live alone and do their own work. They received a number of beautiful and valuable presents.

At noon a splendid dinner was prepared and all testify to a pleasant time.

MR. and MRS. CUMMINGS came to Iowa from Indiana in l856, and settled on a farm near Davis City, where at that time they bore the hardships of frontier life. They lived on their farm until about eleven years ago when they retired from active work and moved to town.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
September 18, 2003