Decatur County Journal
August 27, l89l

MARRIED--At Lamoni, Iowa, August 2l, l89l, MR. FRED E. TEALE to MISS
EUGENIA SANKEY, both of this place, ELDER ASA S. COCHRAN officiating.

The contracting parties of this marriage are well known in this city.
The groom is a son of the HON. THOS. TEALE, of this place, and is a
young man possessing all the qualities which are necessary to make a
successful business man and good citizen.  MR. TEALE is now a member of
the firm of TEALE & SONS, of Lamoni, and was for several years in
business in this place.

The bride, MISS EUGENIA SANKEY, has been a resident of Leon since
childhood; she being the daughter of E.J. SANKEY.  MISS SANKEY was quite
popular among the young folks here and has a large circle of friends.

The JOURNAL extends congratulations to the happy pair and wishes them a
long, happy and prosperous life together.
Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert