Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, April 2, l896

Last Sunday, March 29th, was the 50th anniversary of the marriage of two of Leon's oldest and most honored citizens, MR. and MRS. J.B. LUNBECK, and their children planned for them a happy celebration of the day by gathering under the home roof with a few other near relatives and showing them every mark of love and honor that it was in their power to bestow. The children present were: MRS. A.L. CURRY; MRS. C.M. KETCHAM and MISS CORA LUNBECK, of Leon; and MISS CLARE LUNBECK, of Mason City. The absent ones were each represented by a letter written for the occasion and a golden token of remembrance. They were: MRS. L.L. CORBETT and N.L. LUNBECK, of Emporia, Kas., and MR. HENRY LUNBECK, of New York. The other guests were: MR. and MRS. GEO. NIECE, of Tuskeego; MR. W.H. BATES, of Memphis, Tenn.; MR. C.M. KETCHAM and children, MR. and MRS. F.B. NIECE and children, and DR. and MRS. J.W. ROWELL. MRS. GEO. NIECE is a sister of MRS. LUNBECK and MR. BATES is their only brother. Letters and telegrams of congratulations were received from three other sisters. The happy union of this good old couple began at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa on just another such a beautiful March Sunday, 50 years ago. They have lived in Leon since l855 and in all these years their lives have been true and blameless. Their influence has always been for the right and not only their children but all their large circle of acquaintances feel that it is a privilege to do them honor. Their home and hearts have ever been open to every call of less blessed humanity.

Both come of good old stock. MR. LUNBECK's first ancestor to land in America was a HENRY LUNBECK and he came from the noble little republic of Switzerland in the year l748, and settled in New Jersey. The family have in their possession his Bible containing the records from which these and other interesting facts are gleaned.

MRS. LUNBECK is a true daughter of the Revolution, both her grandfathers having fought with honor among the sons of old Virginia for American Independence. Her father, DANIEL BATES, was a man of high integrity, bright mind and much literary ability. He was the founder and for many years editor of the Christian Evangelist, the organ of the Christian Church.

May these two good citizens live to celebrate their diamond wedding is the wish of all who know them.

Copied by Cordelia Suzann
"With permission from the Leon Journal Reporter"
November l2, 2002