Decatur County Journal
March l6, l893

                         MISMATED COUPLES

W.C. WIGHTMAN is made defendant in divorce proceeding instituted by his
wife, L.C. WIGHTMAN.  The parties were married at Aledo, Ill., August
l6, l866, and lived together until February 23, l893.  Plaintiff has
resided in Lamoni for many years.  She alleges that defendant's conduct
toward her was such as to cause her great mental anguish and to become
deranged at times.  Defendant was a man with an ungovernable temper.  He
frequently called plaintiff a liar and at divers times remarked: "You
are the devil's own angel".  At certain times his demeanor was such that
plaintiff would be overcome with terror, and in order to ward away
insanity was obliged to leave the defendant.  She prays for divorce, the
custody of her minor son, WILLIAM A., $l00 attorney fees, $300 temporary
alimony.  County Attorney MCVAY is her counsel.

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