Decatur County Journal
March l6, l893

                         MISMATED COUPLES

T.P. FULTON, in his petition asking for a judicial separation from his
wife, ORPHA, alleges that he was married in Decatur County, December
25th, l89l.  Plaintiff says that defendant has been guilty of cruel and
inhuman treatment, such as throwing hot water on him and drawing a
revolver and threatening to kill him.  He therefore asks to be restored
to all the rights of an unmarried person.  C.W. HOFFMAN is his attorney.

Copied by Nancee
Note: This was the first time this kind of column has been posted since
I started viewing the Journal films from l883.  It is being posted in
the later editions, along with "tons" of court cases.

Oh yes, I looked in Webster's for the meaning of the word - AVERS..--it
means: to assert with confidence; to declare. (another new word for me).