Decatur County Journal
March l6, l893

                         MISMATED COUPLES

FRANKIE BRAND, in her application for a divorce from R.L. BRAND, alleges
that she married defendant in Branch County, Michigan, April 9, l873,
and has lived in Lamoni for the past two years.  The defendant, in utter
disregard of his marriage vows, has committed acts of adultery at
various times.  Plaintiff therefore asks for divorce, the custody of her
daughters, aged l6 and l2, and alimony in the sum of $500.  S.A. GATES
appears for the plaintiff.

Copied by Nancee
Note: This was the first time this kind of column has been posted since
I started viewing the Journal films from l883.

Oh yes, I looked in Webster's for the meaning of the word - AVERS..--it
means: to assert with confidence; to declare. (another new word for me).